Monday, May 12, 2008

Vocaloid Spotlight: Kagamine Len - Ganbarouyo.

Of all the Len songs that I had listened to, I think this is the first one that I really liked, both lyrics and tune wise. There's also the video, which I feel is quite well made and compliments the song nicely. It does give that uplifting feel, the brightens up the day. Definitely nicely made.

Illustration by いたるさん.

詞/曲:トラボルタ (The same person who brought you Rin's Kokoro, another great song)

思い出すたび 深いため息

やってしまったな とびきりの大失敗
今すぐ消えたい そんな事も本気で思う

今はちゃんと前が 霞んで見えないんだ

ねぇ僕 泣いてるのかい?
あれ、変だな こんなに泣き虫じゃないのにな
ねぇ僕 頑張ろうよ

頑張ってんだよ 人には見せないけれど
それでも足りない 自分の力が悔しくて

今はちゃんと未来が 霞んで見えないんだ

ねぇ僕 どうしたんだい?
あれ、変だな こんなに弱虫じゃないのにな
ねぇ僕 頑張ろうよ
そうだ僕の力は こんなもんじゃないはずだろ

絶対させない するもんか

ほら僕 聞こえてるかい?
胸の奥の隅っこで 輝いてる声が

そうだ僕 頑張ろうぜ

そうだ僕 闘おうぜ
振り絞んだ この命が
出来る事 全てやりつくしてやんだ

時が巡り またこんな

僕はこの詩を胸に 明日へ進む

Kagamine Len - Ganbarouyo.
Mp3 can be found here.

Using this as a filter post. I'm currently rushing the completion of my bicycle, thus the lack of time to do a post too. I had to re-strip (actually I only smoothen the surface this time) the paint job, as the colour didn't fit, and had it resprayed. I'm also currently on MC, as it seemed I had overstrained my back muscles, though I have no idea how that happened. Hopefully I can do a proper post tomorrow, this is just to show I'm not dead yet ^^. Enjoy the song and Signing off.