Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Meltdown before the Freeze. Sentosa.

Even though I intended for the Freeze Event post to come before this, the long delay in photos/videos/reports by the group has lead to me doing this post before it (That post was actually finished on Saturday night, but waiting for more stuff before posting it). Here's hoping for it to be out before this weekend.

As mentioned, I was stuck down at an island called Sentosa for the past 3 days (18th - 20th), and boy was I totally bored. It's definitely not a place to go without friends (or lover >.<). Since being a miser and not wanting to spend money, I didn't really visit any attractions, and time was mainly spent walking/cycling around, wasting time during the 2nd/3rd day. 1st day wasn't too bad since I reached only in the afternoon, then had to prepared for BBQ and chit-chat the night away. Not much photos this time, but oh well enjoy them.
Some tower overlooking the sea and Palawan Beach. There's two of them next to each other, connected by a small bridge.Just something with the simplicity in its design that I like.
View of Palawan Beach from the top of the tower.
Zoomed in section. Lots of people still on Monday afternoon.
The "suspension" bridge to get across.
Kids playing with water. With the current outbreak of HFMD, don't really think it's such a good idea to let them play here though.
Just some high tower. Pay S$10 to sit some platform, then it takes you up to enjoy the view for about 10mins. Waste of money in my opinion (I'm really a miser), unless you're a tourist.Trying out some night shots. Too bad I didn't bring my tripod.
These two pictures are from Siloso Beach, just
outside Costa Sands Resort where I stayed.
Walked to Palawan Beach area to take another photo. It's lonely to walk alone with just a camera while you see others in groups of friends (mainly couples) chatting the night away. Uguu~
Taken using my Nokia 6500 Classic. This is Tanjong Beach. The same beach that Gordon used to take the Yuki Photoshoot. Now I know why, as it's alot more quieter than the other beaches. Why I was using my camera phone? Because I was cycling around. It's abit weird to carry my D70 while cycling around ain't it? Unnecessary weight.
And here's my finished bike!! (Proper pics to come soon) Still have lots of touch-up paint job to do, and need to adjust the gear/brakes systems more, still not as responsive as I want, but reasonable for cycling though. And all those adjustments are being self-done, not by shop. I even brought the tools to Sentosa to do adjustment as I couldn't finish it in time back at home lol.

That's about it for now. It also seems that the Freeze video was up after I'm about to publish this post, so I'll do that up later tonight/tomorrow morning. Signing out.

P.S: Really... Singapore is way too hot these days. Not fit for humans to live in!!! Or at least I think so lol.


Fariz Asuka said...

Those are some great shots of Sentosa Hirito..

Your pictures attracted my attention and allow me to decide to visit Sentosa earlier than I've planned..

Thanks.. ^^

Kawasumi Hirito said...

fariz asuka: Didn't really take much photos this time round, and quite limited too lol. Make sure you don't go alone....else you'll feel very ronery >.< It'll be great fun with friends, especially while ogling at all the eyes around the beach hehe ^^.

gordon said...

yup the yuki photoshoot was taken at Tanjong Beach it's nearer to the monorail so i don't have to walk so far. maybe next time i'll visit the other beaches for my next bikini figure. ^^;

btw are the night shoots taken with your DSLR? looks great but a bit noisy. what ISO setting did u use?

Kawasumi Hirito said...

gordon: Be prepared though, the other beaches usually gets quite crowded during the weekends/holidays.

Yep, the night shots were taken with the D70, and at a very high ISO setting of 1600ISO lol. No choice with the setting as I didn't have any tripod, and I knew I couldn't keep my camera still for more than 1-2secs without one. Even 1 sec is already quite hard lol.