Thursday, July 31, 2008

Stuck and Busy @ FOC Camp,

Been really busy with my participation in my NTU Hall's Freshman Orientation. There's like no time for me to do an actual post, as everyday I'm being exhausted from all the games and stuff. So I'm just dropping a short note now to say that my next post will be on Sunday, as the rest of the days till Saturday are just going to get more and more exhausting. As for now, I shall go catch some rest, having some "The Amazing Race" tomorrow and will be "camping" at Sentosa overnight. Cya all! Ciao.

Enjoy another pic from REI'S Room while I'm not around.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Doujin Circle Spotlight: A.M.R.

The 2nd installment to the Doujin Circle introductions! And this time round it's none other than another favourite: Akane Makes Revolution (A.M.R for short). The artist goes around with the name (or alias I'm not sure) Ikegami Akane, and I believe it's a she.
All sample pictures taken from moe.imouto. Alot more can be found through the link, including Hi-Res versions of these.

Konata + Kagami Love ^^.
She also works on eroges, and one of the works that I know of is Hoshiful (so links inside are NSFW).What I enjoy most about her art, is that the characters that she draws has this cutey bubbly feel to them. It somewhat amplifies their moe~ factor by mulitple times.One thing I do notice though in the doujins that I have by her, that the focus is more on the storyline, rather than the h-scenes. In fact, there's hardly any. A nice change in contrast to other doujin artists with lots of h-stuff. Unless by some fate I just happen to have all the SFW kind of doujins lol.
Tsun Trinity Louise!! (Assumes C.I is going ga-ga over this)
Lots of my favourite character illustrations by her too. Here's Hinagiku.
And how could I forget my lovely Kagamin ^^.Another thing I like is she doesn't just limit herself, as she does make her own original characters and writes short stories of them. And it's pretty cute too.
And I simply love her art of my lovely Fate Testarossa, both loli and adult forms are drawn sooo cutely I'm in love all over again. And yes Vivio too lol.
Sadly, her main webpage seems to be down, and she's mainly maintaining her blog. But still, I'm surely looking forward to her new works for the upcoming Comikets, and maybe I'll ask those heading there end of this year to help me obtain some parts of the "holy grail" for me ^^. Just want more of her doujins! That's all for now, hope you enjoyed the pictures. Ciao!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Power of Music.

Can you imagine a world where music doesn't exist? I can't. The world would be so boring that I'll would rather just kill myself than to live in it.Today, I finally found out the name of the all so familiar tune that was in one of Miku's Song - Cinderella Romance. When listening to that song, I kept trying to recall the name of the tune that's in the entry and exit of the lyrics part, but to no valid. I swear I knew the song, but the name just kept running from me whenever I came close... till I heard the tune in church this morning that it finally struck. Beethoven's 9th Symphony Final Movement- Ode to Joy.I grew up listening to classical music and I love it; my favourite is definitely Beethoven, but I too enjoy Mozart's and Bach's works, especially since my dad loved listening to classical, so I was constantly exposed to it. From the added influence by Nodame Cantabile, I'm now also listening to alot more composers' works. In the past, I learn quite a few instuments, starting with the organ, while I learn bits of the piano through my sister (as it was more or less similar). Was in the school band back in primary school for 4 yrs, playing the Trumpet -> Baritone -> Bass/Tuba and eventually the Trombone, which was my favourite. Why I kept changing, was because they needed people in the different sections and I kept volunteering to learn more instruments. It's good to be a hyper-fast learner. I fail @ guitar though, as I can't seem to be able to bar correctly. I want to give a shot at learning the violin next! Either way, what I enjoy about music the most, is the fact that it's able to convey so much emotions without saying anything. It can also easily make (or break) your day, lifting up one's spirits, or sending it into depression. Even when taking words and piecing it together into a song, and depending on the tune, it amplifies the impact of it. Taking a look at anime/movies, there is always a need for that all-so-important BGM/insert music to get everyone into the mood/atmosphere that the director wants them to feel.I guess this was one reason why I started doing all those Vocaloid Spotlight posts, in hope of influencing/sharing the love of self-made music that various composers put their heart and soul into, but would most likely never hit the big stage in the world. Like a simple quote taken from Nodame Cantabile: "Every year there are so many students graduating from music colleges. But the number of professional orchestras is limited. No matter how skilled they are, there is no guarantee they can make it in. There is so much talent out there, undiscovered." There's also lots of talents in our real world, but seriously not enough places to put them where they should be at. I'm just trying to do my small part.Besides just listening to music, I also enjoy singing it. I have to admit I don't have the nicest sounding voice as those singers out there, as my voice is considered low, but at the very least I'm definitely not tone deaf (I know quite a few) I'm one of those that even out in public listening to my music, I'll still be mouthing the lyrics, maybe at times singing very very softly. Do anyone else tend to do that too? And also... I'M DEMANDING A TEAM BLUE JAPANESE KARAOKE ONE DAY :DThinking about it though, should one day God just decides to take away my ability to speak and my hearing, I'll most likely just soak myself in a nice warm bath, drink some quality red wine, then slitting both my wrist and die from the rapid bloodloss. I can't imagine living without them! There was once I totally lost my voice for about 2 days, and those 2 days I felt better off not
being alive. That's about it regarding music...Going off-topic here now: Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!! The time has finally come! I'll be moving into my hall/dorm @ NTU tomorrow morning. As I was packing my bags today, looking back at my room, my heart felt so broken... I'm soooo going to miss it so much. As for the blog, my number of posts for the next 3-5 weeks or so would be slowing down alot, as most would be automated posting due to the fact that I don't have a laptop yet while I'm staying in the halls, thus I'll have to pre-make my post and leave it to auto-publishing. But don't worry, I'll try my best to make sure there's about 2-3 regular posts every week. That's all for now... Ciao!! DECULTURE!

P.S: A small note from playing Little Busters! EX - RIN IS SOOOO MOE~!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Little Busters! Ecstasy!!!

FINALLY!!! Today's the 25th July!! Which means... Little Busters! EX (short for Ecstasy) is finally out!!!!! Been waiting for this game like forever!! I can finally attempt to finish a Key Visual Novel/Eroge right from the start! (Never managed to play Kanon and Clannad before). I'll most probably be attempting Kud and Rin's routes first, after all they're my favourite characters, and will then try out the new character, Saya's route, as it seems to be interesting, and eventually (and hopefully) the rest of the cast too. I'll be taking my time to play the game though, as my start of University is just around the corner, but I should be blogging about their routes, and the kind of gameplay in the game once I'm done with it.I also can't wait to get my hands on a copy of August's Dengeki G Festival DX, so I can have my Kud Oppai Mousepad!!! And also.... Aaaaahhhhh, if only someone would be kind enough to help me obtain a copy of the Little Busters! EX's CD @ Comiket74!! I want one too!!

Pics courtesy of moe.imouto, the first is of Kud and 2nd of Rin... and alot more other pics can also be found through the link I posted, including Little Busters! Visual Artbook scans (I have a hardcopy so I don't need!).

I'm done for now, so let me go and enjoy the game ^^. Ciao!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Vocaloid Spotlight: Hatsune Miku Series 6.

Somehow, Seikan Hikou by all the different Vocaloid characters were the centerstage during this week's ranking, but all still doesn't compare to the original Ranka \m/ キラッ☆!! Anyway, let's head to the songs for this entry. More Miku again yes.

Just 1 lovely picture of Miku found on moe.imouto.

Hatsune Miku - Sekai de Ichiban Chikaku ni Iru no ni / 世界で一番近くに居るのに by SAMFree.
Mp3 can be grabbed here.

It might come across as a sweet slow pace song, but when I was listening to it, somehow I had this feeling of sadness coming from the song, felt somewhat like unrequited love, the feeling of wanting to be with someone special etc. Or maybe it's just me.

Hatsune Miku - Powder Snow also by SAMFree. Only Nicovideo available.
Mp3 found here.

Watching this video really brings back lots of memories when I was in Japan during Dec-Jan period last year, all the sights of the snow and scenery just comes flowing back to me while listening to the song. Thinking about it, the few post that I did of that 24 day trip didn't do it justice, and I guess I'll do some repost on it in the near future, with alot more nice photos from the whole trip. Oh yea, this is a very soothing song to listen to ^^ (I nearly forgot to comment on the song LOL).

Hatsune Miku - Crying Air by natsuP.
Grab the Mp3 over here. For non-PIAPRO users, grab it here instead.

Nothing much to say about this song though, besides that I like the tune to it.

That's it for now, as I better start to prepare my stuff for moving into my NTU hostel - Hall16 next week, and maybe get some posts up and ready for auto-post when I don't have any internet access, since I don't have my laptop yet. Hopefully hostel life wouldn't be so boring, but after all this is SG, so you'll never know. If only there's wacky stuff like those in Aussie or US, but noooo we're in SG and we're sooooo conservative. Maybe it's just me. Anyway, I'm out.

P.S: Aaaaahhhhh Chun is tempting me sooo much with her photos of her Ama-loli pink-dress Moko-chan Mamachapp doll!!! I so want one tooo!! Also with the black-dressed one!! no money /cry I hate you /wrist noooooooooo. And yes I'm ranting here LOL!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Marine Day! Umi no Hi 海の日.

Taking a quick look at my Fortune Arterial C73 calender by my side, I quickly realised that today, 21st July, is in fact a public holiday in Japan, called 海の日, or in English Marine Day. Extract from Wiki: National law establishes Marine Day as a day of gratitude for the blessings of the oceans and to hope for the economic prosperity of maritime Japan. Some might be wondering why the interest in such a low-key holiday, but to me, as a diver, I surely love the sea/ocean, and would like to express my love for it with a simple post.Okay, maybe it wasn't as simple as I thought, but I'll like to spread some ocean awareness around here, with my main concern being the sharks. Sadly, sharks are pretty much misunderstood by people all around the world as merciless man-eating monsters, but that is sooooo not the case, go and watch the movie Sharkwater to find out more. And with shark finning, the illegal act of killing sharks just for their fins, then tossing their still alive finless bodies back into the sea to let them die, at an all time high, these pre-historic animals are going to be extincted fast.That's not much I could do for the sharks now, but only to spread the word, and hopefully have others pledge not to eat shark fin, in hope of reducing that market till it's not economically to maintain. It'll be nice to have more support for the cause! Pledge here now! Damn, I'll going to start sounding like some environmentalist if I do continue now lol.I believe most of my readers would have known of the exploits of Japan's whaling and dolphin killing activities, and the action taken by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. However, I'll refrain myself from commenting on these for now, as to me right now, illegal shark finning is of higher-priortiy vs the "controlled" (I really hope so) killings by Japan. Oh yea there's also the "controlled" clubbing of seals in Canada, but that's another story. Let's hope it all changes for the better.Either way, hope that everyone would try their part at contributing to saving our planet and it's inhabitants, and that everyone have an enjoyable day too. Enjoy the pictures too! Ciao and I'm out. For a better future!!

Zero no Tsukaima 3 Episode 03. Hawt Lolis Included! (-ω-)

Guess it's finally my turn @ attempting to do a decent episodic review. And as part of the team effort, I bring ZnT3 ep 03 today! Without further delay, let's move on to the show!

Upon request, Tiffania decided to leave her lonesome home, and travel together with Saito and his harem back to Tristian to meet with Queen Henrietta. Despite being worried about being so far from home for the first time, it is still her wish to see the world, so she's happy about it. Upon reaching the Royal Palace, Tiffania is wow-ed by the sights.
(-ω-) Best facial expression in the whole episode!! Anyway, they met up with Henrietta after their "long" journey, and a formal introduction of Tiffania to the Queen. Everyone was shocked at the inital sight of knowing that Tiffania's an elf, at least a half-elf in this case, with her mom's a full elf, and the father of some Albion Royalty; but Henrietta ensures her to not worry about it, and invites her to stay in the palace with her. Thought: It seems to me that there's some disgust/hate for elves in this world. Hopefully they'll build on that part why so.They proceeded to have tea and talk about the incident during their journey, with regards to the attack by Sheffield and the rumors of another void mage that is supposedly near them. And of cause Tiffania having no knowledge about all these, she's pretty much clueless, but that's cute too ^^.
The only screencap that I'll have of our villian. Scheming as always, couldn't be bothered with the finer details.
Noticing the ring that Tiffania was carrying, and the fact that it has an empty slot, Tiffania explained the incident of saving Saito. It seemed that the ring was passed down from her mother, and the gem that was once there was used to revive the already dead Saito.
And here's Saito recalling his "first impression" of his meeting with Tiffania. BUST REVOLUTION! Either way, Saito was wondering how did he landed up in the forest, as he was supposed to have been on the battlefield, which was his last memory. It was then that Derflinger explained that Saito heart had already stopped on the battlefield, and before he was ripped apart by countless magic spells, Derflinger teleported the already unconscious Saito to the forest. A sword that teleports you when about to GG? Talk about hax-ing! zZz...
Knowing that what Tiffania use to revive Saito was somewhat of elvish magic, Henrietta asked if she knew how to use magic. However it seemed that there's some dark history behind her/her mother's ability @ the use of magic; hopefully they'll build on this story too.
Frantically denying her knowledge on how to use magic, she turned and ran off into the sunset, never to be seen again.
Alone in the night, while everyone is asleep, Tiffania plays her harp(?) to some weird Gandalf-related folk song. Damn she looks so elegant in the moonlight.
Saito was drawn by the music, and the two chatted under the moonlight. As they chatted along, Tiffania (or Tefa(?) as what Saito calls her now) revealed that she in fact does have the ability of magic usage, but due to bad memories of her past, it hurts her to remember, and she doesn't know if that her magic ability is something which is good or a bad thing. This is when Saito, being the playboy that he is, talks about there is always a meaning/reason behind everything; her being a half-elf and having magic ability, and him coming from a different world etc; and that he understands her feelings. Should anything arises, she can always look for him. Overjoyed, Tiffania grabs his hand and exclaims her joy for being friends with him.The Louise that forever lurks at the back of Saito's mind. LOL. Afraid of getting spotted in this lovely-dovely position with Tiffania, Saito makes a dash and calls it a night.
The following day, Saito was knighted by Henrietta as one of her knights, to wait on her and be her new pet dog, and is now officially known as Sir Saito "Chevalier" Hiraga. And as Siesta helps put on his new l33t cloak, she calls him Goshujin-sama~ (Master). This makes Louise go WTF? and me going LOL.
It seems that she is now officially Saito's servant/maid, to assist him as ordered by Henrietta, taking into consideration their close-relationship. GG to Louise.
And yep, she's pretty pissed about it, but too bad it's her Henrietta-ojou-sama's orders. Siesta on the other hand is loving it.
Another revelation, as it seemed that Henrietta and Tiffania are in fact cousin! Something to do with the Albion Royalty bloodline or something, and that she'll be staying in the palace for the time being. Saito then attempts to invite Tiffania to join his harem them back at the academy, but she refuses for now, as she's still uncomfortable around people. Louise, jealous over Saito's actions towards Tiffania, starts to question Tiffania's purpose of wanting to going to the academy, and saying it's not that easy as it looks and all; but ended up all dere at the end, thanking her for saving Saito's life.
Sweet transportation back to the academy, where it seems that they're having some celebration for the recently promoted higher ranked dog Saito over his knightship. All I could forsee is him building up his harem even more than before -.-"
But like they say, "Great power comes with great responsibility", and a new appointment/organisation was created within the school, with Saito as Vice-captain and Guiche as captain. Something called the Knights of Odin?? I'm not sure lol. Either way, after a very short intro to the new group, the horde of desperate males grabs him and charges into the academy to continue their BL experiments he was then lifted and carried into the academy like some rock-star. But I swear someone was feeling up his ass for sure in that crowd!
Hmm.... new lolis!!! Yummy~. The blondie seems to be some princess, but no other known info from me as of now. Let's see how they'll work her into the story.
Preview for next week episode 4. RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE. Enough said.
Doggie Louise.... hmmmm.... I'm thinking of the other doggie though LOL. Me and my corrupted mind -.-"

Anyway, that's the overall picture of episode 3, done with whatever basic Japanese Language knowledge that I have because I was watching the raw. Didn't want to have a photo-spam, so I chose selectively the screenshots, but hope it's sufficient. If not just comment then I'll improve on the next. Hope you had enjoyed this review, and the following week's review will be thrown back to C.I to do. I should be doing episode 06 next. Ciao!!

Recap to older episodes: Ep01 (C.I), Ep02 (Mizunaga).

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Gaming vs Blogging vs Studies.

Once again I had another period of inactive-ness, mainly due to the fact that I'm so engrossed in playing Gundam Seed Destiny Rengou vs ZAFT II PLUS on PS2, that I didn't really had much time to do a proper post (excuses excuses -.-"). But don't worry, I should be back in action from tomorrow onwards, starting with a episodic review of Zero no Tsukaima 3 episode 3, as part of the team effort with C.I and Mizunaga.

Ever fell asleep doing anything? Hardly happens to me, but it does happen once a while.

Seriously though, it's really all too easy to just dump all other responsibility and just spend the rest of the time on playing games and all, and everything else is ignored. Even in the past, I would spend like 6 hours (school day), and about 12 hours (weekends) every week, every day in lan-shops, and as expected my grades went for a freefall. And even now, I'm getting tempted by my friend to hop back into WoW to experience the ever mystically lore and new changes, especially when the expansion The Lich King comes out.
Listening to music is pretty high on my priority list too, but at least you could listen to them while gaming ^^. I do that all the time.

Needless to say, when blogging is on an even lower priority against studies, it'll be easily ignored with very little thought. Blogging to me is quite a time-consuming activity, with an average time of about 1-2hrs spent doing each post, and having the need to do research/search links in order to make each post better. But it's still great fun, especially the researching part, as at times very interesting things could be found and it makes for a good read and knowledge.
I swear I was just doing research!!! Either way it's okay Kyonko, DFCs are hot in demand!!

However, right now I'm wondering how would I be able to juggle all these 3 activities, and many other stuff like personal life and all, and not be overwhelmed when my University term starts. Seems like for it to work out, some compromise must be made, but that I'm not sure now. But don't worry, this blog would surely go on ^^; and I guess that gaming would most likely be made the lesser priority, after all it would occupy the most time.
Opps wrong file! I swear it is weird when someone accessed something on your PC/laptop that you wouldn't want others seeing. Yep happened to me before LOL.

Well, pretty tired right now, so I guess I'll take a short rest while waiting for ZnT3 raw to be released. Signing out.