Thursday, May 8, 2008

Need Help with Choosing a Path in Life.

Non anime/otaku related post, but more of a cry for help ><.

Not many people are privileged to be given a choice of pursuing anything they want, and I'm fortune enough to be one of them. But right now, I'm standing at a crossroad in life, a dilemma in not knowing whether to walk the path of interest, or to thread the path towards a goal. However, even though they are of two separate paths, they can still reach the same destination, just that of different level of knowledge in different areas.

Bulldozing the path ahead! Vocaloid style!

My current situation is as follows: I currently have a place in NTU to study a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and for this course, there are 3 different streams: Mainstream (80% of intake), Design (10%) and Mechatronics (10%). Right now, I'm assuming I already have gotten a place in the Mechatronics Stream as I had applied for it last year and had been accepted.

Here comes the main question. Should I continue into the Mechatronics Stream, one which I have interest in, and which I hope would give me the basics to further work on my Mobile Suits Project (Ah yes, I'm serious on this); Or should I resubmit for the Design Stream, something which I feel I truly enjoy doing as I love designing things and also have a much bigger interest in, and at the same time I feel has a bigger job market out there (future planning, should all else fails). In this path, I could still work on the MS Project, like the overall design, exoskeleton , stress load on materials analysis, type of materials to use etc. But in this case I'll most likely have to out-source the controls/OS programming.
I'm also interested to create a workable
Radiation Wave system, seems plausible to me.

If given the choice, I would have loved to be able to work on every aspect of the MS Project. However, I know that is nearly impossible (Unless you're Tony Stark ^^). But right now, I'm truly at a loss, not knowing which path to head down on.

Either give me Skuld's brain or give her to me!!

Truth be told though, I'm actually weak in my studies when it comes to electronics stuff and logic, my brain just can't seem to compute those. My much stronger areas are in maths, mechanical theory, creative designing, imaginative mind, and coming up with orthodox methods/designs (crazy, but works?), in which these attributes I think would be alot more suited to designing. No? But my heart/mind can't stay calm, knowing/thinking that the final control system is being developed by another person, and might not be the system which I would have in mind.

AAAAAaaaaahhhhh!!!!! Choices, choices, choices. Help? I still got about a month to go before I make the final decision... And I too think that the Design Stream should have more girls too ^^. Either way, Signing out.

Girls like Kyonko? WANT!

P.S: I'm sure everyone would have noticed the KKnM event banner up on my site. It should be staying there till the 25th May (Event ends). Right now I'm not too sure on what exactly is this voting about, but I so want the 2nd prize!! Not interested in the rest lol. But looking at my fund reserves, I'm not even sure I could get anything from KKnM >< (to get the voting slip). Thanks to Sabar for telling me of this (I think he's still trying to get the banner up on his site at this moment, cheers for blogger's page elements!).

P.S II: I'm also living in fear for my Nendoroid Miku, as it seems that my little baby niece Mikaela has her eyes on it ><. Whenever she sees it her hand reaches out and tries to grab it. Must now put it in a safer place!! Chibi Miku's so cute that even babies wants her -.-"


gordon said...

if i'm in yours hoes, i'll choose Design sine i like designing as well. but how long does it take to resubmit and get approved? will be a waste of time if it takes too long since u have already been accepted in another stream. what happen if they reject your re-application? will u still get enroll into your accepted stream?

btw, u only need to spend $30 at KKnM to get a voting slip. that's aren't much money right?

and lastly LOL at baby niece grabbing miku. be careful though. she might just put it in her mouth. ^^;

Kawasumi Hirito said...

It seems that before I enter the course's school term, I'll have to once again send the letter/email saying that I have a preference of studying Design, same goes for Mechatronics even though I already have a place. As for being rejected if I apply for the other stream, LOL I don't know what's next.

S$30 for that voting slip... I'll see if I want to get anything when we go on the upcoming outing ^^.

and yea that's what I'm worried for both Miku and my baby niece. Sooner or later when she starts to be able to crawl, I better put it somewhere high, maybe have to put back into the glass cabinet, though I prefer having Miku right next to the keyboard for now.