Thursday, February 28, 2008

Eroge Releases.

Tomorrow is 29th Feb, a date which only comes once every 4 years, and on this day in Akihabara, multiple eroges are being released together to swarm the eroge markets and empty our wallets. Of the multiple releases, I'll be giving 3 of them a try, and To Hearts 2 Another Days is definitely one of them, as mentioned in a previous post. However I've read a disturbing rumor behind TH2AD, in which Ikuno Komaki, the younger sister of Manaka Komaki from To Hearts 2, her route has been left out from the finished game. This is sad news if it's true, as I intended to play out her story first. Let's hope it's not the case.

Onto the second game on the list, which was more of a last minute "let's just try it out". D.C.P.K. Da.CaPoker. Being a fan of the Da Capo series (the anime is a letdown though, especially D.C.S.S and D.C II), this was one game I just had to try. It consist of the heroines from both the Da Capo and Da Capo II games, and it is mainly about playing... Poker. Truthfully I don't know much about playing poker, besides the card combinations to win (or even attempt to win by bluff). Maybe might pick up how to truly play the game from this ^^, and at the same time enjoy myself. Need more Kotori and Anzu!

Last but not least, a selection which came out of no where (I blame Danny again), Beat Blades Haruka (NFSW). Seriously though, this game is going to be mainly just... ~ecchi stuff~ all the time, as it is needed to give them "power" (I can't believe I just typed that -.-"). Why am I going to play it then? When there's a lolicious character like Narika in the game, how can I resist?

As for the slow down of updates during alternate weeks, it's due to my shift work at base. Usually when working night shift I hardly have time to do any post. Will catch up during the weekend and the following week, and this should last about 3 more months till I'm released from the grasp of the evil warlord of the country. Tonight should end early, see if I can pop another post up. Added the OP of Da.CaPoker and Beat Blades Haruka below, enjoy. Signing out.

P.S: Apparently TH2AD and D.C.P.K has been leaked onto the net even before their release date. Go hunt/search for them if wanted ^^.

Da.CaPoker OP

Beat Blades Haruka OP

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Footage from Singapore Airshow 2008.

Warning: Photo intensive post!! Non anime/Japan related post.

Today I bring some photos that I had taken when I visited the Singapore Airshow 2008 @ Changi yesterday (22nd Feb) morning. I had been given a "Trade Pass" (worth is S$150 but I got it free!) from my section and allowed to take the morning off to go visit it. The good thing about having a trade pass is that I can avoid the public crowd which would be gathering today and tomorrow (Sat & Sun) for the show. The bad thing is I only have half day (it's a week day and I'm still suppose to be working), and had to rush back to base by 3.00pm for a squadron event: Expo (Event site) to Seletar (Home), to drop off my camera and change to uniform, then to Sembawang Air Base is a very long journey -.-". Enough of talk, let's move on to the photos!

Photos taken using a Nikon D70 + Nikkor AF-S DX 18-70mm F3.5 - F4.5G aka Kit Lens.
The "exclusive" Trade Pass ^^. For those who doesn't know I'm currently serving National Service (3months left to go!!), and my vocation is with the Air Force, doing maintenance work on the AS332M/M1 Super Puma's rotor transmission (the gearboxes/rotor blades of the helicopter). It does gets weird at times working here as I'm the only NSF in the section(RSAF is experimenting the use of NSF in a Regular's working environment, though it's a good working experience), but at the same time I get the perks of a Regular, or at least they treat me like one, just with less responsibility.
Singapore Airshow 2008 site. I reached when the event just started @ 9.30am. I'll not bore everyone with the exhibition stuff, and just head straight to the static display.Singapore's very own AH-64D Apache Longbow. I see
this everyday in my base that I'm bored of it.
Elbit Hermes 900 UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
The giant of the sky, Airbus A380. Looking at it up close, it's really huge.Nose view of the A380. I couldn't get access to the interior of the A380 sadly, as one would need another pass (Aircraft Visit Pass) to enter.
US Air Force's F/A-18E/F Super Hornet.US Air Force's F-15C/D Eagle.One of my favourite bombers, the US Air Force's B-1B Lancer. Sweep-back wings are sexy ^^ (My favourite Aircraft is the F-14 Tomcat, also another sweep-back wings aircraft).
Artistic? view of B-1B Lancer's Tail. An aircraft's trail can be seen in the sky.
US Air Force's RQ-4 Global Hawk UAV.
US Air Force's MQ-8A FireScout UAV.
Singapore's UAV, the Elbit Hermes 450B. In the background is our CH-47 SD Chinook, also see/flown on it until bored.
Some tail photo of a private jet. Not sure which, but I just like the photo.
Another private jet, not sure model, but there are Ferrari logos on it.
Embraer Legacy 600. I aim to have my own private jet in the future, and to also have my own pilot license so I can fly it ^^.Lockheed Martin F-35 JSF (Joint Strike Fighter). I'm monitoring this aircraft's development closely, the fighter of the next century.
Front view of the F-35 JSF.
Nearing the time of the aerial display, everyone moved to get a good position to catch the action. While people were doing this, the A380 decided to make a run for it.
Going going gone!! It's actually moving to the Changi Airport runway
for take-off as it also has a segment in the aerial display.
Enters the Singapore's Aerobatic team, the RSAF Black Knights, flying the F-16C Fighting Falcons. Wished I had a 400mm lens for this ><, or a video camcorder. I'll just list the formation/manoeuvers done. Delta FlyBy.In the midst of performing the Twisted Loop.
Swan Roll.Palm Split.Entry into the Line Abreast Loop - Diamond Twist Out.
I would say this manoeuver is my favourite. Vertical Twist.Way of the Dragon.
Mirror Pass.
Start of the Flaming Heart.
Half way through.....
Flaming Heart completed!Entry to the last of the segment, the Curtain.
Curtain completed!
Sneak shot of the other photographers. Look at all the cameras they're decking. I'm soooo jealous!! I'm like holding the most noob DLSR among everyone. Even the lens is noobish!!

Sad to say I could only watch till the end of the Black Knights segment (12.45pm), and I had to make the run to the entrance to catch the shuttle back to Expo and make my way back to base. Eventually reached home at 2.20pm, dropped camera/changed to uniform and out of house by 2.25pm, grabbed a taxi and reached base at 2.45pm. Barely made it.

Overall, the event is quite well organised, and they're really clever at draining your money too. In order to use the shuttle bus from the hotels/expo to the exhibition site, it will cost you S$5.00 one way. Overall I spent S$10 on the shuttle, and S$6.80 for the taxi from home to base. Due to time constrain I couldn't even have lunch (the cost of food at the exhibition is daylight robbery as usual). Oh well at least the fact that the pass would cost S$150 normally is free to me, so I still benefit. Either way, enjoy the photos! Signing out.

Note: I didn't include any photos of the Black Knights cross-flight (as in they flyby each other with very little space between them) as none of the shots were nice. Also please ignore the black dots on the photos, I assume there's dust on the sensor (I thought it was just dust on the lens but it's not, as I had the lens cleaned when I saw the same dots on the Japan trip photos) so I need to send the DSLR for servicing (I don't have the equipment/knowledge to clean it myself). And also...pardon my noob photo-taking skills ><. I don't even know how to use Photoshop!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lucky Star - Kumikyoku 'Lucky Star Douga'

Did a post on this song before, but having seen this [MAD] remix ver. video, I just had to post it again, and I'm still addicted to the song. Truly epic!! The way they made the scenes flow from one to another, and the added clips from parts of the series were quite nice to see, as it goes along with the music. (Love the intro scene by "Animate" Tenchou @ 2:51) Will be posting both nicovideo and youtube links for all, but if possible it's alot more fun to view on the nico version, the comments made it even better/funnier to watch. Thanks to bj0rN for linking this video on his post, don't think I would have found it (not that I know it exist) by myself. Enjoy and Signing out.

Nico Nico Douga Version, requires an account to access though.

Youtube Version, but the lack of flying comments on the video while it's playing doesn't amuse me. For the non-nico users I guess. For those wondering what I just said, when using Nico, other people adds comments at certain time slots of the video while watching it, the site saves the comment, and flies in/display that comment on the video while it plays. Unique way of watching videos, but sometimes it's just abit distracting, especially when the comments floods the video.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Max Factory's 1/8 Scale Gun X Sword: Wendy Garret PVC Figure

After a hard day at work, dragging yourself back home, and to your enjoyment you see a parcel that you have been waiting for sitting on your bed, and once again your day feels complete!! I'm sure some of you have experience this before (work/school whichever works for you), and it definitely brightens up your day. It surely did for me!

It arrives!! Cheers!
Opening the box.......
And there she was!! Looking all lolicious in the
packaging, calling me to open it up.

Even though it was an impulsive buy, I'm happy that I did ^^. Coincidentally the day I placed my order for it was on Valentine's Day (yes I was ronery on Valentines ><), and I'm surprised it arrived in just 5 days (I expected about 2 weeks). I had been eyeing her for quite a while, but with the initial cost at 6,500 Yen (About S$85), I didn't bite. But as one's fate would have it, just browsing play-asia as I was bored, I noticed it was on sale at S$57. Wasting no chance I just bought it on the spot and that's the end of story. And yes checking it again the following day, it was listed as sold-out ^^. Note: Some photos are NSFW. View at own risk.

Wearing gloves, I carefully removed her from the box and place it together as shown in the "standard" positioning, with all the accessories.
View from her back. Nice bottoms there ^^.I really love the pose they gave her. The facial details on the figure is also quite nice. It brings out her cuteness and shyness, yet emits a certain maturity to it, and at the same time also childishness. Characteristics of Wendy which were constantly displayed throughout the series (not that sure though, I'm only on episode 4 LOL, let me play abit of bluff/theorizing).The details done on Kameo is also faithful to the series, as they made a small dent on the top of his shell, a dent which was made when he took a bullet which protected Wendy in the first episode of Gun X Sword. This figure is also part of Max Factory's POLO System ("Cast-off"), and apparently they were trying out a new version of the system, where the clothings were flexible. Testing the rubber-like blouse, I attempted some "poses", mainly stretching the material.Taking the stretching to a further level. It really stretches!!
Or not... Truthfully, I didn't dare stretch it too much in fear of it snapping, but it surely did stretch enough to move the blouse straps out of her hands and just let her blouse drop ^^.
Her head and lower body are detachable, allowing easy removal of the blouse (only her blouse is removable).
Another angle of her in "cast off", with the other accessories on the base too. For those who doesn't know what a "cast off" figure means, it means that her clothes (some or all) are removable to expose her "eyes" or other parts. So far I only have Wendy and Fauna who are "cast off" figures. I'll not be doing a post on Fauna, click her name for photos of her by Danny.
I would say this was my favourite shot, a scene which might occur in between dressing. The bare minimum exposure of skin and the cutely "misplaced" eyes just makes it sooo moe~ ^^.

Either way I'm ending the day a happy man, and having another cute addition to my collection. Would be happier if I could afford a Canon 40D with external flash with diffuser and a macro lens to take more photos. Having to use a teared out piece of paper, holding it over the flash to act as a diffuser with one hand, while trying to compose the photo with the other, having to put down the paper and zoom in/out and pick it up again when needed, and finally changing the settings again (I always use manual mode), then taking the shot, is tough work. And the fact that the D70 lens is no other than it's normal kit lens... I rest my case, though I'm sure I still have lots to improve and alot of errors are still human factors. I also need a good background for "photoshoots", didn't have one as this was abit impromptu. I'm more of a landscape shooter, and I really suck at macro for the time being lol. Time to get back to watching more Gun X Sword now, Signing out.