Monday, May 26, 2008

Streetfest 08. Mini Coverage from Me.

Streetfest, is a yearly Singapore event that showcases and promotes local youth talents in various activities: performing arts, visual art forms, lifestyle trends (including fashion), entrepreneurship, technology, health and environment. (Ninja-ed from the site ^^) Yesterday, 25th May 2008, was the D'J Party, mainly featuring Jrock and cosplay, and I wasn't going to be left out of this, despite being dead tired and having to drag myself there. Why this is going to be a "mini" coverage from me? Somehow I wasn't in my trigger-happy photoshooting mode (I only took 21 shots?), thus I have a very small range of photos to work with. It also doesn't help that I reached late and also had to leave early, for various reasons. Nevertheless, on to the photos....

Welcome to Streetfest D'J Party. I came late at 3.30pm though, it starts at 12.30pm. The band on stage is SectorFive (not too sure, didn't hear properly, but based on the scheduling it should be them). Nice mix of songs, and I found the Thai-pop song (they played one yes) quite interesting and nice too ^^.I felt that they really shouldn't have made it an indoor event, was too small for such a crowd, a convention hall might be better. Outdoors for rock/music is still the best!! Like Baybeats, which has their stage at Esplanade; but of course we wouldn't have those who just came shopping and stop a while to have a look. Despite having cosplayers aplenty scattered around (and getting chased by hordes of people armed with lots of cameras lol), I didn't take much photos (how does 10 photos sound?). Also the fact that I don't have a external flash or a flash diffuser, I didn't want to irritate them by using the inbuilt flash, too strong/bright, thus less photos too. I tried to take non-flash photos, but well doesn't turn out too good I feel. The Guitar Haruhi (based on Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekisou promo picture) cosplay was one of the better ones out there, if not the best of the day.
Listened to them just before I left (1 song only though), BuckleBerry. Not my type of music though.
Ending off with another photo of Guitar Haruhi. I felt this was my best photo of the day, love the fact that I managed to get eye contact on this shot (or at least to another highly equipped camera-armed guy just next to me).

I'm sure my photos (or the lack of it) doesn't do this event justice, but there's many other bloggers who are also covering this event, and I'm sure they're doing a much better job than me. To date, here are some of the "already" posted ones: Wcloudxkumo (1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3; mass photos lol), Fariz Asuka, Yumeno, Panther.
Will update the list as it goes (if I'm not too lazy that is lol). Anyway, I'm out. Runway cycling coverage to come tomorrow.

P.S: Yay!! It seems that I had reached the 5,000 hit mark today!! Thanks to Everyone who visits!! Now for 10,000 hits! I never did expect so many hits on my site when I first started out, so I'm kinda happy... Thanks all ^^!!! Here's a little something for you all ^^.
Tried finding a wallpaper sized picture of Guitar Haruhi, but in vain so far (got one, but had Miku in it though). But I did find a one of the promo picture at a larger res of 1400 x 1396 (not wallpaper sized though). Anyone with a nice wallpaper of Haruhi in this costume, would love if you'll share it too. Thanks in advance ^^.


gordon said...

Guitar Haruhi is one of the best i see. too bad she didn't win cosplaying awards. she has nice flat sexy ads too. ^^;

Kawasumi Hirito said...

Well she didn't participate in the cosplay competition, in fact quite a number of cosplayers didn't, but if she did I'll say it's a high chance of a win.

Panther said...

Gordon, it is abs. Yes her abs are sexy.

Gray said...

that's the cover for "Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekisou DVD" and this is the biggest version i can find: unfortunately since it's from an album, it's square shaped. =P