Thursday, May 15, 2008

Outings Info and others.

Helping to spread the news around. Remember the previous outing we had to visit La Tendo? Where quite a number of SG Bloggers met up for the first time (not all) and just had fun and get to know each other? Panther has once again organised a 2nd outing, and details to follow below.

Date: 24th May 2008, Saturday (The following week after this)
Time: 3PM (1500hr for the military time followers)
Location: City Hall MRT, up the escalators after exiting the station, walk forward to the entrance to Raffles City, there should be a small directory on the left. Somewhere there, I'm sure it's easy to spot us.

Current plan is to once again head to La Tendo in the afternoon after meet up, spend some time there. Then after we might head to KKnM, maybe have dinner in that area, but not a firm decision yet. Other plans like the Japanese Karaoke (found by misakichii) or arcade playing at Bugis are also on pending list. In fact besides go to La Tendo, everything else is still unconfirmed, and I guess we'll be playing by time constraint to see what to do.

Kagamin cosplaying Tessa singing Karaoke. Moeeeeeee~ Overdose.

Besides the SG Bloggers Outing, on the 25th May 08(the following day after the outing), there's going to be the Singapore Streetfest's DJ Party 2008. From what I know so far, quite a number of us (bloggers) are also heading down for this event, but an actual meetup is still non-existant. Guess we'll also play by ear for whether we're going to meet before hand, or just go there and /wave hihi around.

Noumi is made of win! I'm just simply drawn to her. Let's just say I had pre-ordered the Kotobukiya figure and a mini clock of her, my current and only dakimakura and cushion cover is also her, and I have a keychain kept in my wallet, also her. -.-"

On other notes, everyone might have noticed that I had added a few more timers to the sidebar of this blog. Just using it to countdown to the important days ^^. Simply can't wait to ORD (7 more working days to go!!), can't wait for Little Busters! EX to release on 25th July 08 (hopefully there's no delay to the date!), and can't wait to start studying again and finish it, then it's goodbye Singapore!! That's about it for now, I'm out.

P.S: I had wanted to put a timer for my upcoming Japan trip also, but too many timers makes things messy. Either way I'm leaving on 6th June night, and coming back on 16th June evening. I'll see if I can get some posts up on delayed posting (blogger has this function now) on those days I'm away so at least this blog remains active, don't think I'll be able to do a proper post while I'm over there since I don't have a functional laptop, but should be able to do some updates in the chatbox still. Hope to get a ultra-portable laptop once I enter NTU, then I can do postings even when overseas ^^.

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