Monday, March 31, 2008

End of March. Some Updates.

Last post for the month of March, and I also don't know what title to give this post. But either way another month is going to pass us by and my freedom (ORD) is now getting even closer, 2 months to go!! I initially had something I wanted to post, but it just slipped my mind for the moment, maybe if I do remember I'll get it up tomorrow.

I'm sure some of you might have seen this before, but a recent chat with Calvin over it got me engrossed into it again. Having multiple people suddenly frozen in time for 5 mins while life goes on really stands out in public, and this was what some 207 Agents from Improv Everywhere did at the Grand Central Station in New York City.

Video of the Freeze Event.

After that event, many others from around the world had also attempted to replicate this in their own countries, a listing which could be found here. Besides the Freeze events, IE had also did lots of other fantastic missions which I would love to be part of, one of them is this Mp3 Experiment, which I found was really cool. Would love to see one in Singapore, but most likely they'll think it's a protest and get the whole riot police department (if that many people came) to come down to chase us away.

Moving on from IE, a fellow SGblogger Panther is going to organise an outing to La Tendo (his past coverage of this Figurine Store in Singapore is found here), and maybe KKnM this Saturday, 5th April. As of now it's not yet confirmed, but I assume he'll be confirming it and doing a proper post on it tomorrow, so for those who are interested might want to drop in on his site's chatbox (or mine which seems to be ongoing, and no idea why lol?). As for my loots during the weekend? Sadly there's none as I decided to save the money and spend it in Japan instead...which leads to the next part...

My trip to Japan is confirmed! My friend booked the air ticket last Saturday, and I'll be going from the 7th to 16th June. I'm thinking of the possibility, in the event that should anyone from SG wants something, whether should I take orders or not (still pending). I'm also worried for my own luggage weight, but I'm on tight budget this trip so I wouldn't be getting much neither. Also looking at the anime-related event schedules in Japan, it seemed that there's going to be a Sunshine Creation 40 on the 15th June @ Ikebukuro Sunshine City. I'm thinking of going to take a look (my friend doesn't know yet, but once he does I think he'll scream), so might have a coverage on that too. Currently I don't know what else to add, so I'm signing out for now. Bye ^^.

Just wanted to post a picture up, so here's one of Kagamin ^^.

Friday, March 28, 2008

News Highlights for the week.

A misleading title, but it basically highlights the more important news to me. A big anime-related event called the Tokyo Anime Fair 2008 was held (and still ongoing) on the 27th to 30th March 08 at Tokyo Big Sight (Ariake!!!!!). Sadly, I'm not in Japan now and I can't do first hand coverage of the event, but for those interested, there are others who did and here's links to their coverage. AkibaHobby, Mikatan, Akihabara News and Dannychoo.

To me, the only thing which really highlighted this event to me, was the Figma and PVC Hatsune Miku. I was basically screaming "YEA FINALLY" when I saw the photos. I'm still waiting for my Nendoroid Miku to be sent to me, but this piece of news really made my day. Time to start saving funds for them. *I'm still screaming like a Miku fanboy* (Calvin, you'll be screaming with me when you read this news ^^.)

All 3 versions of Miku! PVC, Figma and Nendoroid.
Another shot of the PVC version by Good Smile Company.

Moving on to other news, which are also figure-related, Resinya (Figure company of Cospa) is releasing figures of Shana and Noumi. I'm now trying find another source of funding and may need to rob a bank to achieve the capital required to acquire these babies. But even if I do want to get them, I'm only interested in the GEE!Store versions of the figures, so I'll have to find some way to get my hands on them.

1/6 Scale Noumi Kudryavka from Little Busters! (GEE!Store Version)
Maker: Resinya
Retails for 7,800 Yen
Release: July

I'm still waiting for a release date confirmation of Little Busters-EX (Ecstasy). Can't wait for the release.
1/6 Scale Shana from Shakugan no Shana (GEE!Store Version)
Maker: Resinya
Retails for 7,800 Yen
Release: July

I'm also thinking of getting this other figure of Shana, but based on my current financial state I could only afford one (or none of them). As a fanboy of Shana, I'm sadden at the fact that I don't have a figure of her. Choices choices choices....
1/7 Scale Shana from Shakugan no Shana
Maker: Griffon Enterprises
Retails for 6,500 Yen
Release: June

Enough on figures. As for anime news, nothing beats the fact that knowing Kyoani will be doing Clannad ~After Story~!! *More fanboy screaming around the house* We'll now be having a proper closure of the series after the current season ended last week. Would really love to see the way how they'll end the full story, going the path of the game best ending, or the kind of ending of the movie (but then it wouldn't explain the mysterious world this way). Let's hope Kyoani would make it a truly epic series that will make me brawl my eyes out. News taken from AnimeNewsNetwork. Now all we need to know is when it'll be coming to our screens. That's about it for now, and will be trying to make some time tomorrow to head to KKnM to grab some Lucky Star merchandise (nooo more money going gone) too, and hopefully they're not sold out. Will post photos of those loots up if I do get them. Signing out.

Trailer of Clannad ~After Story~ aka Season 2. Ushio is moe~!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Vocaloid Spotlight: Kagamine Rin Series 1.

This artwork style kind of reminds me of Honey and Clover (review to come?).

With the amount of vocaloid videos that I watch every week and enjoy, it's nearly impossible to post them all up individually (though it does makes for post count). Now instead, I'll be posting them in batches of 2 or 3, so that I can cover more ground on good vocaloid songs, unless it's really too good which deserves an individual post (or I got lots of things to talk about it "eg: Miku's Sakura no Ame").

OSTER project feat. Kagamine Rin - RING x RING x RING.

The same group who brought to you Chocolate☆Magic (found in my Valentine Day post), comes a cute single of Rin. I really love the art and the way they "animate" the video, makes it really cute.
Mp3 and Lyrics can be found here (to download you'll need to be a member of the site though).

Kagamine Rin - Kokoro. Music and Lyrics done by Toraboru.

A song of a robot being born without a "heart", on a road to self-recognization, to understand feelings and to know it's purpose for existance. There's another Rin song done by Toraboru but doesn't really ring along with me, just posting the youtube link if you're interested.
Mp3 is found here, while Lyrics is here.

Kagamine Rin - Yotsuba no Clover (4 Leaf Clover). Also done by Toraboru.

I first came across this song from a video where someone was self-singing it, and I liked the song. Eventually went to search for the original which is this. However I think I found the self-sang version alot nicer, sweet sounding girl too. Throwing that version below this. I couldn't find a youtube version of it thus not putting it up. But if anyone requests for it (especially non-nico users), I'll rip it off nico and host it on youtube for you.
They seemed to have taken down the mp3 link for this song (it's an old song), but there's still the lyrics which is found right over here.

Another version of Yotsuba no Clover (someone else singing it).

Going off-topic. Been too occupied with Shogun that I didn't do any post on the blog, but since I had completed my Imagawa campaign I had some time on hand to do this post. However I had just installed Rome Total War, so I might "forget" to update the blog again. Will try not to go down that path but no guarantee. My Sawatari Makoto figure had also arrived about a week ago, but have yet to take her out of the box and do a photo shoot. I'm thinking of a few places to bring her to take some photos but not sure where yet (Botanic Gardens is one place). *Wonders where in Singapore has lots of flowers and is not a tourist location, and no I'm not going Changi Airport for that, nor standing in the middle of the stretch of road that is along the way to the airport taking photos.* Anyway, until next post. Signing out.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!

Oh no! I've been so engrossed in playing my Shogun Total War (Yes it maybe an old game, but it's still one of my favourites, even spending 2 months running around game stores to find an original copy last year) that I forgot that it's Easter Day!! Hope I'm not too late!! Sadly down here at the Equator, we don't hide easter eggs in the gardens for the little kids to find cause they'll all melt in this scorching heat (usually chocolate eggs). Either way, Wishing all a Happy Easter Day! Signing out. (Alt + Tab back to Shogun)

Here's one for everyone. Hinamori Amu from Shugo Chara (Cool & Spicy!). There are Guardian Characters, and they come from Guardian Eggs... so does it count? ^^ The chibi art work is done by mirai (Reason). Click the name for alot more chibi art. It's moe~ overdose!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sentosa - 21st Mar 2008

Yesterday I was at Sentosa, mainly Underwater World, to dive with the sharks. Sad to say I didn't have a dive camera (my bro-in-law forgot to bring his), and I'll not have any pics from the inside (It's about time I get a dive camera >.<). However I did take quite a few shots from out of the water, should be sufficient? Else you'll have to make do with underwater shots that I'll be posting up in the near future from some dive trips.

Overall the dive with the sharks was quite an experience, but truth be told the sharks were small, the biggest in that tank was only about 1.5m in length, nothing big. But of course we get to do some things which would be considered nuts or very tough to do in the wild, touch them! Even get to hug the leopard shark! The skin of the sharks were actually quite rough, and I think it's true that in the wild should you brush against a shark while it's moving fast, it's definitely possible to get an injury from it. We also got the chance to feed the many stingrays swimming in the same tank (yep stingrays, the same family as the ones who took Steve Irwin). Touching the stingray's body was quite surprising, the texture felt like leather, and it was very soft and smooth. It was quite cute, and definitely fun to have them eating off your hands (but not eat your hands), it's like hand-feeding your pets.

As the dive was done in one of their main tanks, hundreds of land-dwellers who were viewing the aquarium could see us moving about inside. I felt like a celebrity for the day, with countless cameras taking our photos as we moved about inside the tank and feeding the rays and fishes. Even a mere waving at our audience sent them into a frenzy (kids mainly) and more photos were taken. At times we had to jump/swim over the viewing tunnel to the other side of the tank, and I was so tempted to just stand on top of the tunnel, look down at everyone, and just pull off a Kamina pose (I think I was high on nitrogen).

After the dive we took a walk around the aquarium itself. It's alot smaller than I last recall it, or the visit to the Osaka KAIYUKAN spoiled the market for me. The variety of marine life is also alot less than before, or either I had totally forgotten what I had seen before (my last visit here was nearly more than 10 years ago). The circular shaped viewing tunnel also made photography hard, bouncing light off at weird angles and giving a slight distorted view (enlarged marine life), thus the lack of nice photos (or I just suck at it). Oh well enough talk and onto the photos!

Welcome to Underwater World, Sentosa.Outside the main aquarium, there's some ponds with marine life in it. Here's some of the turtles in one of those ponds.The touch pool, where individuals can put their hands into the water and touch the marine life, mainly some small fishes and starfish. There's another touch pool with stingrays but couldn't get a nice shot of it.The vertical tank. They were in the process of cleaning the tank, thus there's an unsightly white tube inside, and there's supposed to be a diver at the top doing manual hand-cleaning of the tank's walls.
Some crab, forgot the name.
More crabs.The one on the right is a Leafy Seadragon, part of the seahorse family. Not sure what's the other on the left, but also a seahorse family member.The tunnel. To view the main tanks where the most bulk of marine life are kept. And yes I was diving in one of these big (it's actually quite small) tanks.
One of the Leopard Sharks, swimming overhead the viewing tunnel.
Gracie the Dugong. Also called a Sea Cow/Sea Pig etc. It's really cute, wished I could dive with it but the slot was fully booked. Maybe another time.Another diver doing cleaning on one of the tanks.
Next up was the Dolphin Lagoon. In the in-closure houses a few Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins, or commonly known as the pink dolphins.
One of the dolphin trainers. There were 3 of them but only one girl.
Of course I took only the girl ^^.
They asked for some volunteers to go down and play/touch the dolphins (erm...please think straight). This individual from China, when they called her out and she stood up, there was a very distinctive "Oooooo" from the male audiences. I'm sure many cameras snapped away and maybe their wives snapped at them soon after.
One of the pink dolphins dancing the the music. かわいい でしょ?
Jumping through the hoops. Ball balancing act.
There was actually a skit where the dolphins were shaking their heads when being offered some fish, but they wanted the whole bucket instead. Pretty cute scene.
Passing the ball around using their fins. Really too cute to watch.One of the finale where the dolphins display their ability to lift
themselves high up above the water. The ball is about 3.5-4m high.2 of the 3 performing dolphins posing on the main stage. Finisher.
Walking to the carpark where our car was, a photo of Palawan Beach.
Still along Palawan Beach, a Suspension Bridge connecting the Beach to a "island". Or you can simply swim across in less than 30secs.
More Beach. For a public holiday the crowds sure seemed little.Part of the dive programme, we were given these T-shirts.
The dolphin and the Sunflower were given by some friends of mine when I met up with them for dinner last night. Was forced to carry the sunflower everywhere we went. It felt really weird -.-". Either way I named the dolphin, it's called "Iriya" (think Fate/Stay). Was repeating Iruka 海豚 (Dolphin in Japanese) over and over thinking of a name and eventually Iriya came out. Some random I guess but it's cute ^^. It's currently paired with Botan next to my bed, they make a cute couple ^^.

I really need a dive camera, would love to had post up pictures from inside the tank instead. I had also asked if I could have taken some pictures of what goes on behind the scenes at an aquarium, but wasn't given the permission so no photos for that. Overall an enjoyable day, but I would definitely prefer diving in open sea instead of a controlled tank environment. Given an opportunity everyone should pick up diving! Or maybe not because I don't want to see divers instead of fishes underwater. But it's definitely an experience everyone should try. This dive with the sharks programme is also open to non-divers, definitely worth it. Hope you enjoyed the photos, and as for actual underwater photos, should be posting them up in the near future. Signing out.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday and a Special Day (to Me).

Today it's Good Friday, where Catholics and Christians around the world gather to churches to commemorate the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ on the Cross. Being a catholic myself (but not that devoted, and more on the anti/neutral side to religions), this day is significant to me, and the fact that it's a public holiday is a big plus.

Need more girls like Carim for the church!! I'll be a devotee for sure!

However for this year, due to various reasons, I'll not be attending church for the Good Friday Mass. Instead I'll be in Sentosa!! Will be heading to Underwater World to dive with the sharks ^^ !! I'm a certified PADI advance Diver btw. Will also be seeing dolphins in the Dolphin Lagoon, and as for pictures, I should be bringing footage of all these tomorrow.

They can ride my dolphin anytime ^^.

Today being the 21st March, it's also a special day to me. It's my birthday!!! This year I've turned 22!! (I feel old...) This was more or less the reason why I did the previous post, in order to verify my current status in this world (and see what kind of response I might get from trying to do something stupid). As for my birthday present (targeted @ RL friends ^^)... would anybody like to get me any of things listed on my wishlist (on the side column)? Especially the 350Z please!!

Kagami and Tsukasa would make lovely birthday presents ^^.

Nothing much else to add. Next post should be on the sentosa footage (or another Vocaloid Highlight if I don't have enough time, many more videos I want to post). Enjoy the long weekend and Signing out.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thoughts, Reflection, Ambition.

This post is not entirely unrelated to anime, but at the same time it does have some relation to anime. It would be more of a rant though, read it at your own pleasure. For those who has watched Gundam 00, I don't think I would need to explain, but for those who doesn't, just a little background information to understand what I intend to talk about.

"Celestial Being (ソレスタルビーイング Soresutaru Bīingu) is a private paramilitary force founded by the scientist Aeolia Schenberg. It pursues the complete eradication of armed conflict mainly through the deployment of the revolutionary Gundam units, as well as other mobile units, in aggressive, sometimes indiscriminate military intervention." Info taken from Wikipedia, for more detailed information on it, click here.

Back when I was in secondary 3, I could say I was in the worst period of my life. Constantly in depression (but doesn't show in front of others, and gaming with friends was the only way to get rid of it temporally), my results took a plunge, all I could think is about gaming and how crappy the world is, and even thought of suicide (I'm a wuss of course I couldn't perform it eventually). In order to prevent myself from slipping further into despair, I made a goal (or would I call it a mission?). I intend to create a force/army/organisation, for the sole purpose of the annihilation of all mankind, and return planet Earth to tranquility. In fact I even made a pact with a church friend (my goodness what is the church teaching us youth today?), a race to see who can cause the genocide of mankind faster, with me doing it the mechanical way, and him the biochemical way.

For him I'm not sure if he's still on his "project", but as for me I'm still working on it, but its current purpose is not of genocide, but prevent fighting among countries/races/tribes/religion, basically a peacemaker. I made this amendment during Poly year 1, but at the same time create a total of 5 levels of mission status/type, this is Level A (Genocide is Level D, don't ask what's Level E about ^^). I'm still intending to work on the creation of Mobile Suits, thus the reason behind taking up robotics.

When I did the marathon to watch ep 1-22 of Gundam 00 on Mon/Tues, I was amazed and surprised that my "Ultimate Goal" was being used as a main plot of the story. However at the same time, from G00, I could see the possible outcome of what this goal could really achieve, and the possible backlash from countries around the world (or even terrorist groups). My initial analyzing of the goal was not that detailed, I didn't factor in the possibility that terror groups would target the civilians to force the disarmament of a Peace Force (but country retaliation, that was factored in), and that is a fatal flaw. I need more work on my theories and scenario when I carry out my plan.

I really wonder if I'm able to succeed at the creation of Mobile Suits, or even develop the basic theory/data/programming for it and leave it to the next generation to decide its fate. Even the practical usage of MS in modern warfare (many would say it will be useless) is a grey area, with the biggest problem on mobility and weight (current calculation tells me that the legs would give way and the MS would collapse on its own due to gravity). Either way I still want to work towards this goal, cause it's currently my only reason for my existence. My initial dateline for this project was set to year 2020, but being more realistic, might push it back to 2025 or 2030. See how much theory/testing I would be able to work on while getting my Degree/Masters.

If I made something like this, would you still want to pilot it? I rofl-ed for quite a while when I saw this pic, got it somewhere off 4chan.

Why the sudden talk/rant on this topic? See my next post to find out. Signing out for now, and work on the next post. (I'm trying to get this post up before midnight!)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Vocaloid Spotlight: Hatsune Miku - Melt.

初音ミク - メルト
作詞作曲: ryo
Main Site:

A song which has been going strong on the Vocaloid Ranking Charts for the past few weeks, one which I don't think would deserve justice by not putting it on my blog. Not much to say about this song, catchy and energetic and just loving it. Hope you'll like it too. Been busy marathoning Gundam 00 ep 1-23 in two nights, and also trying to catch up on other stuff, so I'm too lazy to type out a proper post/ or lyrics to this song. Either way enjoy it ^^.

Lyrics can be found here:
Mp3 is over here:
(Links taken from Nico Nico Douga.)

Monday, March 17, 2008

16/03/08 Loots + Evangelion 1.0 Movie.

Had a change of plans yesterday. Initially wanted to head down to VivoCity for the Cosplay Matsuri, however I also wanted to watch Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone before they took it off the big screen. Not wanting to take the risk and see how long they'll continue to show the movie in cinema, I decided to cancel the plan to Vivo, and headed to The Cathay to catch Eva. Managed to reach in time for the 3.05pm movie, and bought a sole ticket for myself (due to the fact that it was quite impromptu, I didn't manage to get anyone else to watch with me, so ronery!), and boy was I not disappointed. It's been so long since I last watched Eva, and watching the movie just kick-started the fanboy in me again. I guess the scene which I really enjoyed the most was the fight with the 6th (originally 5th in anime/manga) angel, Ramiel, the diamond-like angel. I found the constant transformation for its attack mode was way too cool! Simply can't wait for the next movie!! Asuka!!

After the movie ended and went into the credits, I decided to just wait for the supposed "trailers" to see how they cut it off (and at the same time listen to Utada Hikaru's Beautiful World ^^). When they were about to screen the trailer and they abruptly cut it off, I wanted to burst into laughter, but simply controlled myself. To my surprised, quite a few people in the audience didn't know about the "cut" off trailer, seems like they haven't been reading alot of SG anime blogs I guess.

Moving on, I paid a visit to KKnM after that to take a look at the latest stock (and wanting to buy some too). I initially had intended to get the Little Busters! Cushion Cover (Noumi) and maybe the Shakugan no Shana Big Towel/Sports Towel. Eventually I decided to put the towels purchases on hold as I would like to save up some cash, but to my horror.... My Noumi Cover was SOLD OUT! When they told me, in my heart I was going "NOOOOOOOOOOO", I had even drawn cash from the ATM to buy it! With no more Noumi to calm my soul, I needed something else, in which I settled for a To Heart 2 Manaka Komaki Desk Mat and a Komaki Sisters Clear Pencil Board (Ikuno-chan!). Damage done due to impulsive buying (but have no regrets!): S$27.90. As for the Noumi Cover and Shana Towels, adding them to my buy-list when I hit Japan again in June ^^.
The Desk Mat and Pencil board, with the movie ticket to Eva in the small background.

On a side note. I'm trying to find a clean image of these pictures without the covered up corners and wordings. I intend to use one of this pictures to make a custom laptop cover skin, but without wanting the blocked-off section on image and wordings. Art is by Rei's Room. A shout out for help! Would anyone who comes across a clean image of these pictures, kindly help me by dropping a comment/tag on my blog to it's location? Would really appreciate it very much!! Been searching for quite a while with no luck on my end ><. I'm sure they're out there somewhere on the net!! Either way, signing out now, and here's a video of Utada Hikaru's Beautiful World for your enjoyment ^^ (with clips from the Eva movie). Argh I want to watch the movie again!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ipod Shuffle.

Recently I ordered a brand new 1GB Ipod Shuffle for 78SGD off the apple website, and it finally arrived about 3 days ago. Bought mainly for use during vigorous activities like jogging and cycling, and the prospect of "upgrading" it in the future for use even while swimming or snowboarding when equipped with special equipment.

The Shuffle came in a pretty neat casing, but I wonder how much of the cost of the Shuffle actually went into the casing.
Included in the casing were the USB dock connector, a set of earphones and a quick user guide.Front view of the Shuffle
Back view of the Shuffle. I did request for engraving on it with my trademark nick, Kawasumi Hirito. Going off track for a moment. As mentioned before, Kawasumi was taken from Kawasumi Mai from Kanon. The origins of the name Hirito is slightly weird though. Back in sec 2 (8 years ago), I was trying to create an original alias to identify myself online, and it must also sound like a Japanese's name. At that time I was obsessed with Rurouni Kenshin, and was working around with his nickname Hitokiri Battousai. Eventually playing around with Hitokiri, the name Hirito came about and I liked it, and had been using it ever since. As for Sigel Fate, it's another nick which I've been using on/off for about 1-2 years, but definitely not as commonly used as my Hirito. The name Sigel actually came from Ah! My Goddess, the "Welcome Doll" that Banpei fell in love with and eventually named by Belldandy. And as for Fate... Fate Testarossa from the Nanoha franchise ^^. Would have wanted the engraving to be in japanese though, then it'll come out as 川澄 ヒリト ~シーグル フェイト~ .
The Shuffle sounds so good, that even Botan can't keep his hands (or paws) off it!

There's only one thing I don't really like about the Shuffle. The need to use iTunes to sync the mp3s in and rearrange the playlist is kinda troublesome. Maybe because my mp3 library is way too messy and needs re-organising.

On a side note, I only knew about this last night. Apparently there a "Japanese culture" (I don't know what to call it, seriously lol) event at Vivocity this weekend, and surely there's going to be quite a few cosplayers. Sadly I'll not be able to make it for the Saturday (Today) events, but will try to make an effort to head down to Vivo tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon. Anyone else going for tomorrow's event? Maybe this might be a good opportunity to meet new people from the community in SG lol (I'm still new to all these!!). Signing off here, and to everyone: Have an Enjoyable and Interesting Weekend. Out.

Friday, March 14, 2008

White Day.

It has been one month since Valentine's Day, and today it's White Day!! I wonder how many individuals/couples out there who practice this day. For those who doesn't know what White Day is: A "tradition" that started out in Japan, where the male party who received chocolates from the female returns the favour, by usually buying expensive gifts for them. Another version was that the male party would have to find an object/gift which is white in colour (eg: marshmallows?) and give it to the female. Doesn't really matter to me though, not now at least, maybe in the future, but to the rest out there... Happy White Day!! Go and enjoy yourselves!

Picture not really related, but since she's cute and in white you'll forgive me no? Unless you really want something related, click here! I can't guarantee that your eyes would work after that. It's safe for work, and it's definitely related to White Day... so click away!

On another note, a little trivia, March 14th is also known as Pi Day. For those who took/learned Mathematics should know that π is approximately equals to 3.14159 (that's the furthest I could remember), so March (3rd month) the 14th is somewhat rewritten like 3.14, thus the "relation". For those who do celebrate (not anyone I know), well...erm.... Enjoy? Maybe go wild and start memorizing the entire actual value of π, or just get dead drunk and go to sleep.

Edited 14/03/08 @ 2:19 AM: I'm soooo sad and I want to cry, that I missed watching Eva 1.0 on the first day of release and I'm reading all about it from other SG animebloggers who managed to catch it. Curses to National Service and for putting me on night shift for this week (would suck even more for those who got to stay in-camp for the whole week though). Must watch it this weekend at the very least... uguu~ ><

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Vocaloid Spotlight: KAITO - Hitomi wo Tojite.

I know I had posted a few vocaloid videos before, and I decided to make it an actual category to share some of the videos/songs that I really enjoy (and buy time for actual full articles). I'll try to find the lyrics of the song if possible (or self-type if I got the time), and maybe the link to download the mp3, but no guarantee.
I know most of the vocaloid songs I've posted before is usually by Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin. However this time round I'm showcasing one from their predecessor, KAITO. A soothing melody that calms the mind when listening to. Lyrics below is self-typed by listening and comparing with the nico video, not 100% correct I believe but close enough. Hope you'll enjoy it.

KAITO - 瞳をとじて

作詞作曲: 涼之介P



Your love forever



___に消えてくのに (Couldn't hear properly)
I wish forever


Your love forever