Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Engrish learning Materials.

Well, this post is not exactly on actual English learning materials used in Japanese schools, but on the more hilarious "versions" of English learning. The videos has been circulating around the net for quite some time, but after a friend linked one of them to me last night, I knew I just had to do a post to share the laughter. For my real-life friends, I know we had already seen these countless years ago, but still it's a great laugh to watch it again ^^.

First up we have some Geisha Lessons. Who wants to be Toshi? I still remember the craze when we're raiding in WoW and we had idiots going "Come on Toshi, Come on!", argh... irritating but equally funny.

This is from Gaki no Tsukai, a popular Japanese Variety show. They have lots of hilarious clips, and this is one of them, and yes has "Engrish" contents too. Counting numbers never seemed so interesting. I also wanted to post another favourite clip from the show, but it seems that youtube has taken down the video. If I do find a copy (still searching co-currently, but in vain), I'll update into this post, or another.

Most importantly, I wanted to introduce everyone to Magical Marine Pixel Maritan. I would say this is one of the best "Engrish" teaching materials out there in the market!! I knew I should have gotten their "teaching materials" during my last trip to Japan, but it's okay since I'm going again, I'll hunt for it this time round!! The book comes with a music CD, where you can listen along to the "scenarios" that occurs within the book, and well, pick up some nice phrases to use ^^.

While I do enjoy most of it, this has got to be my favourite ^^. It's even better when you listen to the music CD, the way she actually says the phrase, it's simply made of win!And well yes the moelicious Maritan is actually quite a vulgar foul-speaking mascot, not that I'm complaining, I find it hilariously cute.

As you do more in-depth researching on the series, you'll notice that the "phrases" are actually taken from quite a number of war movies, and are mainly "military slang". If you can read/understand Japanese, you might want to take a read on their online comic on the main site, it's great laughs too. And for those who already know about Pixel Maritan, and enjoys it, there's going to be a Nendoroid Maritan in the near future!! Am looking forward to it ^^. Signing out.

P.S: I'm about nearing completion of my bicycle overhaul job. Pictures to follow up soon once I send it for a tyre change and re-alignment check, and some minor touchup to scratched off paint. Stay tuned!


Panther said...

Ten, ten, ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten.


Sunday...can I start with the day I know?


calvin hii. said...

i ripped the soundtracks from the cds if you want them dan. god it was funny when i played it at college, everyone was like wtf?

gordon said...

LOL! funny stuffs. ^^

Squee said...

I regret not buying those Maritan books too T_T now I gotta wait a year b4 I can go to Japan again T___T

Anonymous said...

That Gaki no Tsukai episode is pure win!! You should watch the other punishment episodes when they were at the hospital, police station, etc ^^

Hilarious to the core!!~XD

Kawasumi Hirito said...

calvin: Well I'll be trying to get my own books, so don't think so. Going to play it in the dormitory when in NTU and see the reaction ^^.

squee: Want me to help get you a copy if I do find them? Since I'm going to hunt for them anyway.

wcloudxkumo: yea I've seen the others too, but my favourite has got to be when one of the guy had to enter a building and play 3 songs on the piano. Tried to find this video but with no luck, youtube took it down for some reason. Best part has got to be when they had a little girl in kimono to scare him, then when he screamed, he also scared the little girl. Damn cute. aaaaahhhh I want to see this video again!

Squee said...

If you happen to have spare luggage space pls help me get it too ^^ but there's 3 books now I think.... I saw 2 in K books