Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Frozen in Heat. Mission: Singapore.

It was apparent that Rolo was in Singapore last Saturday, 17th May 2008, and had momentarily used his geass in front of Ngee Ann City's fountain. It appears that his geass ability has seemingly improved tremendously, and was able to stop people's perception of time for 5 minutes (no more 5 secs) over a huge area!!

Opps wrong geass... but you got to admit it's cute!

Extract from unknown source:
At 4.30pm (GMT +8) today, Hundreds of people were stopped frozen in their tracks despite the scorching heat, and bystanders who were not affected were simply shocked at the sight. Eyewitnesses at the scene were reported to be saying things like "Oh my god, why they all not moving! Why everybody stop?!", and many had to be treated for trauma by paramedics who came soon after.

At approximately 4.35pm, time seemed to have continued for those who were affected, and reporters rushed down to the scene to interview those who were frozen. However, upon interviewing of the victims, a common reply was heard: "Huh? What are you talking about?"; the victims just didn't have any memory of the incident.

Despite further investigations by various agencies, no cause has been found, and the case was closed. In order to curb the publics' fears of further occurrences, the government have announced that this is a one-off case, and there is no reason to panic. However, further explanation was not given, and many questions are still being raised by the public. The public rages till today.
End of Extract.

Okay enough nonsense, but I sure had fun typing that! 17th May was the Freeze Event that had been planned by Mission: Singapore about 2 months ago, and I was there to join in the fun. It was an interesting experience, and also an equally hot one, as I was "freezing" in direct sunlight LOL. Though there was abit of minor problems here and there (there was a group of guys in front of me who froze like 20secs late, even went into a pointing-at-something pose; not everybody froze at the exact second, I was watching my already synchronized watch before looking away at the last second so I knew; I bet half of the people who knew about the event was just there to take photos and not participate etc.), it was definitely a huge success.

Official Video of the Event. Too bad could only see my back in the video, at the 01:13 and 03:31 part. Guess which! Was hoping to have had a proper view of me, since I was wearing my TORCH COSPA shirt (Shana reference ^^, I don't exist!).

Hey we got onto the news!! There were also 2 newspaper reports of this event, but no scans were uploaded yet, sadly.

More information about Mission: Singapore: (For even more, visit their webpage, this is only an extract)
We are basically an improv acting group that engages the community in organized social activities that we call Missions. This Missions aim to create an alternate piece of reality from an everyday scene.

M:SG's next mission is being held on 31st May 08, and it's going to be a shoot-fest (it's also a facebook event)!! Can't wait for it ^^. Those who stays in Singapore and are interested in joining this flashmob, just do so. It's definitely fun if you're into crazy stuff (Eh. Who said Otakus were boring people? ^^). Until next time, Signing out.

The inspiration behind the "shoot-fest".


gordon said...

400! that's a lot of people! O_O the one i saw on youtube at new york was only like 200+. interesting, and i saw quite a variety of poses as well. ^^;

but i imagine it must be damn hot standing in the sun right?

Kawasumi Hirito said...

yea it was hot!! but it was also fun. I'm hoping for the fingergun fight to be even better ^^.