Friday, October 31, 2008

Random Pop-up Post for the Moment.

Last post: 12th September 2008. My goodness, that was seriously very long ago lol. Sadly, this is just going to be a short post for now, but I should be back to a normal blogging routine (1 post a week?) come December, most likely starting with a post about AFA 08'. Yep I'll be going for it, with the rest of the Team Blue members, but only for May'n concert though, as I'll be in the midst of my university exams, which starts in 11 days time (Eeks!).

For the past 7 weeks or so, I've been through the highs (not much) and the lows (too much), but that I don't really want to touch on here (well same TB members in mIRC might had heard of my rants in the channel lol). Nevertheless, I'm back to focusing on my studies for now. Besides matters of the heart, during this same period, I had also went on a diving trip to Tioman (which I think is getting worse and worse), and also went with a few TB members for a Karaoke outing. Sadly no photos were taken on that outing, but I'll make sure I'll bring my camera for the next (Dec?) ^^, maybe a video cam too so we can have CI on video posted on youtube with his pantless Strike Witches OP singing :D.

Anyway, enough for now, as I'll need to go back to my studying for a test/quiz on Monday... which I'm so screwed as of now. Ciao and out!
P.S: Oh yes I nearly forgot... Happy Halloween to everyone out there!! and for those who are in the midst or nearing exams... ALL THE BEST OF LUCK!! WE NEED IT!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Caught up in the Moment.

So I thought I would had more time once past the elections, and boy was that assumption so wrong. After being thrown so much rubbish jobs to do (I'm still working on 3 posters and certificates for 31 people this weekend), and at the same time trying to prepare for my CA (tests that carries 20% of my total score for their respective modules) next week, which I HAD NOT started studying due to workload, I can say I'm more or less screwed. Nevertheless I'm taking a short break and doing this quick post.
I'm not sure how many of you had watched the movie Koizora (Sky of Love) before, but I did managed to catch it when I was returning from Japan on the A380, though I'm missed the ending of the movie when the damn Jet flew too fast back to SG. Anyway, for the past 1-2hours or so, I've been listening to just one song on eternal repeat track, and god I'm simply in love with the song! Why didn't I noticed this song earlier? It was the theme song for the movie!

Yui Aragaki - Heavenly Days ~ Koizora [Sky of Love] OST

A sweet voice by Yui Aragaki and such meaningful lyrics makes this song simply wonderful. And if you did watch the movie and try to relate them, it just brings tears to one's eyes. Usually when watching Japanese movies, it is more or less the same plots being played around with slight changes, but it's still capable of just capturing your heart and without knowing you'll be so engrossed into the story and feel for the characters... does anyone else feel the same as me? I'm such a sucker for love stories especially -.-"

Either way, this post was mainly just to say that I'm alive and to share the lovely song to everyone. So enjoy the song for now as I head back to studying for my CA. Ciao!

P.S: I need to get hold of the movie (tempted to buy the DVD)... I want to watch it again! Especially the ending part! And for those who wants the mp3 of the song, it's here Enjoy!

P.S II: For those who're interested in knowing what's going on between me and the girl now... Nothing. Just nothing...

Edited: Just remembered that I wanted to put this in but I had forgotten to. A simple question: How far are you willing to go for the person you love? And how much effort would you put in in coming up with new things to make things interesting? And would you sacrifice your own interests and hobbies (if needed) just to be with him/her? Even your dreams?

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Coming Back Real Soon... and Happy Birthday Miku!

Wow. It's been like nearly 3 weeks since my last post? Did anyone miss me?? (wishful thinking?). I had never expected my University Life to be so hectic, but I got to admit it's alot of fun too.
Cons: Crazy learning speed, matters made worse since I'm direct into 2nd year and have 7 CORE modules (most people would have about 4-5 core and 2-3 electives). I'm currently behind by about 2 lessons/tutorials for each modules, which is alot of cover in whatever remaining time I have left.
Pros: Fun hall life, interaction with lots of others (especially girls lol).

A picture of Miku done by Cradle to start things off.

I'm also running for my hall's JCRC (which is the main committee who help get things moving around the hall), for the Publicity and Publication Director role. With this, I'll be getting more exposure to designing stuffs like posters/banners, and also more reason to whip out my camera to take lots of photos. It is mainly due to this that I haven't had the time to blog though, as I had to do our campaign posters, late night discussions, gossip sessions on the latest information through various sources etc.

Well, the elections voting day has finally come, which is this coming Thursday, so once this is cleared I should be able to go back to a more regular posting, but at most about twice a week only though, but I guess that should be enough for now till I really settle down and get things running.
Ignoring whatever I have said above, I'm sure the thing which most of you are interested in is about the girl that I'm chasing no? Well... I gave her the cranes, and it's currently hanging in her room off her lights over her bed... BUT! She hasn't really gave me a proper response. It's more of like "Thank you for it", nothing else. Also didn't really had a proper chance to chat with her, since she's quite busy trying to catch up on all the work she missed due to her pageant training. Did made some homemade barley (and bought some medicine, she was sick then) and gave it to her though, but once again... sighz~
The "final" version of the cranes (I painted the strings and the metal parts silver after this photo, but too lazy to retake another shot), and yes I added the wind chimes in the end, and it was really tough -.-". Cute dangos no? I also made a card filled with the Dango Daikazoku and a pop-up paper flower, but not posting that up here lol.

Doesn't look like it's working out well... until came some crisis among our election group, where suddenly 2 person dropped out. Some talking here and there, it suddenly came out that she'll now be running for the Assistant P&P role, which would be directly under me (and she knows it too). Well, if she doesn't like me, she wouldn't have agreed on it right? And she was quite reluctant to run for any posts in the first place. Well it could be just because of her roomie (7 years good friend) who is also running though. Seriously, I have no idea what to think!! Too confused.

I blame this confusion mainly on a friend though, from what he said when I asked if she's trying to keep a distance from me, "2 reason - 1: She's afraid after I gave her those cranes, overwhelmed by it. 2: She's afraid of really falling for me, as she currently has other priorities, and that if she gets into a relationship, it'll affect them." Well, I'm still talking to her normally, but I do find she tends to avoid talking to me more than usual. And I also do know what her other priorities are, and why she'll be afraid of a relationship as there's really a possibility of affecting them. But still, why did she agreed with taking up my assistant position? That really messed up my thinking on what is my current situation now (though I'm happy over it). Or am I just reading into things way too much and I have no chance?
Anyway, enough of those. This blog wasn't really created to talk about my life in these areas in the first place, but I just needed somewhere to voice my frustrations and confusions, so bear with it for now please. And onto more happier news... TODAY IS HATSUNE MIKU'S BIRTHDAY!! *Cheers!!!* It's been already a year? Wow, time really does flies. Anyway, I shall end off here too, but here's a little something for Miku. Enjoy! (Miku Pics were taken from PIAPRO, not mine. The first is from

Hatsune Miku - Hachigatsu no Hanayome / August Bride by OSTER Project.
P.S: This also goes out to fellow TeamBlue Blogger C.I, who so happens to share the same birthday as Miku too! Happy Birthday C.I!!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Extended Period of Hiatus.

I'll like to say sorry first for re-extending my period of hiatus once again, as some school work and miscellaneous work has took up my entire weekend. But I'll like to thank everyone for all their support in my previous post's comments and tagboard too, I really appreciate it very much.

My Hall's Freshmen Orientation Camp group photo when we're @ Downtown East. Stolen from one of the group leader's facebook account photo album lol.
I did mentioned before that I was planning to make a wind chime with the 99 cranes, but due to too high a risk for experimenting on (I already did quite alot of different variations on how to do it), I decided to just leave it as 99 cranes stringed together. Total time taken to build: 2 days on-off free time of folding the cranes; 2 nights + 1 morning to do the stringing. Can't really see in the picture, but there's a small silver bead in between every crane too.

I really wished I could have done it better, and if given more time (and resources + equipment) I believe I could have. It's slightly unbalance, but it's still holding up so I guess it's fine? There's also the worry of the strings getting "untied" and it falls apart.... Oh well guess that's the best I can muster with that little time. As for the parts for the wind chime section, I think I'll save it for next time, maybe another gift lol. Either way, what do you guys think about it?

Sadly, I have yet to make the card too, so that will take more time too (still unsure about the design); and there's also my school work/tutorial/revisions to do.... yea you should know I really can't find the time to blog properly now LOL. I don't even have time to read blogs!!! -.-" Anyway, time for me to start doing some tutorials now and also pack my bags as I'm heading back to hall tonight, so until next time. Ciao!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Taking a Period of Hiatus.

Like what the title says, I'll be taking a period of hiatus, at least till this Saturday, and the blogging for the next 2-3 weeks will be very limited to the weekends, until I get my own laptop. Currently, I'm barely having enough sleep everynight, as me and my roomie are so high-profile in the Hall (lots of seniors knows us as of now) till we're getting called out/visited everynight for stuff ranging from supper to drinking (I got so wasted on Sunday night -.-") And it has not even been 3 days! I'm just hoping this is only the "starting" phase and it'll soon die down, but from what I know, this is here to stay... LOL what have I gotten myself into -.-"

Chise + Shuu from Saikano. Heartbreaking series... Hi-Res from

Hope you'll bear with me during this period, as I try to adjust myself to this "crazy" new lifestyle, and also adapting to a slight culture shock too. And yea, I'm interested in this one girl, and I'm going for it, so wish me the best of luck too many thanks ^^. For those I have advised before on all these stuff before, I now know how you guys felt... And should I need some help, please do help advise me too!! It's alot more difficult in a first-person view than a third-person view!! Damn I feel so much like Densha Otoko now, minus all the jittering though. Either way, I'm off to classes now! Cya.