Sunday, April 6, 2008

La Tendo Outing with some SG Bloggers - 5th April 2008.

For this outing I didn't bring a camera, so I'm ninja-ing the group photo off Panther (Hope you don't mind ^^). Yesterday, a group of Singapore Otakus met at the magically hour of 3pm @ City Hall MRT for a mission, a 15 man raid on La Tendo, which its new store (not that new) is located at Kallang Leisure Park. The initial meeting/greets were a little awkward, as we did not know each other in real life (or even seen each other before), and our only knowledge of one another was off a 15"/17"/whichever size is your monitor", and like quoted from Misaki-chii/BK "it was a small step out of my comfort zone, my room and computer that is."

Roll call!! Left to Right. (Photo and listing taken from Panther, I have trouble remembering everybody's name truthfully, only a hand-full lol)
Back row: Sabar, Hirito (Me), Misaki-chii, wongtcsg, Squee, La Tendo Shop Owner (he is called Reedy it seems), Gordon, Panther, Akabane.
Bending down slightly Mid row: CK, Zero (not old man Zer0)
Front row: Fariz Asuka, Raven, Wcloudxkumo.

However like how all friendships start, the conversions of similar interest (anime of course!) eventually broke the ice, and we were quite comfortable with chatting with each other in time (took about 15mins?). We made our way on bus service 16, traveling from the bus-stop outside Raffles Hotel, and stopping at Kallang Leisure Park, and proceeded to the 2nd floor where La Tendo is nicely located at the escalator. Upon reaching, everyone went wild (not really, just walking around chatting and looking at figures).

My thoughts: The variety of figures that can be found in the store amounts to quite a lot, taking in the fact that this isn't Akihabara, and it's definitely more than what one would find in KKnM or Ani-Play located at Sunshine Plaza, but I'm not sure if it's more than Toys&Toys, would need to go there (at Clementi right?) one day to compare (sounds like time to have another outing!). I spotted a few figures that I wanted to buy, but seeing their price-tags (one was S$180, another at S$95, and the Lucky Star Nendoroids was priced at S$132 for all 11 figures), I could only cry and pray to strike some lottery.

After La Tendo, we spent some time in the arcade above on the 3rd floor, before having our dinner at the food court. About half of the group left at this point (including Misaki-chii who went to collect his Nendoroid Miku /stab /stab /cry), and the remainder of us headed to Bugis for more arcade fun. Along the way, I was told lots of stories by Panther and his group of friends, their gaming slip-ups (Self-G FTW!) and NS stints, which was really interesting.

Everything ended at about 10.30pm, which we made our way back to our Home Sweet Home. To my surprised most of us are living quite close to each other (Braddell, Bishan etc), in fact Squee is staying about a 5-10mins bicycle ride from my house!! Singapore is really a small place lol.

Before this outing, I was really nervous at meeting people whom I had only known behind the monitor. I did meet with online friends from WoW before, but I had a few RL friends with me then. However for this outing I was on my own, and I didn't really know what to expect. Overall, at the end of the day, I'm glad I had gone for this outing, and had made quite a few new friends. Would definitely love to go out with them again, and it was great fun at the arcade (time to train on STGs so that we can play Otomedius again without losing face lol).

P.S: I tend to use some WoW terms at times (ninja/raid etc.), and for those who doesn't know what it means might have trouble understanding at times. So to aid the non-WoW players, here's a terminology to WoW-terms just for you. Time to chase my cousin for the S$200 he still owes me for the Japan trip so that I can go grab the S$180 figure!! Muahahahahaha!!!!

Here's a list of the coverage of the trip done by the other bloggers
(Will update as it comes):
Fairz Asuka
Gordon Wins Most interesting post!

Edit: Photo and
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Added Wcloudxkumo coverage @ 12.20 AM (7th April). I'm stalking you all! (Nah I'm just bored lol.)
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misakichii said...

Haha my post isint that much of a coverage though ^^".

I've been to Toysntoys once, its at Chinatown Square. Both shops have around the same area space but almost half of Toysntoys are western toys like transformers(Gundam ftw). So if you are looking for Gar figures u can drop by there lol, theres 2 more figure shops there too.

gordon said...

wow, u managed to list out everyone's names! being the old man that i'm, i had a hard time remembering everyone. thanks for the info.

a pity i didn't manage to chat with u much. will love to hear your diving experiences and dolphins (real ones please). ^^;

Panther said...

You need to have submitted a pic together with your post for it to appear on Even if it does read the thing again and resubmits it, it will be filed in archives at the time it was posted, which means it was some time ago and probably a few pages back by now.

Gordon: The names were from me lol, he said so himself in the post. Next up for him, probably Otomedius whoring with Zero lol.

Kawasumi Hirito said...

misakichii: Hmm, then what's the place at Clementi? I remember there being another figure shop being mentioned by someone else, whom I had forgotten too lol.

gordon: lol would have loved to had chat with you too (I think we both only had a "hi" that's it?). Maybe the next outing or something ^^.

panther: doh I didn't know that you'll need to have a picture on the post before it gets published by! But I did see some other's post without picture but yet appears fine...oh well -.-". Now I'll attach a picture to every post!!

gordon said...

Panther, thanks for the correction. my eyes must be failing me.

actually posts without pics do turn up at but at the no image category. generally people tend not to read there so it's good to attach a pic with each post. doesn't have to be related to the post u are writing. many just put up a moe 2D girl pic. ^^;