Thursday, July 31, 2008

Stuck and Busy @ FOC Camp,

Been really busy with my participation in my NTU Hall's Freshman Orientation. There's like no time for me to do an actual post, as everyday I'm being exhausted from all the games and stuff. So I'm just dropping a short note now to say that my next post will be on Sunday, as the rest of the days till Saturday are just going to get more and more exhausting. As for now, I shall go catch some rest, having some "The Amazing Race" tomorrow and will be "camping" at Sentosa overnight. Cya all! Ciao.

Enjoy another pic from REI'S Room while I'm not around.


Mizunaga said...

I was gonna say "have fun at the race!", but that's past already, so.. ^^;

Hope you had fun! XD

gordon said...

such camps are good to make friends, especially girls. ^^;

btw i have changed a new blog, will be great if u can update your blogroll to this one. thanks. ^^