Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Doujin Circle Spotlight: A.M.R.

The 2nd installment to the Doujin Circle introductions! And this time round it's none other than another favourite: Akane Makes Revolution (A.M.R for short). The artist goes around with the name (or alias I'm not sure) Ikegami Akane, and I believe it's a she.
All sample pictures taken from moe.imouto. Alot more can be found through the link, including Hi-Res versions of these.

Konata + Kagami Love ^^.
She also works on eroges, and one of the works that I know of is Hoshiful (so links inside are NSFW).What I enjoy most about her art, is that the characters that she draws has this cutey bubbly feel to them. It somewhat amplifies their moe~ factor by mulitple times.One thing I do notice though in the doujins that I have by her, that the focus is more on the storyline, rather than the h-scenes. In fact, there's hardly any. A nice change in contrast to other doujin artists with lots of h-stuff. Unless by some fate I just happen to have all the SFW kind of doujins lol.
Tsun Trinity Louise!! (Assumes C.I is going ga-ga over this)
Lots of my favourite character illustrations by her too. Here's Hinagiku.
And how could I forget my lovely Kagamin ^^.Another thing I like is she doesn't just limit herself, as she does make her own original characters and writes short stories of them. And it's pretty cute too.
And I simply love her art of my lovely Fate Testarossa, both loli and adult forms are drawn sooo cutely I'm in love all over again. And yes Vivio too lol.
Sadly, her main webpage seems to be down, and she's mainly maintaining her blog. But still, I'm surely looking forward to her new works for the upcoming Comikets, and maybe I'll ask those heading there end of this year to help me obtain some parts of the "holy grail" for me ^^. Just want more of her doujins! That's all for now, hope you enjoyed the pictures. Ciao!


Rin said...

The artists circle name soulds like T.M.R in a way.
Still, that art looks really nice!!!!!!
I want to see more!!!!!!!

C.I said...


Anonymous Coward said...

looks good man, I'm new to this doujin thingie, are they expensive?

what's the average costs like?

Kozta-Boom said...

I think I should grabs some doujins to read...'cause I have never bought any doujin. >,<"

Raven said...

You just have to remind me that I have still got loads of unread doujins >.<

Nice art work.

Kawasumi Hirito said...

rin: Lots of AMR's art can be found @ moe.imouto, and I too can't get enough of it also ^^.

C.I: I knew that would happen!

anon coward: Well, it totally depends of which type of doujins you buy, ranging from about 300+yen for a small book, to as much as 3,000 yen for an artbook.

kozta-boom: For "story" doujins, I would prefer one with great art and a good story/plot rather than H-stuff. But I do admit H-stuff are also nice to read :D

raven: I too have quite a few unread doujins, I also better start giving them a read!

Mizunaga said...

Wahhh! Very lovely art! So very delicious. ^^

Garion said...

I have a pencil board of one of her artworks I think. ^^ Yeah very pretty drawings.