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Zero no Tsukaima 3 Episode 03. Hawt Lolis Included! (-ω-)

Guess it's finally my turn @ attempting to do a decent episodic review. And as part of the team effort, I bring ZnT3 ep 03 today! Without further delay, let's move on to the show!

Upon request, Tiffania decided to leave her lonesome home, and travel together with Saito and his harem back to Tristian to meet with Queen Henrietta. Despite being worried about being so far from home for the first time, it is still her wish to see the world, so she's happy about it. Upon reaching the Royal Palace, Tiffania is wow-ed by the sights.
(-ω-) Best facial expression in the whole episode!! Anyway, they met up with Henrietta after their "long" journey, and a formal introduction of Tiffania to the Queen. Everyone was shocked at the inital sight of knowing that Tiffania's an elf, at least a half-elf in this case, with her mom's a full elf, and the father of some Albion Royalty; but Henrietta ensures her to not worry about it, and invites her to stay in the palace with her. Thought: It seems to me that there's some disgust/hate for elves in this world. Hopefully they'll build on that part why so.They proceeded to have tea and talk about the incident during their journey, with regards to the attack by Sheffield and the rumors of another void mage that is supposedly near them. And of cause Tiffania having no knowledge about all these, she's pretty much clueless, but that's cute too ^^.
The only screencap that I'll have of our villian. Scheming as always, couldn't be bothered with the finer details.
Noticing the ring that Tiffania was carrying, and the fact that it has an empty slot, Tiffania explained the incident of saving Saito. It seemed that the ring was passed down from her mother, and the gem that was once there was used to revive the already dead Saito.
And here's Saito recalling his "first impression" of his meeting with Tiffania. BUST REVOLUTION! Either way, Saito was wondering how did he landed up in the forest, as he was supposed to have been on the battlefield, which was his last memory. It was then that Derflinger explained that Saito heart had already stopped on the battlefield, and before he was ripped apart by countless magic spells, Derflinger teleported the already unconscious Saito to the forest. A sword that teleports you when about to GG? Talk about hax-ing! zZz...
Knowing that what Tiffania use to revive Saito was somewhat of elvish magic, Henrietta asked if she knew how to use magic. However it seemed that there's some dark history behind her/her mother's ability @ the use of magic; hopefully they'll build on this story too.
Frantically denying her knowledge on how to use magic, she turned and ran off into the sunset, never to be seen again.
Alone in the night, while everyone is asleep, Tiffania plays her harp(?) to some weird Gandalf-related folk song. Damn she looks so elegant in the moonlight.
Saito was drawn by the music, and the two chatted under the moonlight. As they chatted along, Tiffania (or Tefa(?) as what Saito calls her now) revealed that she in fact does have the ability of magic usage, but due to bad memories of her past, it hurts her to remember, and she doesn't know if that her magic ability is something which is good or a bad thing. This is when Saito, being the playboy that he is, talks about there is always a meaning/reason behind everything; her being a half-elf and having magic ability, and him coming from a different world etc; and that he understands her feelings. Should anything arises, she can always look for him. Overjoyed, Tiffania grabs his hand and exclaims her joy for being friends with him.The Louise that forever lurks at the back of Saito's mind. LOL. Afraid of getting spotted in this lovely-dovely position with Tiffania, Saito makes a dash and calls it a night.
The following day, Saito was knighted by Henrietta as one of her knights, to wait on her and be her new pet dog, and is now officially known as Sir Saito "Chevalier" Hiraga. And as Siesta helps put on his new l33t cloak, she calls him Goshujin-sama~ (Master). This makes Louise go WTF? and me going LOL.
It seems that she is now officially Saito's servant/maid, to assist him as ordered by Henrietta, taking into consideration their close-relationship. GG to Louise.
And yep, she's pretty pissed about it, but too bad it's her Henrietta-ojou-sama's orders. Siesta on the other hand is loving it.
Another revelation, as it seemed that Henrietta and Tiffania are in fact cousin! Something to do with the Albion Royalty bloodline or something, and that she'll be staying in the palace for the time being. Saito then attempts to invite Tiffania to join his harem them back at the academy, but she refuses for now, as she's still uncomfortable around people. Louise, jealous over Saito's actions towards Tiffania, starts to question Tiffania's purpose of wanting to going to the academy, and saying it's not that easy as it looks and all; but ended up all dere at the end, thanking her for saving Saito's life.
Sweet transportation back to the academy, where it seems that they're having some celebration for the recently promoted higher ranked dog Saito over his knightship. All I could forsee is him building up his harem even more than before -.-"
But like they say, "Great power comes with great responsibility", and a new appointment/organisation was created within the school, with Saito as Vice-captain and Guiche as captain. Something called the Knights of Odin?? I'm not sure lol. Either way, after a very short intro to the new group, the horde of desperate males grabs him and charges into the academy to continue their BL experiments he was then lifted and carried into the academy like some rock-star. But I swear someone was feeling up his ass for sure in that crowd!
Hmm.... new lolis!!! Yummy~. The blondie seems to be some princess, but no other known info from me as of now. Let's see how they'll work her into the story.
Preview for next week episode 4. RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE. Enough said.
Doggie Louise.... hmmmm.... I'm thinking of the other doggie though LOL. Me and my corrupted mind -.-"

Anyway, that's the overall picture of episode 3, done with whatever basic Japanese Language knowledge that I have because I was watching the raw. Didn't want to have a photo-spam, so I chose selectively the screenshots, but hope it's sufficient. If not just comment then I'll improve on the next. Hope you had enjoyed this review, and the following week's review will be thrown back to C.I to do. I should be doing episode 06 next. Ciao!!

Recap to older episodes: Ep01 (C.I), Ep02 (Mizunaga).

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