Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Taking a Period of Hiatus.

Like what the title says, I'll be taking a period of hiatus, at least till this Saturday, and the blogging for the next 2-3 weeks will be very limited to the weekends, until I get my own laptop. Currently, I'm barely having enough sleep everynight, as me and my roomie are so high-profile in the Hall (lots of seniors knows us as of now) till we're getting called out/visited everynight for stuff ranging from supper to drinking (I got so wasted on Sunday night -.-") And it has not even been 3 days! I'm just hoping this is only the "starting" phase and it'll soon die down, but from what I know, this is here to stay... LOL what have I gotten myself into -.-"

Chise + Shuu from Saikano. Heartbreaking series... Hi-Res from moe.imouto.org.

Hope you'll bear with me during this period, as I try to adjust myself to this "crazy" new lifestyle, and also adapting to a slight culture shock too. And yea, I'm interested in this one girl, and I'm going for it, so wish me the best of luck too many thanks ^^. For those I have advised before on all these stuff before, I now know how you guys felt... And should I need some help, please do help advise me too!! It's alot more difficult in a first-person view than a third-person view!! Damn I feel so much like Densha Otoko now, minus all the jittering though. Either way, I'm off to classes now! Cya.


Panther said...

High-profile, being wasted every night, called out etc. etc. You make it sound like you have an orgy in some room or other every night, like WTF. How can you be so famous? :(

Good luck in the girl...only if you snag one for every member of the team.

calv said...

"Good luck in the girl...only if you snag one for every member of the team."

Gotta catch them all?

Anonymous Coward said...

good luck there, haha

sounds fun :X

Mizunaga said...

Good luck my friend! I'll be rooting for you!

lol. When you mentioned the girl, I immediately thought "Densha otoko!" too ^^;

Fariz Asuka said...

Good luck Hirito.. We will be cheering for you from afar!!

Bring us back some souvenir for us too from there.. :P

Edric said...

Hirito, welcome to reality.

You is now famous, send some our direction :p