Wednesday, July 9, 2008

100th Post!!

Wow, talk about coincidence, that my 100th post would coincide with my blog passing the 10,000th visitors mark! I have nearly rivaled my previous blog number of entries (106) in a shorter amount of time (9mths vs 1yr 4mths) too. The progress that this blog has been making has far surpassed my expectations, with a spike in visits in the month of June (3,286 hits wow), which I guess is due to my Japan Trip and the various cosplay events that were held in SG. I definitely see myself blogging for a long time now, knowing that I now have a reasonable amount of regular visitors, and I'll try my best not to disappoint.

Here's a little thanks. From Full Moon wo Sagashite. One of my favourite manga series, and for those who watched the anime, should know where this blog's name came from ^^.

However, I'm wondering what kind of contents would be nice to do on this blog; is what I'm currently doing good enough? or would a different kind of content be better? Right now, I'll be testing out episodic blogging with a team effort together with C.I and Chong on Zero no Tsukaima 3, and if it's feasible, I might want to make it an effort on my blog in the future (Truthfully, I'm actually horrible at editorial kind of work). But with so many people doing episodic blogging, is it worth it? I'm not sure. We'll see how...

Anyway, initially announced but I didn't confirm my character, I've decided that the first cosplay (or crossplay as others would say lol) that I'll be doing, will be on Ryougi Shiki from Kara no Kyoukai. Can't wait for the other movies/dvds of the series to be released so I can study her character in more depth ^^.
Ryougi Shiki from Kara no Kyoukai. Those custom colour contacts is gonna cost me a bomb!!

Once again Thank you all for visiting this humble blog of mine, and I hope I'll have more visits in the future too! B★RS rocking on!! Signing out.


Panther said...

Congrats on 10K hits and 100 posts.

gordon said...

Congrats on 10K hits and 100 posts.

why does this sounds so much like panther's comment? lol.

Anonymous Coward said...


why does this sounds so much like gordon's comment? lol

im not a fan of episodic blogging tho.

i personally would like to see more pantsu related content. hahahahaha!!!!

Random Misconception said...

As they say to Shinji:


Mizunaga said...

Congratulations on 10K hits and 100 posts.

Hmm.. sounds like anonymous coward's comment.

Kawasumi Hirito said...

Thank you all for the congratz, and you all sound the same!!

And no pantsu for you all too!! Muahahahahaha!!