Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Doujin Circle Spotlight: REI'S Room.

New segment that I had planned for the blog, I'll be slowly introducing various doujin circles to everyone!! With a list of 112 in my bookmarks, I'm sure I'll have more than enough circles to cover for quite a long while. And first up, I'll be introducing my no.1 favourite group, REI'S Room!!

I'll be working around with this picture to make a laptop skin cover for myself ^^. Miku Love! Miku★Miku★Mirakuru! 2.

If not wrong, this artist is actually from Taiwan, so he/she (I have no idea) actually travels between Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan to attend various doujin events. If only SG has such events too...
And like most other doujin artists, he/she also does artworks illustrations for eroges and magazines like E★2. Like this picture taken from Dengeki Hime, is a new eroge(?) called magic a ride (Link has fanservice), set for release (or already released) on 4th July.
Besides the latest few Miku★Miku★Mirakuru! series of doujins (the first picture I posted up there is from that series book 2), I really liked the illustrations in the Eternal Melody StrikerS! doujins, based on the Nanoha series. I currently have the 4th book in that series (which is of this image), but couldn't find the others on my last trip; and I intend to ask C.I to help keep a look out for the other remaining books when he visits Japan (and Comiket75! I demand 1 copy from this doujin booth!!) end of this year.Wallpaper of Loli Nanoha by REI'S Room. Taken from main webby. Various resolution sizes 1024*768, 1280*960, 1600*1200 can be found under the illustration section. There's also a few other wallpaper images too.
And another wallpaper sized of Adult Nanoha by REI'S Room. Also taken from main webby.
Picture from main webby, one of the past front page picture.
Picture from main webby, also one of the past front page picture.
The front webpage picture is usually used for the announcement of the upcoming events that REI'S Room would be participating in, and here's an example of one of them. I got the full image of this picture on a file though, when I bought the COMIC1☆2 set when I saw it 2nd hand in Akiba ^^. Will be using the file in NTU!! (I swear I'll be so noticeable as an otaku -.-", not that it bothers me.)
Most would have seen this picture before, it was a scan that I did from Miku★Miku★Mirakuru! book 1. Reducing the brightness on the picture helped to bring out the colour ^^. Currently using it as my handphone wallpaper too ^^.

I really like REI'S Room illustrations, as a bulk of the coloured pictures makes use of pastel colours (more apparent when you see the pictures in the hardcopy doujins), which gives the illustrations a very soft and peaceful feel to it. Anyway, do take a look at the main website, you can find a few more usual sketch work he/she does under the diary section, nice arts too. I wonder if an artbook will ever be released... I'll be sure to get my hands on one!!

Off-topic: That's it for the main post, and I'll like to say something with relations to my 2 days no post. I totally suck at writing wordy mind boggling kind of articles! FAIL. My attempts on the last 2 days was a total waste of time, as the more research I tend to do, the more I'm sidetracking and reading up on other "interesting" theories (I was trying to do one with relations to time/space travel). Anyway, I'll scrap (or at least put on hold) those articles for now, and focus more on this new segment, Doujin Circle Spotlight, and my Vocaloid Spotlights, in which I guess will be the main focus of this blog. Enjoy the pictures and I'm out!


Mizunaga said...

That's some nice artwork. ^^ The colors look great.

C.I said...

I already tracked down Rei's Room's booth at C74, will look out for their C75 booth, don't think it'll change.

And do take a look at Askray, he does great Doujins, despite the risque content. ^_^

Kawasumi Hirito said...

mizunaga: yea I love the colours too.

C.I: the booth will most likely change, and why you track for C74? You got someone helping you get stuff??

Any webby for Askray? I would like to take a look ^^.

C.I said...

@Hirito: No, no one I know's going, I just happened to chance upon it.

And I'll give you the ASKRAY link as soon as I dig it up...'cause I never organize my bookmarks.