Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Power of Music.

Can you imagine a world where music doesn't exist? I can't. The world would be so boring that I'll would rather just kill myself than to live in it.Today, I finally found out the name of the all so familiar tune that was in one of Miku's Song - Cinderella Romance. When listening to that song, I kept trying to recall the name of the tune that's in the entry and exit of the lyrics part, but to no valid. I swear I knew the song, but the name just kept running from me whenever I came close... till I heard the tune in church this morning that it finally struck. Beethoven's 9th Symphony Final Movement- Ode to Joy.I grew up listening to classical music and I love it; my favourite is definitely Beethoven, but I too enjoy Mozart's and Bach's works, especially since my dad loved listening to classical, so I was constantly exposed to it. From the added influence by Nodame Cantabile, I'm now also listening to alot more composers' works. In the past, I learn quite a few instuments, starting with the organ, while I learn bits of the piano through my sister (as it was more or less similar). Was in the school band back in primary school for 4 yrs, playing the Trumpet -> Baritone -> Bass/Tuba and eventually the Trombone, which was my favourite. Why I kept changing, was because they needed people in the different sections and I kept volunteering to learn more instruments. It's good to be a hyper-fast learner. I fail @ guitar though, as I can't seem to be able to bar correctly. I want to give a shot at learning the violin next! Either way, what I enjoy about music the most, is the fact that it's able to convey so much emotions without saying anything. It can also easily make (or break) your day, lifting up one's spirits, or sending it into depression. Even when taking words and piecing it together into a song, and depending on the tune, it amplifies the impact of it. Taking a look at anime/movies, there is always a need for that all-so-important BGM/insert music to get everyone into the mood/atmosphere that the director wants them to feel.I guess this was one reason why I started doing all those Vocaloid Spotlight posts, in hope of influencing/sharing the love of self-made music that various composers put their heart and soul into, but would most likely never hit the big stage in the world. Like a simple quote taken from Nodame Cantabile: "Every year there are so many students graduating from music colleges. But the number of professional orchestras is limited. No matter how skilled they are, there is no guarantee they can make it in. There is so much talent out there, undiscovered." There's also lots of talents in our real world, but seriously not enough places to put them where they should be at. I'm just trying to do my small part.Besides just listening to music, I also enjoy singing it. I have to admit I don't have the nicest sounding voice as those singers out there, as my voice is considered low, but at the very least I'm definitely not tone deaf (I know quite a few) I'm one of those that even out in public listening to my music, I'll still be mouthing the lyrics, maybe at times singing very very softly. Do anyone else tend to do that too? And also... I'M DEMANDING A TEAM BLUE JAPANESE KARAOKE ONE DAY :DThinking about it though, should one day God just decides to take away my ability to speak and my hearing, I'll most likely just soak myself in a nice warm bath, drink some quality red wine, then slitting both my wrist and die from the rapid bloodloss. I can't imagine living without them! There was once I totally lost my voice for about 2 days, and those 2 days I felt better off not
being alive. That's about it regarding music...Going off-topic here now: Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!! The time has finally come! I'll be moving into my hall/dorm @ NTU tomorrow morning. As I was packing my bags today, looking back at my room, my heart felt so broken... I'm soooo going to miss it so much. As for the blog, my number of posts for the next 3-5 weeks or so would be slowing down alot, as most would be automated posting due to the fact that I don't have a laptop yet while I'm staying in the halls, thus I'll have to pre-make my post and leave it to auto-publishing. But don't worry, I'll try my best to make sure there's about 2-3 regular posts every week. That's all for now... Ciao!! DECULTURE!

P.S: A small note from playing Little Busters! EX - RIN IS SOOOO MOE~!!!


Panther said...

Not to worry, you are not the only one who wants a Team Blue karaoke session.

Also I love music and singing too, but I cannot play music for shit on anything.

Persocom-san said...

I agree, life without hearing or the ability to speak would be the death of me. Music livens up the world and makes things more interesting and tolerable. Hope everything works out well in your new environment. I added you to my blogroll the other day in case I haven't told you yet. BTW awesome pictures I hadn't seen the 2nd and 5th ones before ^^

Kozta-Boom said...

yeah! I agree, I can't imagine the world without music either. ipod, music brand, guitar, mp3, etc. all of them would never be created.

Squee said...

I love ode to joy too ^^ it's a great piece and I have it as my message tone too.

Team Blue Karaoke plz

Kawasumi Hirito said...

Panther: September outing?? LoL ^^ (Since August we have something in mind and major photoshoot outing in Oct)

persocom-san: Thats for the well wishes ^^, and yep added you to my blogroll too.

kozta-boom: ipod!! or at least any mp3 player is a must have item! Music on the go~ ^^.

Looks like it's definite that everyone can't live without music, but I wonder if there's anyone out there who doesn't enjoy music, I wonder how his life is like.

Kawasumi Hirito said...

squee: Another supporter for Team Blue Karaoke! We need to start planning for one before a revolt starts!:D