Saturday, July 5, 2008

Japan Day 8+9+10. Homebound.

Finally, the final post of the Japan trip. As mentioned, I'll just throw Tokyo Disneyland in here as there's nothing much. Enough said, onto the photos.

Day 8: Tokyo Disneyland.
Once past the main entrance into the "Welcome Zone".
Random photo. The grass-crafted dragon is cute.
Cinderella's Castle.
Castle with fireworks in the background.

Day 9: Shinjuku + final shopping.Went to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku area. Had heard the view from the observation deck in these buildings were better than Tokyo Tower.
View from the South Observatory.
Another view from up there. Definitely felt it was better than Tokyo Tower, and with an admission fee of FREE, it's worth the trip. Spotted a flea market within the area, but didn't visit it due to time constraint...
As we were headed to the Square Enix Building! By request of my friend. It was here where I bought my plushie Chocobo ^^.
Enjoying the night air @ the rooftop of our hostel while having some snacks like Calamari and Yakitori with Hokkaido fresh milk and fruit juice. We're actually not allowed up on the roof after 9pm (Timestamp of photo is 9.30pm, and we stayed till like 10+ since it was our last night), but as our room had a "secret" access to the stairs even after the roof access door was locked, we could go up (secretly of course!). The river you see in the background is the Sumida River.

Day 10: Sayonara Japan....
I don't think I've said before, but we were staying at Khaosan Tokyo Original Guest Hostel located in the district of Asakusa. For 2,500 yen a night, it was cheap and reasonable. Only thing was the smallness of the room as you can see from the photo.
And our "secret" access to the rooftop stairs. All we had to do was open our windows and squeeze through the small gap between the stairs and the wall and roofbound we go! And yes we had the Sumida River as our daily morning view ^^.
For our return flight from Japan to Singapore, we sat SIA's A380. We were on the upper deck for this trip.
The interior is nice! Everything's new! The tv screens were also bigger, and quite comfortable seats.
Another shot of the economy class cabin.And another shot. The business class cabin is near godlike but didn't managed to take a photo of it sadly. I wonder about the suites too...
Final goodbyes to Narita, and I was homebound... *insert crying here*
Love the cloud formations.

That's it for my Japan photos. A great trip nevertheless, but I don't think I want to spend another 10 days in Tokyo again (for a holiday that is), would want to visit other locations, especially the whole of Hokkaido ^^. Hope you had enjoyed all the photos, and I'll be back to normal postings. Will be attending Cosfest tomorrow too, so there'll definitely be an entry on that with cosplayer's photos. Stay tuned and Signing out.


Anonymous said...

Woah! How much money did you spend!? The A380! Those tickets must have cost a bomb!

Kawasumi Hirito said...

The air tickets for a return trip costed S$1,025, while the rest of the trip that includes lodging, transport, food and personal spending came out to about S$1,900.

There goes most of my remaining savings LOL.