Friday, July 11, 2008

Ranka Moe~!!!

I'm totally sold. I'm now addicted to Macross Frontier and it's songs. And Ranka is extremely moe~! Especially when she was singing Seikan Hikou in episode 12 (^_-)-☆. *The wink killed me* This is actually not the originally intended post, as there was an article that I'm in the process of writing, but still incomplete and wouldn't be completed in time, thus will leave it for next time, so I don't really have anything to post today. But I'm sure you wouldn't mind with a mini image dump of overly cute Ranka ^^.

I'll be gone for the weekend, so there wouldn't be any updates till Monday. Will be scuba diving off Pulau Aur, Malaysia. Will try to bring back some photos. So enjoy the weekends! キラッ☆ out.

Ranka Lee Debut Single - Seikan Hikou. Enjoy ^^. DECULTURE!!


gordon said...

i told u it was good. don't forget to get the OST as well. awesome songs. ^^;

dingsan said...

Did anyone else want to scream "rainbow colored song energy" when Michael flew in with Ranka and those speakers?

yumeno said...

Episode 12 was <3.

C.I said...

Her singing will omnomnomnom Alto-Hime's heart. SOON.

Kawasumi Hirito said...

gordon: yea thanks for recommending ^^ It's fantastic. Love the OST too.

dingsan: lol!! Macross reference ownage.

yumeno: love ep 12 ^^ rewatched the song part quite a number of times already.

C.I: Alto x Ranka ending please!!

Mizunaga said...

I am falling behind on my Macross! How fail!