Monday, July 7, 2008

Cosfest VII, 2008 Coverage Part 1 - Indoor Photos.

Will be splitting the photos between two posts, indoor and outdoor photos, since there is quite a few to cover. This time round I have quite a few characters that I'm unable to ID, so for those who know where they are from please feel free to comment and I'll update the post thanks. I'll also not be covering the Cosplay Competition, cause truthfully it's quite fail... Anyway, less talk more photos!!

Camera used: Nikon D70 with Kit Lens; Settings: ISO 640, Shutter speed 1/40 - 1/80, F3.5-4.5. Note to cosplayers: If you wish for me to take down any photos of you, feel free to comment/email me to do so. And if you do want the unedited version of the photo, contact me too and I'll be glad to send them to you ^^. Contact's at the sidebar under "About Me".

Templar Guardian from Hellgate: London. Used to play this game, but it FAIL-ed quite badly. And yes I was using a Female Guardian too lol (I'm a online gamer trap ^^). Shield Charge, Shield Turn, Anchor spammer, favourite combo.
Need help in ID-ing characters! The guy to the left is from Mushi-uta (based on double's ID-ing). The girl is still unknown, maybe just her standard lolita outfit.
Near and L from Death Note.
Euphy and Cornelia from Code Geass.
Some Naruto character (help ID please) at the mercy of Souseiseki from Rozen Maiden.IAHgames promoters. Mentioned by Panther, it seemed that they were dressed up as the original female scouts from the game Granado Espada.
One of the highlights of the day. The moment Gundam Exia stepped into the hall, there was a massive crowd just circling around him all the time. Quite poor thing too, as he was trying to move to somewhere but the crowds just kept getting in his way lol. I did attempt to follow, but decided to take the chance and find him again with lesser crowds at a later time.
In which I did! About 30mins-1hour later I came back to find him, the crowds were alot lesser. Seeing a small spot in front of him, I squeezed my way through and got a pretty nice spot.
New Variant: Rockstar Exia.
Seriously sweet costume.
I liked the lighting in the eyes and GN Drive Engine behind him.
Standing tall and proud.
Low angle shot.
And yes, this was considered "lesser" than before.Cute chibi Optimus Prime from Transformers. I heard he "transformed" into a truck later but I didn't see it.Phoenix Wright and Francesca (thanks soshi!)from Ace Attorney.
ZOMG Time paradox!!! Two Mikurus???
Yachiru decided to enlist the help of a commoner to seek out her Kenpachi in the midst of the massive crowd.
3 way stabbing. Yuki got owned! Need ID-ing on the other two characters.
Super cute Haruhi! Another highlight of the day. More of her to come in the following post.
Yuuko in the centre, while Watanuki (left) and Himawari (right) waits on her. From xxxHOLiC.Another kawaii cosplayer! Tsukimiya Ayu from Kanon!! Lots of love from me ^^.
She looks so cute when looking at others.And even cuter when she smiles at you. A very sweet smile ^^.
Last photo of the indoor coverage. L getting pwned by Haruhi and a D.Gray-man group. After all he did attempt to kill them all earlier before this with his Death Note.

2nd post to follow in about 2-4hours time, which will cover the outdoor photos. Enjoy and I'm out!

In the meanwhile, if you want to take a look at other people's coverage of the event, feel free to visit our Team Blue Cosfest post where we link to various members of Team Blue's coverage of the event. It also includes a few external coverages too. Enjoy!


Panther said...

I missed the Ayu cosplayer, the Mikuru time paradox, the pwnage of L, and the transformation of Optimus Prime. Also LOL @ Yachiru.

Guy with the gun I heard is from Mushi-uta, from Double, but you need his help for an actual ID. Not sure if the girl is from the same series.

The two models from IAHGames were dressing up as the original female scout from Granado Espada. I say "original" because anyone who played that game and saw the mutation scout costume would agree the mutation was better.

Kawasumi Hirito said...

Updated as accordingly, thanks for the ID-ing ^^. Sad you missed the Ayu cosplayer especially, she's really cute!

puppy52doll said...

lol poor L ^^;;;;

Anonymous said...

The girl with Phoenix Wright is Francesca! She's from the second installment of the Ace Attorney series!

gordon said...

pedo bear approves loli haruhi. ^^

Kawasumi Hirito said...

chun: lol yea poor thing, but at least he owned them all first by writing their names in the Death Note! Double KO!

soshi: thanks for the ID-ing!!

gordon: *arms a M16* He has to get past me first!

Hyped said...

Ah, that guy in the 5th photo is my friend, his not playing any character in naruto, it's a custom created one, or at least what he says, for me, i think he just wore a head band, got some swords and threw on a poncho haha.

thaic. said...

daisuke's cosplay is aewsome! I loved it! *-*