Wednesday, July 2, 2008

[Update] Announcements.

Okay this post will be used for just a minor update. First up, I'll be going off for a short trip to Malacca (3D2N) with my family today, so my next possible post would only come earliest Friday night. I'll also try to finish up the rest of the Japan trip with a single post, since Disneyland was such a bore to me, maybe this Saturday night.

2/3 of the Tsun Trinity, Louise and Shana ^^.

Secondly, I'm also announcing that Team Blue, or at least currently Squee, C.I and me, has decided to cosplay for next year!! We're most likely targeting either SoY or Cosfest. Currently on plan, Squee will be doing a trap Visual Kei, whereby C.I is screaming over and over again for his hawt lolicious tsun trinity Louise (he does have others in mind still though). As for me, I'm still surveying my options, but I have already made a shortlist of them (currently 8 of them in mind). And if you're wondering... yes we have a theme in mind ^^. We're going to be cross-dressing!! In other words... We're TRAPS in-the-making! (Thanks to trap Meister double)

Yes, no kidding, this is one of my candidates :D Muahahahahahaha!!! But it's not my first choice. I shall leave my first choice a secret for now ^^. The only problem for that selection would be the custom made contact lenses. Expensive!!

So for those who might be remotely interested in getting famous overnight joining us for this cosplay, feel free to leave a comment or drop a mail to "hirito at gmail dot com". We're welcoming more traps to the group ^^. We're also intending to do the Hare Hare Yukai Dance + Caramelldansen as a group performance for whichever event we're attending. So don't be shy and join in the fun! We welcome reverse traps too ^^.

Another one of my candidates, legendary trap Watarase Jun in Mahou Shoujo.

I'm actually very new to the whole cosplay thingy, and I'm not really sure where/or how to make or get hold of the costumes, so for those with questions in those areas, I'm not the guy to look for. I'm currently learning the ropes from both Squee and C.I, and searching the net for more information too. It'll also be nice, for those already into cosplay, to maybe point me in the right direction for cosplaying information, especially SG based info, it'll be very helpful thanks.

Third and lastly, I'll be attending this weekend's Cosfest, but only on the 2nd day (Sunday) to take more photos of other cosplayers. Hopefully we'll have more space and better lighting for this event, not like Coscon during the recent STCC. Stay tuned for the coverage ^^. Nothing left to add, so I'm Signing out. Be back Friday night. Cya all!!

P.S: Rawr I now have got to slim down even more for a much better cosplay. Time to increase my amount of training!! >.<


Random Misconception said...


gordon said...

enjoy your trip. ^^;

give me a purple wig and i can be tieria.

Squee said...

I'll most likely be cosplaying Bou of Ancafe in his Tekesuta Kousen PV costume ^o^

Yay Gordon is Joining Team Trap

Anonymous said...

can`t wait for next year

yumeno said...

I suggest you get this book. :D

Raven said...

Wish you guys luck! Hope I do not swing my Waster due to natural reaction. Will be joining PHEMAS once I get my transfer next week.

Panther said...


Mizunaga said...

Never thought I'd say this but.. I'm looking forward to your TRAP cosplay! XD


Fariz Asuka said...

This calls for me getting ready my camera.. I will gonna take those shots and post them on and 4chan..

Muahaha!! :P

Kawasumi Hirito said...

C.I: Or not if it's a FAIL one! Then I'll watch you get voided.

gordon: Thanks, and I did enjoy the trip, but the lack of internet access is /cry.

And would love if you do join in as Tieria ^^.

Squee: His outfit is really nice, and I believe you'll be able to pull it off nicely too ^^.

rokku: Neither can I LOL.

yumeno: that seems like a good read, or either I can also ask others who have done traps before for advise. Join us? :D

raven: if you do swing it, it means our cosplay is a success!!

panther: LOL GG. After this you can get all the hits you want on your blog!!

mizunaga: would love if you could come down and join us, but to renew passport is some headache and expensive sadly.

fariz: Join us too!! Don't just limit yourself to a camera :D