Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Vocaloid Spotlight: Hatsune Miku - Black★Rock Shooter.

With a backlog of over 5 weeks worth of Vocaloid Ranking to go through, I have countless songs that I would love to blog about, but none as epic as this. I'll touch on the rest of the songs soon too though so don't worry ^^... but I'm totally addicted to this song now!! Seriously speaking, this is just about the 3rd song besides Sakura no Ame and Uta ni Katachi wa nai Keredo to move my heart so much just by listening to it.

Illustration by Huke.

Hatsune Miku -Black★Rock Shooter [BRS] by ryo (creator of the song Melt too). Illustration/PV is done by Huke. Mp3 can be found on their main BRS site.

My impression. A song that shows the development of the person: Young and fragile at the start, yet stands strong with only the feelings in her heart; As the song goes on, she's slowly breaking the shell that kept her in, and carrying along the feelings and pain that she had learn from her past, to make her stronger, and spur forward towards a new future. Being true to your heart.

A fantastic song, with a very catchy tune, and a beautiful illustrated PV makes this song truly a Vocaloid masterpiece.
初音ミク - ブラック★ロックシューター

ブラックロックシューター 何処へ行ったの?

もうやめて わたしはもう走れない いつか夢見た世界が閉じる
真っ暗で明かりもない 崩れかけたこの道で


ブラックロックシューター 懐かしい記憶
ブラックロックシューター でも動けないよ
闇を駆ける星に願いを もう一度だけ走るから

怖くて震える声でつぶやく わたしの名前を呼んで
夜明けを抱く空 境界線までの距離 あともう一歩届かない
こらえた涙があふれそうなの 今下を向かないで
未来を生きていたいんだ わかったの 思い出して
強く 強く 信じるの


ブラックロックシューター 優しい匂い
痛いよ 辛いよ 飲み込む言葉
ブラックロックシューター 動いてこの足!

最初からわかっていた ここにいることを
わたしのなかの 全ての勇気が

ブラックロックシューター ひとりじゃないよ
ブラックロックシューター 見ていてくれる
今からはじまるの わたしの物語

忘れそうになったら この歌を

Note: Lyrics is taken from main site, which can be found here.


There has also been various other versions of the song, but the one I would say I liked best has got to be the one sang by Halyosy (yep the creator of Sakura no Ame). And also similar to the Sakura no Ame Project, there has been a "group" singing by a total of 127 people, and it's fantastic. I'll throw links out for everyone to enjoy them too.

Halyosy Version of B★RS. I loved how he added 2 lines from Sakura no Ame, near the end of the song, which actually fits in quite well.

127 Individuals Version of B★RS. (No youtube link sadly) Not an easy task, but fantastic piece of music. It feels great to see people from different walks of life come together in an online world and co-operate to achieve this.

B★RS rock on!! I'm so inspired right now from this song! Signing out.

Edited 090708 @ 1AM: I totally forgot to add this part to my post which I wanted to do initially, and also added an extra picture to apologise ^^. My favourite part of the song and one which had the most impact to me:最初からわかっていた ここにいることを
わたしのなかの 全ての勇気が
From the start I knew my purpose for being here.
Within me, with all my courage,
I light up the fire,
I'll not run away anymore!

After reading these words, I'll now head towards tomorrow, towards the goals that I've set, with the same flame that has lighted within me, through this song. Thank you.


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Also, go watch Macross F. SRSLY.

Kawasumi Hirito said...

I cried manly tears too!! and yea will be getting my hands on Macross F. now, since so many says it's great.

Mizunaga said...

That was a fantastic song.. Thanks for sharing~

Kawasumi Hirito said...

Good songs are always meant to be shared ^^.