Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Room: Updated 03/06/08.


Been clearing/cleaning up my room for the past day (but still slightly messy), so I guess I'll take a few photos to "re-present" my room (as promised). The previous updates are hyper-linked here (18/10/07 and 10/02/08). My room is more or less the same, with just the addition of a few more posters (but not all, there's still about another 4-5 or so under the bed, not sure where to put), and my new Detolf Glass Cabinet from IKEA. Anyway... On to the photos!! (Ignore the orangey colour, it's my halogen lighting; and my walls are painted pale orange too lol, thus making it a very deep orange!)
After going through the entrance, you'll be greeted with this sight.
Welcome to my World.
Right side of room after walking to work area. Manga, doujins,
figures, various merchandises are all kept in the main display cabinet.Zooming closer to the Detolf cabinet. Notice the other side-cabinet with the Da Capo II posters? I had to do abit of hand-work on that cabinet, sawing and sanding off sharp edges on one side to place the posters. The posters are actually covering a very unslightly empty space. That cabinet used to be connected to my main work area, but lack of use and the blockage of air flow to my computer, I had to remove it. It looks lovely now (thanks to the posters).
Walking over to the other side, view of my cupboard. Still loving those stick posters at the top, need more to put up ^^. The place where you see my CPU, the cut off point between the brown and white surface, that white plank was where that cabinet was. View of my bed area. I recently bought that Kyou Mini Pillow (it's a beanie cushion). Loving it and my Noumi Dakimakura. The small hole just next to the dakimakura, that's where my Botan plushie is hiding.
Moving back to the other side, here's an overall outlook of my work area. My MEGAMI and Dengeki Hime are kept up on the shelf. I love my Noumi Cushion too ^^. I'm such a Little Busters! fanboy, or just of Noumi. :PA close-up of my work area. I'm also a Fate fanboy lol.Ahh my Nendoroid Miku in Hatchune mode. That's my not so new (1month already) handphone, a Nokia 6500 Classic. I've attached quite a few items onto the pouch (Sabar was saying it feels so girly, but I love it anyway), which all came from Japan. The Fortune Arterial strap + Shiro tag was from Comiket73, so is the handphone cleaner (original character from Bunbukudou circle), the Hinagiku from a gachapon in Akiba, while the name-tag is from Kyoto (had the guy craft my nick on it, Kawasumi Hirito)Currently in my Detolf cabinet, there's only 4 figures, but I bought the cabinet in anticipation of future pre-orders (currently 6 to go). Here's my Max Factory's Ayu and Makoto from Kanon (still waiting for the rest of the characters!!! Quick MF do them all please!!!), and Alter's Bustier Ver. Louise from Zero no Tsukaima.
And currently (but only on temp status) my "crown jewel", the highly sought after Max Factory Kureha from Shining Wind!! Someone in Singapore was selling his away, and I immediately grasp the opportunity (thanks to double's trap post that I went and took a look at L-Lawliet's blog, since I was curious at his "WTS ALL FIGS!" suffix in his nick; it was good that I went back to take a look at other replies to the post ^^). But the reason why I said it's only temporary, it's because I bought it for my friend, and will have to ship it to him (or let him come collect it end of this year when he comes back for a visit :D). But of course unless someone offers me...erm *grins*... a good price, I might be tempted otherwise. Just kidding. Seriously though? I'm also tempted to keep it for myself LOL. *To hell with friendship!!!*

Well, that's about it for my room. I might have more things to add to the room when I come back from Japan (but of course I'll do a loot post for that ^^), but I doubt it'll have much major changes. Maybe when I move into my Uni's dorm, I might "decorate" it too, then I'll post photos of that hehe. 2 more days before I fly off to Japan, Tokyo only, for 10 days.... CAN'T WAIT!! I still haven't packed my luggage though... Signing out.


NomadicWriter said...

*Steals your Shana and Lucky star posters!*

lol i love your room, wish mine was half as good as it!

Seiryuu said...

OMG NICE ROOM! Your room is spacious enough to accomodate so many things. It would be great if my room is as big as yours. Oh yar btw, would you mind linking to my blog? I've added you to my blogroll. thx! =D

Panther said...

I am stealing that Kureha. Period. Your DETOLF is too empty. Why can it not be more like mine? Jeez USE IT lol. Some more you got it for almost half my price. I am jealous.

I want to know where you got those transparent posters. I probably need a few, and I want to frame some lol.

gordon said...

one can easily tell an otaku's bedroom by the amount of posters in his room. and u certainly fits the bill. ^^;

nice and cosy your room is. and as for the Kureha figure, i say u keep it and say to your friend u didn't manage to get it. when he come for a visit, hide the figure until he had left. muhahaha~

Kazearashi said...

Nice room!!! I also have Kud dakimakura... <3 and Yuiko on the other side with cherry on top... lol nah j/k xD
So where did you get the inside pillow??? I got it already, a bit smaller though, so it's a bit loose. Now looking for 1 more with the correct size... ( '~')

Squee said...

Do you have any cupboard space? I'm gonna move in LOL

Kawasumi Hirito said...

nomadicwriter: !!! *Steals back the Shana and Lucky Star posters* ^^ lol.

seiryuu: okay, added you to my blogroll too ^^.

panther: I need more figures to fully utilize it!! And there's no way you're stealing the kureha! But I''ll help keep a look out in Japan for you ^^. As for those transparent poster, I got it from the Circus (the eroge company who made Da Capo) booth at Comiket, thus I'm not sure where I can find them around in SG.

gordon: too bad that my friend reads this blog, so it'll be hard to not let him know LOL.

kazearashi: I remember taking a day running around Orchard road going around department stores asking for a inside pillow of that size (150x50cm), which I eventually found at Robinsons @ Centrepoint, which costed me about S$80? It's called a Body Mate (I have no idea why) it seems.

squee: My cupboard space is fully utilized! Packed with lots of stuff, so there's no room for you to move in LOL.

Fariz Asuka said...

Wold you mind selling your Detolf cabinet to me?? I need space to showcase my figurines and gundams..

I'm losing out of space to put my upcoming figurines.. :(

Kawasumi Hirito said...

Fariz: LOL can't sell! In fact, just hope down to the neighborhood friendly IKEA at either Queenstown or Tampines, and get the DETOLF. I think normal price is at S$99 was it? I got mine at a steal of S$60 since was on offer ^^.

Rin said...

I'm jealous right now!!!
Your room is so much better then mine!!!There are so many things I want from your room right now!!!
Your sooooo lucky!!!!!

Cavalock said...

Great room. Have a good trip in Japan. Can't wait for mine. ^;^

Kawasumi Hirito said...

rin: wow that's a huge response! Thanks ^^. There's many other things I would also love to add to my room, I'll definitely need a part-time job to do that though.

cavalock: Thanks, and when's your trip??

Raven said...

My mum will skin me alive if I have done that.

On the other hand, with the environment I am in, there will be tones of undesirable particles. Panther & co. will know better after that BBQ at my place.

Kawasumi Hirito said...

raven: it's a good thing that my parents are quite open-minded, thus being able to do this.

I'm not too sure about the "undesirable particles", maybe a pic of your room would straighten things out?? ^^

Rin said...

Your post reminds me to clean my room...
Ever since I came back from Japan, my loot is all over the place and I hadn't bothered to organize it...
Still, clean room is an organaized room!!!!!
I see some stuff I wouldn't mind getting my hands on!!!

Tenshin said...

Nice room! I love your posters!! *-*
I love your room!! >.<

R0B!N said...

Wow! i love that room! i wish my room was like that!
maby i little more green...
i like nendoroids, i have one, but i just bught 3 more on the internet, so 4 nendoroids....
i hope your room will stay the coolest room ever! :D