Sunday, March 2, 2008

Looking into People's Past.

After watching Clannad episode 19, a few things came to mind. This post is inspired by the preview of episode 20, which was mainly the exchange of dialog between Tomoya and Akio regarding Nagisa's past. Note this is not going to be a Clannad orientated post, but more of the application of the ideology behind the action of digging into another person's past.

I'm sure most of us have tried to find out some stuff which your friend/significant partner had done in the past, what kind of person they once were, and how did it play a part in shaping their current personality; investigating to find out if their current personality is that of truth, or one which is of deceit. One word comes to mind when typing about this, and it's "Trust". In a world which is always filled with hypocrites and cheats, does trust still exist?

One is out to steal information, the other is one who killed your father. Would you still had stayed with them from the start if you knew the truth? (Minowa & Mahoro from Mahoromatic)

There are things we've done in the past, in which we don't want others to know. Some we would prefer to let it slowly be forgotten, some are just not worth mentioning, but is a person's past really important in maintaining a friendship/relationship? Can't one just give the benefit of doubt, and concentrate more on the present? Why the need to dig up past wounds and possibly cause the shearing of current relations? Maybe the importance is not really on friendship, but it's more for a relationship, as there's the possibility of a lifetime commitment, if not till death do them part.

Yandere at it's best, willing to take a risk? (Fuyou Kaede from Shuffle)

Question posed to each individual: How dark/disturbing a person's past would have to be before you would give up on that person? Would you still give the person a second chance to prove otherwise, or would you condemn the person for the rest of their life? Even if a second chance is given and that is also broken, would you continue giving chances for him/her to turn a new leaf?

For those who know who this is, would you still go out with this person?
(Smiles ^^ Scroll down to Watarase Jun for "Truth")

Everyone has their own shortfalls, but how far can one go and still be able to turn back I do not know. I don't even know all of my own shortfalls to be able to properly judge others. However, when it comes to making decisions, I definitely prefer being a neutral party to everything, to be able to analyze first before making judgment, rather than being bias and giving others no opportunity to rebut. However, I definitely feel that knowing another person's past is very important before a relationship can be formed, but giving a second chance is definitely needed if there's any shortfalls. Unless they are pretty, cute and lolicious, they're all welcomed! Who cares about the past? (But they don't exist in reality sadly uguu~)

How can one resist such cuteness? Or would you change
your mind if you knew the past? (Scroll to Ryugu Rena)

Away from the normal post, I'll like to thank my readers of this blog for the past 2 months. I have now hit the 1,000 view mark since putting up sitemeter to track traffic, sometime during the 2nd week of Jan. I had not expected this much readers (initial estimate came in to about 5-6 months to hit this target) and I'm sincerely happy to have achieved this minor milestone (next is 5,000 hits ^^). My Biggest Thank you to Everyone and I hope to be able to put out much better articles in the coming future. As for where this blog is heading, it'll most likely be a mix of anime/figure posts and at the same time a photo blog of my travels (planning to post up some photos of former trips) and certain local events. Ending off, here's a cute picture of Noumi Kudryavka from Little Busters! for everyone ^^. Enjoy! Signing out.

If there's a girl this cute who's just waiting for me to pick her up,
I wouldn't mind going to jail for it ^^.

P.S: To Heart 2 Another Days is hilarious. Loving the dialogue between the characters. I'm slowly drifting to the Ma-ryan/Chie fanclub!! Having trouble with Beat Blades Haruka though, some error keep occuring during installation. Hope to overcome it soon. Have yet to install/test Da.CaPoker also.

I'm also contemplating whether to get a Ipod Shuffle 1GB (or 2GB), as I need a lightweight mp3 player to use when I'm cycling/jogging. Any other good models which is less than S$80-S$110 but comes with a screen for easier song selection? If possible from a reputable company (Eg: Apple, Creative, Sony etc). Thanks ^^.


calvin hii. said...

so if i steal ur botan, melt all your figurines, blow up your pc and paint your room fluorescent pink, you'll forgive me and we still can be friends? xD

Kawasumi Hirito said...

Nope, and I'll return the favour a 100 times more. I'll even attempt to stab you to death with a wooden spoon.

liz said...

People want to know about the past largely also because of their own insecurities, I suspect. When you ask a lover about his/her exes, you want to know if he/she thinks you are the best, you want to know how you match up. When you ask about his/her family and friends, you want to know if you can really fit into his/her life, the life he/she knew before you ever came into it. Basically, you want to know how important you are to your special someone, how truly your minds can think as one. You want to know anything and everything about your partner, so that nothing can come up and bite you in the ass when you least expect it. As for the extent to which you can take any disturbing truths or realities from the past...guess it depends on how much you're willing to go the distance for love, and ultimately, as you said, how much you're willing to try to trust someone with your heart :)