Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday and a Special Day (to Me).

Today it's Good Friday, where Catholics and Christians around the world gather to churches to commemorate the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ on the Cross. Being a catholic myself (but not that devoted, and more on the anti/neutral side to religions), this day is significant to me, and the fact that it's a public holiday is a big plus.

Need more girls like Carim for the church!! I'll be a devotee for sure!

However for this year, due to various reasons, I'll not be attending church for the Good Friday Mass. Instead I'll be in Sentosa!! Will be heading to Underwater World to dive with the sharks ^^ !! I'm a certified PADI advance Diver btw. Will also be seeing dolphins in the Dolphin Lagoon, and as for pictures, I should be bringing footage of all these tomorrow.

They can ride my dolphin anytime ^^.

Today being the 21st March, it's also a special day to me. It's my birthday!!! This year I've turned 22!! (I feel old...) This was more or less the reason why I did the previous post, in order to verify my current status in this world (and see what kind of response I might get from trying to do something stupid). As for my birthday present (targeted @ RL friends ^^)... would anybody like to get me any of things listed on my wishlist (on the side column)? Especially the 350Z please!!

Kagami and Tsukasa would make lovely birthday presents ^^.

Nothing much else to add. Next post should be on the sentosa footage (or another Vocaloid Highlight if I don't have enough time, many more videos I want to post). Enjoy the long weekend and Signing out.


me and my pencil said...

お誕生日 おめでとうございます!
despite im just a random passerby orz, but still wishing you a happy birthday! ^^

calvin hii. said...

happy 22nd you ugly ugly hamster. join the "i'm feeling old club"

gordon said...

Otanjou-bi Omedetou Gozaimasu!
Happy 22th Birthday! ^^;

you are a diver!? that's so cool! did u talk to your unit to certify u for the diver badge?

lastly, me look forward to your pictures of sharks and dolphins (real dolphins please...) ^^;

Panther said...

Wah diver. Happy birthday dude. Not to worry, you get older by the day heh.

Yeah interested in the diving pics too.

Kawasumi Hirito said...

me and my pencil: many thanks ^^

calv: oh yea you hit 22 before me. we're all old ><

gordon: Nope don't have the diver's badge. Either way I'm on non-combat so there's not really a point to having it.

panther: age just creeps up to you and hits you in the face once every year! that is if you don't pay attention to time ><. I need a proper dive camera for actual diving pics sadly. time to save up!