Monday, March 17, 2008

16/03/08 Loots + Evangelion 1.0 Movie.

Had a change of plans yesterday. Initially wanted to head down to VivoCity for the Cosplay Matsuri, however I also wanted to watch Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone before they took it off the big screen. Not wanting to take the risk and see how long they'll continue to show the movie in cinema, I decided to cancel the plan to Vivo, and headed to The Cathay to catch Eva. Managed to reach in time for the 3.05pm movie, and bought a sole ticket for myself (due to the fact that it was quite impromptu, I didn't manage to get anyone else to watch with me, so ronery!), and boy was I not disappointed. It's been so long since I last watched Eva, and watching the movie just kick-started the fanboy in me again. I guess the scene which I really enjoyed the most was the fight with the 6th (originally 5th in anime/manga) angel, Ramiel, the diamond-like angel. I found the constant transformation for its attack mode was way too cool! Simply can't wait for the next movie!! Asuka!!

After the movie ended and went into the credits, I decided to just wait for the supposed "trailers" to see how they cut it off (and at the same time listen to Utada Hikaru's Beautiful World ^^). When they were about to screen the trailer and they abruptly cut it off, I wanted to burst into laughter, but simply controlled myself. To my surprised, quite a few people in the audience didn't know about the "cut" off trailer, seems like they haven't been reading alot of SG anime blogs I guess.

Moving on, I paid a visit to KKnM after that to take a look at the latest stock (and wanting to buy some too). I initially had intended to get the Little Busters! Cushion Cover (Noumi) and maybe the Shakugan no Shana Big Towel/Sports Towel. Eventually I decided to put the towels purchases on hold as I would like to save up some cash, but to my horror.... My Noumi Cover was SOLD OUT! When they told me, in my heart I was going "NOOOOOOOOOOO", I had even drawn cash from the ATM to buy it! With no more Noumi to calm my soul, I needed something else, in which I settled for a To Heart 2 Manaka Komaki Desk Mat and a Komaki Sisters Clear Pencil Board (Ikuno-chan!). Damage done due to impulsive buying (but have no regrets!): S$27.90. As for the Noumi Cover and Shana Towels, adding them to my buy-list when I hit Japan again in June ^^.
The Desk Mat and Pencil board, with the movie ticket to Eva in the small background.

On a side note. I'm trying to find a clean image of these pictures without the covered up corners and wordings. I intend to use one of this pictures to make a custom laptop cover skin, but without wanting the blocked-off section on image and wordings. Art is by Rei's Room. A shout out for help! Would anyone who comes across a clean image of these pictures, kindly help me by dropping a comment/tag on my blog to it's location? Would really appreciate it very much!! Been searching for quite a while with no luck on my end ><. I'm sure they're out there somewhere on the net!! Either way, signing out now, and here's a video of Utada Hikaru's Beautiful World for your enjoyment ^^ (with clips from the Eva movie). Argh I want to watch the movie again!!


Panther said...

Post the images on 4Chan's /w/ and request someone to clean them up. Whether or not they do it is another matter. You could just as easily get replies made of epic win, like most other 4Chan threads.

A good idea to get others helping in 4Chan is to post some wallpapers in exchange for their help.

I also found out recently my Blanc Neige fastener, that I bought over eBay for 27 SGD total (including shipping), sells for just 7.50 SGD at KKnM. Win.

calvin hii. said...

ahhh damn you. i want to watch but can't.


Kawasumi Hirito said...

Buying them merchandises here are surely expensive, due to shipping and to earn profit. But what other choices are we to have? IT would suck even more that they don't even bring them in.

/gloat @ Calv for no Eva in aussie lol.

Might give 4chan a try, haven't really visited that site for nearly 2 years.

gordon said...

yes i also enjoyed the fight with the diamond angel as well. the transformation and high pitch sound it made is so cool. a pat on the back to the director for making the 6th angel so cool, cos it was like the most boring angel in the TV anime back then. ^^;