Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thoughts, Reflection, Ambition.

This post is not entirely unrelated to anime, but at the same time it does have some relation to anime. It would be more of a rant though, read it at your own pleasure. For those who has watched Gundam 00, I don't think I would need to explain, but for those who doesn't, just a little background information to understand what I intend to talk about.

"Celestial Being (ソレスタルビーイング Soresutaru Bīingu) is a private paramilitary force founded by the scientist Aeolia Schenberg. It pursues the complete eradication of armed conflict mainly through the deployment of the revolutionary Gundam units, as well as other mobile units, in aggressive, sometimes indiscriminate military intervention." Info taken from Wikipedia, for more detailed information on it, click here.

Back when I was in secondary 3, I could say I was in the worst period of my life. Constantly in depression (but doesn't show in front of others, and gaming with friends was the only way to get rid of it temporally), my results took a plunge, all I could think is about gaming and how crappy the world is, and even thought of suicide (I'm a wuss of course I couldn't perform it eventually). In order to prevent myself from slipping further into despair, I made a goal (or would I call it a mission?). I intend to create a force/army/organisation, for the sole purpose of the annihilation of all mankind, and return planet Earth to tranquility. In fact I even made a pact with a church friend (my goodness what is the church teaching us youth today?), a race to see who can cause the genocide of mankind faster, with me doing it the mechanical way, and him the biochemical way.

For him I'm not sure if he's still on his "project", but as for me I'm still working on it, but its current purpose is not of genocide, but prevent fighting among countries/races/tribes/religion, basically a peacemaker. I made this amendment during Poly year 1, but at the same time create a total of 5 levels of mission status/type, this is Level A (Genocide is Level D, don't ask what's Level E about ^^). I'm still intending to work on the creation of Mobile Suits, thus the reason behind taking up robotics.

When I did the marathon to watch ep 1-22 of Gundam 00 on Mon/Tues, I was amazed and surprised that my "Ultimate Goal" was being used as a main plot of the story. However at the same time, from G00, I could see the possible outcome of what this goal could really achieve, and the possible backlash from countries around the world (or even terrorist groups). My initial analyzing of the goal was not that detailed, I didn't factor in the possibility that terror groups would target the civilians to force the disarmament of a Peace Force (but country retaliation, that was factored in), and that is a fatal flaw. I need more work on my theories and scenario when I carry out my plan.

I really wonder if I'm able to succeed at the creation of Mobile Suits, or even develop the basic theory/data/programming for it and leave it to the next generation to decide its fate. Even the practical usage of MS in modern warfare (many would say it will be useless) is a grey area, with the biggest problem on mobility and weight (current calculation tells me that the legs would give way and the MS would collapse on its own due to gravity). Either way I still want to work towards this goal, cause it's currently my only reason for my existence. My initial dateline for this project was set to year 2020, but being more realistic, might push it back to 2025 or 2030. See how much theory/testing I would be able to work on while getting my Degree/Masters.

If I made something like this, would you still want to pilot it? I rofl-ed for quite a while when I saw this pic, got it somewhere off 4chan.

Why the sudden talk/rant on this topic? See my next post to find out. Signing out for now, and work on the next post. (I'm trying to get this post up before midnight!)

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