Monday, March 31, 2008

End of March. Some Updates.

Last post for the month of March, and I also don't know what title to give this post. But either way another month is going to pass us by and my freedom (ORD) is now getting even closer, 2 months to go!! I initially had something I wanted to post, but it just slipped my mind for the moment, maybe if I do remember I'll get it up tomorrow.

I'm sure some of you might have seen this before, but a recent chat with Calvin over it got me engrossed into it again. Having multiple people suddenly frozen in time for 5 mins while life goes on really stands out in public, and this was what some 207 Agents from Improv Everywhere did at the Grand Central Station in New York City.

Video of the Freeze Event.

After that event, many others from around the world had also attempted to replicate this in their own countries, a listing which could be found here. Besides the Freeze events, IE had also did lots of other fantastic missions which I would love to be part of, one of them is this Mp3 Experiment, which I found was really cool. Would love to see one in Singapore, but most likely they'll think it's a protest and get the whole riot police department (if that many people came) to come down to chase us away.

Moving on from IE, a fellow SGblogger Panther is going to organise an outing to La Tendo (his past coverage of this Figurine Store in Singapore is found here), and maybe KKnM this Saturday, 5th April. As of now it's not yet confirmed, but I assume he'll be confirming it and doing a proper post on it tomorrow, so for those who are interested might want to drop in on his site's chatbox (or mine which seems to be ongoing, and no idea why lol?). As for my loots during the weekend? Sadly there's none as I decided to save the money and spend it in Japan instead...which leads to the next part...

My trip to Japan is confirmed! My friend booked the air ticket last Saturday, and I'll be going from the 7th to 16th June. I'm thinking of the possibility, in the event that should anyone from SG wants something, whether should I take orders or not (still pending). I'm also worried for my own luggage weight, but I'm on tight budget this trip so I wouldn't be getting much neither. Also looking at the anime-related event schedules in Japan, it seemed that there's going to be a Sunshine Creation 40 on the 15th June @ Ikebukuro Sunshine City. I'm thinking of going to take a look (my friend doesn't know yet, but once he does I think he'll scream), so might have a coverage on that too. Currently I don't know what else to add, so I'm signing out for now. Bye ^^.

Just wanted to post a picture up, so here's one of Kagamin ^^.


Panther said...

What I want to order from Japan is simple and requires no luggage but a full human seat. Ok, never mind.

Kawasumi Hirito said...

Well I could always bring her back in pieces ^^. Unless she's small enough to fit into a suitcase like my type. Erm... ignore this comment hehe.

calvin hii. said...

mission accomplished! had around 200++ people down at queen street mall today to take part and it was fun! you'll enjoy it when it gets to singapore no doubt!

here's the video btw from my trusty t-2. had a friend film while i played statue.

gordon said...

enjoy your trip to japan. will u be dropping by tokyo (or is is tokyo u are going? maybe can even pay danny a visit. if yes all i want is danny's namecrad. ^^;

Kawasumi Hirito said...

I want danny's namecard too, but I don't think my friend would want to spend time to meet up with him ><. That's the downside to travelling to Japan with a non-anime crazy friend. And yes I'll be in Tokyo for those 10 days, and traveling all around the area (and 3 days of Disneyland/sea *facepalm*).