Friday, March 14, 2008

White Day.

It has been one month since Valentine's Day, and today it's White Day!! I wonder how many individuals/couples out there who practice this day. For those who doesn't know what White Day is: A "tradition" that started out in Japan, where the male party who received chocolates from the female returns the favour, by usually buying expensive gifts for them. Another version was that the male party would have to find an object/gift which is white in colour (eg: marshmallows?) and give it to the female. Doesn't really matter to me though, not now at least, maybe in the future, but to the rest out there... Happy White Day!! Go and enjoy yourselves!

Picture not really related, but since she's cute and in white you'll forgive me no? Unless you really want something related, click here! I can't guarantee that your eyes would work after that. It's safe for work, and it's definitely related to White Day... so click away!

On another note, a little trivia, March 14th is also known as Pi Day. For those who took/learned Mathematics should know that π is approximately equals to 3.14159 (that's the furthest I could remember), so March (3rd month) the 14th is somewhat rewritten like 3.14, thus the "relation". For those who do celebrate (not anyone I know), well...erm.... Enjoy? Maybe go wild and start memorizing the entire actual value of π, or just get dead drunk and go to sleep.

Edited 14/03/08 @ 2:19 AM: I'm soooo sad and I want to cry, that I missed watching Eva 1.0 on the first day of release and I'm reading all about it from other SG animebloggers who managed to catch it. Curses to National Service and for putting me on night shift for this week (would suck even more for those who got to stay in-camp for the whole week though). Must watch it this weekend at the very least... uguu~ ><


gordon said...

hey buddy, do catch the eva movie when u are free man. definitely worth it. the scene where rei changes into plug suit alone is worth the ticket price. lol. ^^;

anyway i'm going to celebrate white day alone same as valentine day. orz

Squee said...

I second Gordon's comment about the changing scene ^^;

wongtcsg said...

Going to watch it today!!
Any cosplayer yesterday?

gordon said...

squee wore a nerv shirt, does that count? ^^;

Squee said...

lol, I cosplayed as a fanboy!

Anyways I didn't see any in plugsuits ^^

Panther said...

Wahhaha. Memorize the value of pi. In truth, pi is infinite. Someone did try calculating to 200 digits in the 19th least, he managed to get it accurately enough.

Not interested in NGE since I never watched the series, so enjoy it when you do watch it.

Kawasumi Hirito said...

Would have thought that there would be a few cosplayers around for the "prime time" viewing of the movie, but it seems that it didn't happen.

Can't wait to catch it in cinema... anyone of you guys going to catch it again I wonder ^^.

Squee said...

I'll be watching it again ^^
Rei <3

calvin hii. said...

at least you all get to watch it in the cinemas... i'll have to wait for madman to license it then release it in dvd form over here... god knows how long it will take sigh.