Monday, March 10, 2008

Pre-orders / Purchases + Various Updates.

After a spate of 4 straight posts in 4 days, I went into a spate of 4 updated-less days. The activities that went on during the weekend just drained me of any energy to type a blog post. To start off on Saturday, I was at the IT show @ Suntec, scouting for laptop specifications for my future laptop purchase when entering NTU. Then after went to watch 10,000 BC at 5.00pm @ The Cathay, which was disappointing; Japanese dinner @ Cuppage Plaza, not too bad; Desert @ Billy Bombers, Cathay branch, still loving the shakes ^^; The Water Horse midnight movie @ Cathay, really cute show; Lights out @ 4.00am. Woke up @ 10.00am, fell back asleep but eventually up by noon; Went rollerblading @ East Coast, haven't done this activity for about 3-4 years but still not that rusty ^^; Dinner @ Werner's Oven, good german food; Homebound and zonked out by 11.00pm. That's about it for the weekend, and let's forget about it and move on to the main topic.

I think I've contracted a very fatal disease; more or less known as the Impulsive Figurine Purchasing Disorder. I'm sure quite a few people would understand, the desire to just click the "buy" button and see money fly away with no way of stopping it. I'm currently resisting the disease with all my might, but I don't see the end of it, and my willpower is waning rapidly... is there no cure? (Besides going bankrupt.) Listed below are the results of a sudden lost in willpower last week Monday (Yes in 1 shot).
Non Scale Chua Churam from Chu x Chu Idol
Maker: Alter
Retails for 6,800 Yen
Release: July
Non Scale Kagami/Tsukasa Hiiragi from Lucky Star, Miko Miyazawa Limited Version
Maker: Wave
Retails for 8,500 Yen
Release: Late June
1/7 Scale Asagiri Mai from Yoake
Maker: Wave
Retails for 6,500 Yen
Release: Late July
1/8 Scale Feena Fam Earthlight from Yoake
Maker: Max Factory
Retails for 6,000 Yen
Release: End March

I swear I couldn't help it!! These purchases would set me back about 300SGD, but I couldn't resist it!! Besides figure pre-orders, I had also purchased a 1GB Ipod Shuffle (Red) for 78SGD last night. Had it personalised with my online alias and should receive it within the next few days. It's about time to restart my training regime with some music on the go!! (I actually stopped going for jogs/cycles at home after my Creative MuVo Slim broke down. No music no exercise! Running in-base doesn't count.)

I believe I had mentioned before in another post after returning from Japan, that I was going to organise another trip to Comiket for the end of this year. Sad to say that trip is more or less canceled, mainly due to lack of funds (blame the figures!). Another reason behind the cancellation is that, I would want to save up that money, and visit other places around the world first, since I intend to stay in Japan in the future I can do all my traveling then. Places on my "To Visit List" includes Prague (Czech Republic), Vienna (Austria), Switzerland, Rome/Sicily/Vatican (Italy), Athens (Greece), Alaska (USA) and many others, but those named have "priority". In fact I wish to travel the world if possible, and see as many sights as possible. *Dreaming away ^^*

Getting back down to earth, I might be going to Japan this coming June for maybe a week. Which part of Japan I'm not sure yet, but plans are underway. I'm sure you are wondering with my previous paragraph and with this I'm contradicting myself. Well, if someone tempts you with a free air ticket (or a really cheap ticket) and all you have to do is act the tour guide...why not? But even if I do go, don't expect giant loots from Akiba again, this trip would solely be on sightseeing and totally on budget (Current estimates puts it at about 1k to 1.3k SGD).

This week will also see the release of Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone exclusively at Cathay Cinemas from 13th March onwards. Sad to say as I'm on night shift this week, I'll not be able to catch it on the day of it's release. Hopefully will catch it during the weekends. I wonder if there's any SG anime groups who are organising a movie outing for this, would have loved to join them. If I'm not wrong it's the 1st of 7 movies to come, should have other opportunities in the future. Enjoy and Signing out.

P.S: Had tried to change the title of the previous post but keep getting some error on the html. Gave up. Either way, future Vocaloid related videos will be placed under a new category. Another new category (Travels) will be spawning out something this week too so just look out for it.


gordon said...

don't worry bro, the Chua Churam is definitely a good buy. i pre-ordered mine at toyntoys @ $80 something. how much did u get yours? ^^;

Panther said...

I am pretty sure La Tendo had preorders for all or most of those stuff, member-only but I could have gone down with you and you could have used my card haha. Might have gotten them cheaper. So what price did you get them at, like Gordon asked?

Yeah I would like to travel, but I prefer to live in US. Japan's culture may seem fine to us, but I hear the standard of living there, and the way the culture is will eventually get to you in the long run. Not a nice place to live in, but certainly more than well worth visits and returns.

Kawasumi Hirito said...

As for actual cost I wouldn't know yet as it'll only be charged when it ships. Pre-ordered off HobbySearch directly with the other figures (Feena ordered from play-asia).

As for living in the US, sadly it'll be hard for me. Visited before and didn't really adapt/accustom to the culture there. Australia is another nice place to run too and stay ^^. Need to travel more to see the world to understand and learn!

wongtcsg said...

I want to go japan - akihabara.
Organise a 1 week trip? When?
The eva movie that is showing at cathay is the first one, there are 3 more to go not 7.
Those figurines you order are good.
I also have 2 pre-order -
gurren lagann yoko from enterbrain and figma saber. Should cost me around $100+.