Thursday, February 28, 2008

Eroge Releases.

Tomorrow is 29th Feb, a date which only comes once every 4 years, and on this day in Akihabara, multiple eroges are being released together to swarm the eroge markets and empty our wallets. Of the multiple releases, I'll be giving 3 of them a try, and To Hearts 2 Another Days is definitely one of them, as mentioned in a previous post. However I've read a disturbing rumor behind TH2AD, in which Ikuno Komaki, the younger sister of Manaka Komaki from To Hearts 2, her route has been left out from the finished game. This is sad news if it's true, as I intended to play out her story first. Let's hope it's not the case.

Onto the second game on the list, which was more of a last minute "let's just try it out". D.C.P.K. Da.CaPoker. Being a fan of the Da Capo series (the anime is a letdown though, especially D.C.S.S and D.C II), this was one game I just had to try. It consist of the heroines from both the Da Capo and Da Capo II games, and it is mainly about playing... Poker. Truthfully I don't know much about playing poker, besides the card combinations to win (or even attempt to win by bluff). Maybe might pick up how to truly play the game from this ^^, and at the same time enjoy myself. Need more Kotori and Anzu!

Last but not least, a selection which came out of no where (I blame Danny again), Beat Blades Haruka (NFSW). Seriously though, this game is going to be mainly just... ~ecchi stuff~ all the time, as it is needed to give them "power" (I can't believe I just typed that -.-"). Why am I going to play it then? When there's a lolicious character like Narika in the game, how can I resist?

As for the slow down of updates during alternate weeks, it's due to my shift work at base. Usually when working night shift I hardly have time to do any post. Will catch up during the weekend and the following week, and this should last about 3 more months till I'm released from the grasp of the evil warlord of the country. Tonight should end early, see if I can pop another post up. Added the OP of Da.CaPoker and Beat Blades Haruka below, enjoy. Signing out.

P.S: Apparently TH2AD and D.C.P.K has been leaked onto the net even before their release date. Go hunt/search for them if wanted ^^.

Da.CaPoker OP

Beat Blades Haruka OP


wongtcsg said...

Where did you plan to get the game?
If order online, can it pass through the singapore custom?

Kawasumi Hirito said...

It's called the "Electronic Highway" ^^. As for ordering online, not sure it'll pass, no experience in that. But so far my Dengeki Hime, which does contain some questionable content, is passing through custom with ease. Might give it a try for eroge in the future.

Panther said...

Air base fella? ORD loh, used to be in Changi Air Base though. Got a friend who is now in Tengah. Apache must be Sembawang?
Got a special feature up in my blog of a local anime figures shop, and seeing as how it is Sat already, I will have to say I am going down today, care to meet up there? Feature is 2nd post currently in main index of my blog.
Sorry for slightly off-topic comment haha, think chatbox not big enough.

Kawasumi Hirito said...

Yea I'm based in Sembawang.

Aaaaahhhh wished you had posted earlier! Would have loved to gone down too but I woke up only at about 1pm ><.

Panther said...

We met there at 2+ City Hall. You could have still joined us haha. Maybe next time then. I should be posting about when I have to go down next, likely end of this month only though, due to the arrival of some preorders.