Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy April Fools Day!! Further Updates to Previous Post.

I'm sure everyone had enough April Fools Day jokes for the year, even I'm getting bored of it, too much just kills the fun, but still wishing everyone a Happy April Fools!! Hope no one has killed anyone from getting "pissed" at being the joke of the day. I never really liked pulling pranks on others, and at times I do get abit irritated at their constant efforts to make everything a joke. I'm also now paranoid at any news on this day, never knowing what's real and what isn't.

I don't think it's much of a joke if the girl you're dating turns out to be a guy. Hamaji Yakumo from H2O: Footprints in the Sand. Still want?

Remember the Freeze Video I posted yesterday? Today, another 200+ people were "frozen" in Queens St Mall in Brisbane, Australia, in which one of my friend Calvin (also the one who went to Japan last Dec with me) participated in. His coverage of the event isn't out yet, but a video taken by his friend is posted. He's too lazy to post now and I'm hijacking the video first ^^, but tune to his blog sometime tomorrow or the day after for better coverage.

Brisbane Freeze Day 2008 (View from my friend's friend videocam, awaits official video)

It looks real fun, and I'm planning to participate in a similar one taking place right here in Singapore too. And yes there's going to be one here sometime in May, and they're also currently looking for more people interested (have yet to mail them my interest too). However I'm not posting the link to their "details", in fear that information might leak out into public. For those interested could mail me at hirito at gmail dot com, or you can add me to your MSN thru hitokirib_kenshin86 at hotmail dot com (I'm too lazy to change my MSN address to my gmail account).

More updates from yesterday, Panther had posted the details to this weekend outing. I'll be going for this outing, and this will also be the first time that I'm actually meeting people I've come to know from blogs/blogging, and I'm abit nervous, but I'm sure we're all nice people no?

Proper post will come tomorrow (I promise! Not a April Fools joke!!), and I already know what to be typing for that. Stay tuned and I'm out.

If this was real, it's scary.

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gordon said...

panther eats small children for breakfast. lol. no seriously we won't bite (we will try).