Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Japan Trip II - Loots!!

I'm sure rather than the actual trip photos, people would prefer to see the loots first, thus the first post of the trip is none other than the goodies I've obtained during this trip!!
Warning: Some links may be NFSW, click at own risk!

Japan Loot overview!! Definitely not as much
as last time though, due to tight budgeting.
2 Full sets of Pixel Maritan Drill Books 1-3, one for me and another for Squee (for those who doesn't know what's Pixel Maritan's about, refer to this older post by me on it). The last book 3 is for my friend Calv, who already has gotten the other 2 books on our last trip to Japan. The Queen's Blade Books are for Raven.
Figures and plushies!! Max Factory's Kureha (rare find!!) for Panther, Nendo Miku for Fariz, Figma Yuki for C.I, Botan Plushie for Calv; while the Nendo Petit Lucky Star + Black Mage Chocobo is mine! (I put on my robe and wizard hat reference LOL^^)
Artbooks for Shinshi Doumei Cross + Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, manga series done by Arina Tanemura, my all time favourite manga artist ^^ (I already have the artbook for Full Moon wo Sagashite). The others are: Zero no Tsukaima clock (Louise love ^^), Little Busters! Pencil Board + Mouse pad (Rin is moe~! nyan~), Lucky Star stickers and Card Deck, and the Byousoku 5cm Hardcover Novel. Fantastic Story.Here's the LS Card Deck spread out. It's cute ^^. Para-para dance!!
Doujin wise, not much were bought. I also didn't really had much time to slowly look through the shelves of doujins, since my friend on this trip was abit uncomfortable with these kind of stuff. And I was also getting tired of listening to his "lectures" on the "ecchi" animes and such, why it's bad and all. No matter how much I tried to explain, he just sticks to his belief. Oh well each to his own. He does watch anime/read manga though, Naruto... bah.

Anyway, the folder + top 2 doujins are by REI's Room, and the bottom 2 is by Kyougetsutei and KEI.Top to Bottom, Left to Right: TACO x2, Combined Doujin (UraFMO, C☆ZONE, Bunbukudou), 640km/h over, Tennenseki, REI's Room x2, KOKIKKO, Arestica, Kamogawaya.
Manga bought on the trip. The top 3 are works done by Tinkle; the Miku manga has some of the Hatsune Mix chapters + alot more; the Nanoha Strikers Parody Manga by Ashita wa Docchida!; and KissXsis was some random buy which I thought would be a cute read.
That's about it for all my anime loots, but the most expensive thing I bought this trip was this vest by Burberry Black Label @ 19,000 Yen (That's about S$250). I think there's something wrong with my taste in fashion, simply because any clothes that I fall in love with, has some very big values on them (or like what my mom calls it, The Midas Touch). There were so many other clothes I would have loved to buy back, but they cost in the 12k-23k yen range, and that is totally out of my budget, thus only this 1 vest was bought.

That's it for the loots, the food souvenirs and stuff for my family wouldn't be interesting so I didn't take photos of them.
I took about 1.2k photos during this trip, and I'll need to go through and sort them out. This time round though, I'll be doing a day by day (or combine 2 days in 1 depending on amount of photos) posting sequence. That's about it for now, photos of trips (Day 1) to come tomorrow!! Signing Out.

P.S: Sorry Kazearashi I didn't get you your Nendo Miku. The normal stock was already sold out, and I could only find resale Mikus, and they were going for nearly double the original price (Fariz's Miku was at 4,200 Yen). Since I couldn't contact you during the span of the trip (I was on MSN on most nights btw), I didn't want to risk buying it and having you not be able to afford it, thus I didn't get it. Gomen -.- Hope you'll understand.


NomadicWriter said...

Love the loot! looks like you had a great time, I cant wait till i can go to japan!

Rin said...

I want your loot!!!!!
Your lucky to go to Japan twice!!!!!
I would jump on the chance to go twice!!!!!!
I'll be going inAugust!!!!!! Argh the wait is killing me!!!!!!
Your loot from your first trip is crazy!!!!!!
I'm going to try to out do u!!!!!!

Still, love your loot!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Burberry Black Label1s vest look great.
but to tell you the truth.
Is a little too expensive

Random Misconception said...


Team Blue owes you Lunch. ^^

Anonymous said...

Haha, it seems like a trip to buy things for your friends!

Kawasumi Hirito said...

nomadicwriter: Start saving and it'll be soon ^^.

rin: LOL good luck on outdoing me, it's more of the "How am I going to carry all these back" part which will kill you! Hope you'll have fun on your trip this August! *wants to see a loot post too*

rokku: yea it's definitely on the expensive side, but I couldn't resist it. I had been trying to find a vest something like that for nearly 3 years already, and once I saw this I couldn't take my eyes off it.

CI: Lunch? Nah. Just pay me whatever I spent on the goodies and I'll be happy ^^. *wonders whether to add a "shipping" charge :D*

Kawasumi Hirito said...

soshi: yep I had lots of orders. Sucks to be such a good friend, I just can't say no lol.

gordon said...

hirito will u be going for another Tokyo trip with friends next year? if yes do u mind if i tag around? i need a tour guide since i have never step foot in japan before. ^^;

Kawasumi Hirito said...

gordon: next year... I doubt it. Two trips in such a short time has burnt out whatever cash I had to use lol, and even if I do go Japan, I don't think I'll head to Tokyo for more than 3 days, rather spend the time in other areas I haven't been to. It's actually quite easy to navigate around on just some simple research, that's what I did for my first maiden trip to Japan too.

Ahhhh I want my next long distance trip to be to Prague!! Air Tix is some expensive though -.-"

Fariz Asuka said...

Thanks a million for the nendo Miku Hirito.. Hope we didn't made you bankrupt after your Japan trip.. :(

But it is kinda cool for you to go to Japan twice.. ^^

Squee said...

Thx for helping me get the books :D

btw did you go look at Burberry Blue label over there? it's a Japan exclusive.
My more expensive piece of clothing was a lemoned windbreaker I got for 17k Yen. You still win XD

Kawasumi Hirito said...

Fariz: bankrupt, give me more money for your Miku please :D lol. I shall hold her ransom!

squee: no prob. Yes i also did went to the Blue Label, but not to my liking (besides a 16k yen jacket). Btw, I had never bought a clothing for more than 200SGD before, and only have like 1 or 2 pieces in the 100SGD range, so this is actually my first time spoiling myself on clothings haha.

wongtcsg said...

loots, so many....

Panther said...


Seriously when you SMS'ed me that day I was like, WTF, LAST DAY you found her. So freaking lucky. Screw Kotona I can get her elsewhere.

Rin said...

Don't worry Hirito. I got ways...
Like shipping it back...

Raven said...

Are those NFSW because of me?

Lucky I did not ask you get some yaoi stuff else you friend will definitely go through another Akihabara massacre.

Did you manage to get any photos from the Akihabara massacre aftermath?

Thanks ^.^

Kawasumi Hirito said...

wongtcsg: stay saving! it's just a matter of time.

panther: I should have charge more :D muahahahahahaha!!!!

rin: yea shipping's good, but pricey. And the fact that my last trip the only days that I could have attempted to ship my stuff back, the post offices were closed, so I had no choice but to carry them back myself. I actually set aside an amount for the shipping but couldn't.

raven: nope, didn't take any photos of the Akiba incident aftermath, as just didn't felt it was right. Respect those who has fallen. And also, when you want your Queen's Blade books??