Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Japan Day 4+5+6: Various Locations.

Will be combining 3 days photos, but didn't take much photos on these days anyway. On to the photos!!

Day 4: Tsukiji + Imperial Gardens + Yasukuni Shrine + Nakano + Ueno.
It seems that Bandai's main building is in the Asakusa area, spotted it while walking towards Kuramae Station.Tsukiji is crazy!!! The amount of traffic is madness!! We didn't see the tuna auctions, but after seeing the craziness even if it's not during its peak hour, we believe we had made the correct decision of not coming early. We didn't take a walk inside the main market but only on the outskirts, but that was enough. I was never fond of mayhem. Still had a sushi breakfast and it was good... Want more ootoro!!
After Tsukiji, we walked towards the Tokyo Imperial Palace, heading towards the Imperial East Gardens, enroute through Ginza. Out of Ginza area, and just before reaching the palace, these huge plains of grass and trees makes it a very nice place to just hang out and relax.They might even be good places to do some figurine photo-shoots too!! Love the emptiness.
Guard Tower?? Random photo. Love doing those water reflection photos.
Within the East Gardens, there are smaller gardens where they have flowers and trees (they're labeled with their names too). Lovely flowers especially, and spotted lots of other photographers taking photos of the flowers. There were also groups of environmentalist(?) or plant-lovers doing some "study" of the flora (more like going "O.O what is this? Adds to note book.")
More empty plains, perfect for picnics.
Once done with the East Gardens, we then walked to Yasukuni Shrine, the controversy shrine behind bad relations between China and Japan, mainly due to having enshrined 14 A-Class War Criminals and having high-ranking Japanese Officials (Junichiro Koizumi mainly) paying their respects at this shrine. I couldn't hold my laughter though, when I saw one of the ema plaques having someone wrote on it "Free Tibet!". Surely looking for trouble I guess.An actual Zero-sen (repaired reassembled from various crashed/incompleted Zeros after the war) being displayed in their museum. My favourite WWII aircraft too! I was going "OMG ZERO SHIKI! WOOT!" when I saw this.This trip wasn't planned, but due to the huge amount of extra time which we had, having cleared the various locations before hand at a much faster speed than I had expected, my friend decided to let me go Nakano, to Nakano Broadway. Treasures I definitely found there; my Nendoroid Petit Lucky☆Star Set @ 7,000 yen (no where else had!! And buying it from La Tendo back in SG is crazily expensive), and Nendo Miku at a "cheaper" price (yes Fariz your Miku came from here) of 4,200 yen (The next cheapest I found at Akiba was 4,500 yen).

Day 5: Harajuku + Shibuya + Shinjuku.
Love the 2nd from left dress. Cute! Comes with a Nekomimi hood too!

We met up with another friend who was in Japan at the same time as us, but her trip was for 17 days. Anyway, this wasn't a day for me, but mainly for my friends, as they went on their clothes shopping sprees..... Even though I was going "Yep no problem I'm okay with shopping", but truthfully, I was bored to death. Yes I may have found clothes that I liked (and wanted to buy), but like my vest... It's all tooooooo expensive for me!! The only time I enjoyed myself, was the Karaoke!! Sang quite a few songs: Hirai Ken - Canvas + Hitomi wo Tojite; B'z - Ocean (Umizaru rocks! my no.1 favourite Jdrama, need to do a review on it one day); Haruhi - Hare Hare Yukai + God Knows (I didn't choose these songs, but it seemed another one of the guys from my other friend's group is a Haruhi fan, so yea we both sang it together! and we rocked!!); KOTOKO - Snow Angel; Maaya Sakamoto - Loop; doriko - Uta ni Katachi wa Nai Keredo (I can't believe I actually found this Miku song!! Too bad couldn't find any other Miku songs... I would have rocked on them all!).

Seems like I could only remember these few songs, but not that we could sing alot too, since we only had 2 hours, and 4 of us were trying to hog the system/mic lol. I've attached youtube links to the song names too, in case you want to listen to them. Aaaahhh can't wait to go to the Singapore's Japanese Karaoke so I can rock again! But no more high-pitched songs for me though, I couldn't handle Hirai Ken's songs truthfully, neither could do so for KOTOKO.

Day 6: Akihabara + Odaiba.
The Rainbow Bridge in Sunset, along Odaiba Seaside Park.

This day was supposed to be going to Tokyo Disneyland, but because it was raining, and not knowing where else to go, we decided to just enjoy walking in the rain, and headed to Akiba to do abit of MY shopping in the morning/early afternoon. But late afternoon (about 4pm) the rain stopped, in which we headed to the futuristic island of Odaiba.
View of the Odaiba Seaside Park, a small beach area.
We also took a side trip to New York to visit the Statue of Liberty. OR at least it got "Teleported" here.
I was actually making fun of the naming of this subway station in my previous trip (and abit of referencing to the above comment), about being a "teleport" station and such, but at least it does look futuristic from the outside(?). Anyway, "Beam me up, Scotty!" ^^
The sunset looks so beautiful.
Random photo while enroute to Palette Town.
Inside the Partire Tokyo Bay Wedding Village. A place for those couples in Japan who wants a western styled wedding in Tokyo. Anyway, we got chased out by security after taking this shot though LOL. Guess we're not allowed in there. It was fine the last time I came though, maybe the guard was having PMS. The ferris wheel at Palette Town.Walked back to Odaiba Seaside Park for some night photography. The jetty you see is where you'll arrive at when you take the waterbus from Asakusa/Hinode Pier to Odaiba.
And 1 more shot of the Rainbow Bridge in it's beauty at night. You can also see the orange-lighted up Tokyo Tower in the background to the right of the bridge.

That's it for the 3 days, and I'm thinking of doing a combined Day 7+8 post too, since it's just Disneyland + DisneySea; Will confirm after sorting photos. As to why I didn't do a post yesterday, and most likely including tomorrow, is because I went to my friend's house for gym + swimming, and mass Guitar Hero III on his Xbox 360!! That game is fun!! Even though I can only managed up till medium difficulty, and hard just kills me. Can't wait for Guitar Hero: World Tour!! The mic is mine!! Tomorrow will be going to his place again, so I don't know if I got the will to do a post. Oh well... Signing out for now.


Squee said...

You should have gone into the market cos there's lotsa interesting fishes to look at ^^

I loled when I thought of the 'zero fighter'

The store you saw at harajuku is Putumayo, a Punk Lolita brand with lotsa animal themed stuff. It was part of my Lolita pilgrimage in Tokyo ^^;

double said...

I went to Odaiba back in April, but all I took there were shots in the sunlight. I managed to snap a couple of photos during sunset, but missed the chance to take any night shots as there was a meet up at night.

Anonymous said...

Oooh Putumayo!! I love their hoodies but they're too expensive. ): My cousin and friends have a couple though!

There's an open field behind the ferris wheel at Odaiba which is great for taking photographs! My friends and I went there in the night and took lots of shots. XD

Panther said...

Some nice scenery shots there. Also Guitar Heroes rocks...I only can do up to medium too. Never played 3 though, and 4 is already coming out.

calvin hii. said...

u needed more scenic shots like this @ odaiba dan. ^^

Random Misconception said...

GH3 gets stale. VERY QUICK.

Also, great photos of Nakano Broadway. I'm visiting come EoY, it's confirmed! I'll need your advice on that yeah?

Mizunaga said...

Zero-sen! XD

Nice scenery shots~

Kawasumi Hirito said...

squee: too chaotic to enter lol. Those mini-trucks/forklight are like zooming everywhere!!

double: the night view is very nice to see, but not really worth it if you just force yourself there just to see (transport is expensive afterall)

soshi: I took the photos of the ferris wheel along the pathway next to the "highway". I had try to do some long exposures (>15sec), but there were so many big trucks driving past, you could feel the concrete bridge vibrate, thus shaky photos.

panther: We're all GH noobs then!

calv: -.-"

C.I: Guess I'll be giving lots of information to you where to shop for anime goods when you visit ain't it? It's good, as long as you help grab some doujins that I want for me too!!

mizunaga: Need more scenic areas for even better scenery shots! I find the ones of the Imperial East Gardens slightly boring lol.

gordon said...

the night shots looks beautiful. wish i was there with ya. :-(

Kawasumi Hirito said...

gordon: night shots looks good, carrying a tripod around the whole day just for night isn't! lol. I'm sure it would had been alot of fun if you were along the trip too, at least someone of similar hobbies to chat with!