Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Temptation: Mama Chapp.

I was simply infected when I first lay my eyes on one of this cuties, but didn't have the actual desire to own one, that is until now... I'm now soooo tempted to get hold of one (or a pair ^^)!!! But with a costly price-tag, it's hard to upkeep this possible hobby, especially when I have so many other expensive hobbies, I'll go bankrupt in no time! Well, I'm on my way there though. Well, if by some chance I managed to find one in Japan which is within my budget, I think I'll get it... or not... AAAaaahhhh I can't decide!!! Anyway, here's some pictures taken from their site. Feel the temptation together with me!!! (I know someone else is already feeling it LOL. *insert evil laughter*) For those who doesn't know, these dolls are called Mama Chapp.

I'm actually hoping to find these pair if possible ^^.
Goth Lolita ftw!!
Another cute pair ^^.
These are stand-alone (as in doesn't have a matching pair).
Love the Konata one especially (I swear it's sold out). Timotei~
Here's another 2 of Konata in Maid costume.
Aahhh Simply Irresistible!! I want!


Squee said...

I wanted one of the top 2 dolls too... but sadly they're gonna cost like S$500 each

Kawasumi Hirito said...

Nah it's not that much, but still in the hundreds range lol. If I do find them and it's within my budget, I think I'll be grabbing them!! Too hard to resist now!! *I blame the constant looking at the pictures that is lowering my resistance*

Random Misconception said...

They remind me of the RM pullip dolls.

And Konata is epic. ^^

Kawasumi Hirito said...

Actually, pullip dolls scares me. LOL.

And yes, that Konata is epic! It's even better when you see Kagami and Tsukasa with her (I saw at Comiket).

Anonymous said...

I just found the pair in Yahoo! Auction Japan. Prepare to cough up $600

Anonymous said...

I have 62bucks all pay u i f I can even have one

Anonymous said...

Oh wait I have more than that