Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Thru the Years: Kuantan, 2005

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2nd in the series, brings us once again back to Malaysia, but this time it's Kuantan, 29th April - 2nd May 2005. This was also my first trip with the Nikon D70 DSLR which I borrowed from my uncle to use. This trip, we traveled in a convoy of about 30+ cars, organised by a company called Wheels-For-Fun. For starters, we were given a map, and clues to reach our destination in Kuantan (had to travel up on our own, part of the fun), and at the same time look out for certain objects along the route to fill in a puzzle to "claim" a prize when we reach.

Upon reaching our destination, the true tour then starts, where we visit various locations for sightseeing, and the main attraction, FOOD! This trip was totally filled with lots of eating, easily reaching 8-10 "meals" a day, mainly finger food. Anyway, on to the photos!!
First up after reaching our destination, let the food fest begin!!
We stayed at Hyatt Regency Kuantan, view from one of the walkways.
Beach Resort style living, I like ^^.
Some Batik/souvenir shop? And no I couldn't "read" the
Chinese words which said "Photographs Forbidden" ^^.
Some small village which we saw lots of things: Coconut-collecting Monkey, Spinning Top action etc. Damn my memory's abit bad I can't really recall.
The main attraction of the trip (besides the food), was visiting Turtle Conservation Center in Cherating. This enclosure is where they keep the turtle eggs until they hatched, then transferred to a "swimming" compound for them, and then released back into the wild.And the baby Leatherback turtles were really cute!!
As part of the project, we helped to release the baby turtles back into the sea. But sadly according to them, only about 10-20% of them would survive and reach adulthood. The most would just get eaten/die/various others. Sad fact but that's reality.
More food. I forgot what the triangular shaped one is called,
but those on the plate is called Otak-otak, Good stuff.
Again more food!! This time it's some breaded crabs. Supposed to be quite famous, but didn't really suited me. I still prefer chilli crabs or fresh Hokkaido crabs ^^.Onwards to another location, took a sneak shot behind our car. Only a small portion of the back convoy could be seen (there's still about 10 cars in front of us too).
Once again food. Deep fried stuff like sotong (aka squid),
fish, and I can't ID the other on the stick lol.And more more more food. Forgot what's it called. Needs ID-ing.
Random night shot of the beach. Love the waves...
Ahh I wanna go surfing again!! (even if I suck at it)
Seafood dinner, choose your pick.Last day of trip, took a group photo before we left the Hyatt. This trip was also part of the "Save the Turtles" project organised by Malaysia Tourism.
On our way to another location, we stopped by this shop which sells lots of preserved stuff. The smell was overwhelming, as I can't really stand the heavy fishy atmosphere, so I had to go in and out quite a few times. But these kind of stuff are a hit among the "aunties", as I watched them grabbing bags and bags of goodies.
Another part of the same store, but mainly pre-packaged goods.
Our final destination for the trip was going to see a waterfall, though I had forgotten the name of it lol. Right after I took this shot, my camera battery died on me, so that's the end of it. This waterfall seems to be very popular with the locals, and many can be seen swimming in the water pools too. There were even children slides and all installed on the lower portion of the area. Felt more like a mini water-park to me.
And to end off, here's a turtle that I stole from the Conservation Center!! .... Not!! Unlike Danny who carries his figures around, I tend to carry my plushies around instead (I wasn't into figure buying then also). I'll stop here for now. Next scheduled post in 3 days time!! Until then, Signing out.


Anonymous said...

Wow, everything looked nice there

Rabi'atul'adawiyah said...

the triangle shape = SATA
the stick one = OTAK-OTAK
both are very delicious..
but, I love otak-otak more..