Saturday, June 7, 2008

Thru the Years: Pulau Aur, 2005

Note: This is an automated posted entry. I'm currently not at home ^^. But don't refrain from posting comments, I should have internet access there so I'll still be able to reply.

By the time you read this post, I'm already in Japan!! I had wanted to start this "Thru the Years" series of posts about 3 months ago, but didn't feel the need to do it since I kept having topics to post about. But now since I'm overseas, and not wanting my blog to go into hiatus status, I'm making use of blogger's "post ahead of time" system to do some delayed postings. This should last till I'm back on the 16th.

This is my first ever trip that I had a camera to use to take photos, and it was a diving trip to Pulau Aur, Malaysia, 11-13th March 2005. Organised by Singapore Polytechnic Diving Club (one which I helped to set up within the school), it was a training trip for many, but I went just for leisure diving. Anyway, on to the photos! Land photos taken using a Pentax Optio MX4, while underwater photos are taken using a Canon Powershot A40.

Group photo!These 2 were test shots I took in SP's swimming pool, while the dive instructors were teaching the rest of the newbies. First time doing underwater photography too.Our "base" of operations off Pulau Aur, this is Sebukang Bay.Maintenance of equipment after a dive. Changing of oxygen tanks etc. Here's the A40 in it's water-proof casing for my underwater shots. View of jetty from the shore.This camera is quite old, and due to being a noob, my photos didn't turn out too well. But it's also due to the poor visibility that made the photo this way. My dive buddy for this trip, Kenneth, posing with some corals in the background.A Feather Star on some hard corals.A Moral eel hiding in it's lair.Chasing the pufferfish! Fugu for dinner anyone?Sunset by the beach, love the sun-rays bursting from behind the clouds.One of my favourite photos of all time. Sunset by Sebukang Bay.

This photo series will last till I come back from Japan, and will be published every 3 days, thus expect 2 more of this post (Initially planned 5, but couldn't complete all 5 posts in time before I left). The full series (I'll continue so even after coming back, but less frequent) will cover more of my travels during the past 3 years. So until then, enjoy them!! Signing out.


Fariz Asuka said...

Hirito.. Hey sorry about this not being related to the entry.. If you are reading this, can I ask you to get for me a Nendo Miku?? I will gladly be thankful if you can do so.. I will pay you back, honest.. ^^

BTW, sorry again.. -_-"

Kawasumi Hirito said...

No problem I can help look for you, but Nendo Miku might be abit hard to get now. (Refer to comment in previous post for details). But I'll do my best anyway ^^.

gordon said...

the water-proof casing for the camera looks interesting. i'm always fascinated with underwater shots of marine life. ^^;