Sunday, February 3, 2008

Japan Trip Loots and others!

As promised that I'll do a post on the anime loots from Japan before the end of this week, and I intend to keep that promise (I was actually lazy to do it). Besides the Japan trip loots, I'll also be putting some "preview" shots of part of my room, but since most of the room still isn't done it's also ain't much. Also included will be my MEGAMI and Dengeki Hime collection to date ^^. WARNING: Some of the photos and links are NSFW (Not Safe For Work), view at your own risk.

Doujins Circles: Bunbukudou, Nagomiko, Shigunyan, Takanae, LiZ, Hisuitei.Hiro Suzuhira (HEART-WORK), Hinako Satomi (WARP LOOP) Kokikko, Arestica.Leaf, QP:flapper, Akane Makes Revolution (AMR), Ashita wa Docchida!, Rei's Room, Tennenseki, Nakigokoti, Ninomiya, Goto-P. Suzuya, PINK CHUCHU, Romantic Sintai Kensa (RSK), Io Lite, Kyougetsutei, Quarter Iceshop. Little Hamlet, RSK, Utsura Uraraka, Nyankichi, Chibitan, SONIC WINTER.Shiropanda, Rio-Grande, Endori (Sou-Shi-Bana), Hironi & Nirvana Soft, Nekomaya, Kuromikuzi, Snow Child, 508ROOM, Tiny Feather, Kamogawaya, Zenpo Huchui. Traumatize, Frill*Frill, CASCADE, AMR, Harthnir, RSK, Ice and Choco, VisualArts. Various Artbooks.Little Busters! Noumi Kudryavka Dakimakura,
To Heart 2 Kusugawa Sasara Sports Towel, Clannad Botan Plushie.Various extras from Comiket and others, including the
Ito Noizi & Naru Nanao C73 Collaboration Telephone Card. Location where I store my doujins and Artbooks.My figurines!! The Saber is my cousin's one though. I hand-carried Sasara, Ayu and Fauna from Japan. The 2 Lucky Star boxes were checked-in luggage. Louise just arrived last week.
How my glass cabinet looks like currently.The nicest part of my room currently (my opinion). I like how you can see through to the manga and at the same time enjoy the sights of the Da Capo II posters.Not much manga, but no money to buy more neither, though I really want to. Also notice the poor Freedom and Justice up there. Eventually when I need more space they will have to go. There's no room for mecha in a room full of moe~!! Also have a Providence and Archangel Model Kit which I have yet to touch since buying them from their release date (yes it's been a long time). Doubt they'll be seeing any action in the future neither. It may be a good time to give them away as presents to my Gundam Seed crazy younger cousins.As mentioned in a previous post, I dropped by KKnM yesterday (020208) evening to grab a copy of the G's Festival Vol.11 Fortune Arterial Special.The Shiro Dakimakura is too cute!! Though I wished they had added a zip at the bottom of the dakimakura so that the cover wouldn't easily come out when in use. Quality wise, not as good as the Noumi one, but what can one expect from a much cheaper version? 9,450 yen for the Cospa Noumi VS 2,200 yen for the magazine + freebies which includes this dakimakura.The remaining bags from Comiket which will not be left hanging around the room as I don't know where to arrange them at. Will be keeping them stored elsewhere. A photo just to show they exist. The remaining bags will be seen when I take photos of my room after I arrange everything and clean things up in preparation for Chinese New Year.Location where my MEGAMI and Dengeki Hime are stored. Just above my computer.Currently Only have 5 volumes of Dengeki Hime, as I had
only started collecting them from 2007 October onwards.First 12 months buying of MEGAMI which I collected monthly from KKnM last time. However due to money constraint I eventually had to stop collecting them. (2003 Dec - 2004 Nov)Restarted buying MEGAMI after enlistment to NS (2006 June). However instead of buying from KKnM, mine is directly imported from Japan by J-list, same as my Dengeki Hime. Still collecting them till today.More MEGAMI and also MEGAMI Deluxe Vols.

That's about all my loots from Japan and my magazine "library". Not in the photos but are also loots from Japan were my Gurren Lagann and Shakugan no Shana's Torch T-shirts as they are currently in wash. Wore the GL one to KKnM yesterday and the Torch one to church today. Loving those shirts ^^.

Next 2 days would be spent doing up the room and cleaning up, so I doubt I be doing any updates (I'm also rewatching Gurren Lagann at the same time LOL). Hopefully will get those photos of the room up by CNY Eve night. Until then, Enjoy and Signing out.


Windbell said...

Did you buy back the whole Lashinbang store? ^^;

Kawasumi Hirito said...

I wish I could have!! But I think I did spent about 20-30k yen in there. It's truly a jewel.

wongtcsg said...

Almost a month to japan and you come back with a truck load of loots......=.="
How do you get the $ supply to get all this?!

Kawasumi Hirito said...

NS allowance don't spend + savings from previous years + big fat extra money from parents!! Need to start saving for this year again too!! But not that much and a much shorter trip. ><