Monday, February 11, 2008

Room Status.

To many, I'm sure this kind of room would just draw lots of blank looks on people's faces. In fact I already had quite a bit of "feedback" from others over it, mostly negative? I don't know...maybe people would find it more "normal" if I had Playboy poster girls hanged around the room? I enjoy both 2D and 3D, but still....2D is alot cuter? I'm sure those who had "negative feedbacks" doesn't know the concept of moe~ ^^.

Thinking back about half a year ago, I wouldn't had dream of "decorating" my room in this concept. However with the opportunity, where my parents had the whole house repainted, and deciding to dump my old room gloomy look (dark blue layout), I had the room repainted pale orange, and also decided to "decorate" it. As compared to my old room, I'm really loving this now, as it brings out a more refreshing, brightful, cheerful feeling whenever I'm in the room.

Photos viewed might be slightly blurry, blame the fact I had to use slow shutter speed ><.
View upon entry.Work/Computer area.Mini posters at top of cupboard.Glass cabinet area. And yes I have 2 bokkens by the window.More posters.View of work area from bed area.
Bed/Window ledge area.More bed area view.
There's a Code Geachu manga (Code Geass Parody by Ashita wa Docchi da!) on my side table. Was reading it before bed last night. Really funny stuff ^^.
View of both work area + bed.

Manga that I had bought in Japan but didn't post it in the
previous loot post as I forgot about it. Just posting it up now.

This year's Chinese New Year didn't yield in as much as the previous years. It's either because when you're older they give less, or the fact that inflation and the prospect of a possible recession is forcing everyone to have a tighter grip of their wallets. Either way the money from CNY would go towards the Japan II trip I'm planning for end of this year, since already received permission to go again, on the context that I come out the whole funding for it myself (I requested for this condition).

The previous trip had some help from parents (about 30-40% of it?), but I want to earn this trip totally on myself. Definitely a much cheaper trip (est. S$1,700)than the previous (about S$7,300), but it's still an amount to fathom, once you include in the spending on anime goods lol (extra S$1,500?). Currently, I'm only about 20% sure this trip would go through, looking at the economy and the amount that I would be able to raise by then, without touching the money set aside for other stuff. Will need to find a cheap air-ticket too, as that would be the biggest sole cost of the trip, hoping to find one in the S$600 - S$700 range. If only there were budget airlines to Tokyo ><. I guess that's about it for now, the next post should be a review (I had only done 1 so far!!), so until then... Signing out.


wongtcsg said...

The room looks brighter and bigger.
Cheerful mood.
All those cute 2D girls poster looks great. (^.^)

calvin hii. said...

who cares about what others think. as long as you enjoy your room its all that counts. i would even decorate my room with hardcore pornography if i wanted, to heck with public opinions.

and mark my words,





Kawasumi Hirito said...

wongtcsg: It definitely have a cheerful mood feel to it. Whenever I feel slightly down I just have to look around and it cheers me up abit, as compared to before where I'll get even more emo -.-".

Calv: You are never going to get near my Botan again!! Not after that stunt you tried to pull off at the airport!! Good thing I always kept an eye on him ^^.

gordon said...

nice room. i love the posters. ^^;