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Anime Influences.

Warning: Long wall of text (not as long as others though).
With the wide genres of animations, and the infinite possibilities that could occur in this world, and the amount of emotion that animators are able to fill each series with, it would certainly have an effect/influence (even slight) on our daily lives, be it the way our mind thinks, the activities that we do, or dreams that we want to achieve. So far for me it does have its positive effects, but it surely does have its negatives too.

1. Sports. My interest in playing Basketball definitely came about from reading/watching Slam Dunk(SD) back then in 2000, when I just started watching anime more often. I had always enjoyed playing sports, but I could never find the passion to grab myself off the computer and go out to play, be it soccer or anything. However after watching SD, I found myself going out to the nearby basketball court to train, nearly everyday, to improve myself to a level where I could play much more competitively against others.

From watching SD's, I found a liking to Mitsui's playing style, and developed myself around that style (3-point shooting). Even when I started watching NBA, I liked the way how Peja Stojakovic played, with the devastation from the 3-point line. In a way SD leaded the way in my passion towards basketball, and I had never looked back and still enjoy playing it today (but I'm seriously out of touch since the demolition of the basketball court and will need to re-train again, but will leave that till after ORD).

If you were thinking of a Slam Dunk picture, couldn't
really find one I liked, so here's one of Kyou ^^.

2. PR Skill. I used to be quite bias in thinking before, mainly taking sides/making decisions without thinking about it in deeper detail, and I was pretty naive too, with a very much flickering mind. From watching anime, an environment where we observe the characters from a 3rd person viewpoint, even at times with their mental thoughts process being spoken out as narration, I had developed the need to have a deeper understanding of others, preferring to grasp the whole situation and think from each individual's point of view, before making crucial decisions.

I would certainly say that my relations to others had definitely improved for the better, but at times it surely lacks the speed for instant answers when needed, due to a longer processing time, and at times I find myself at the short end of the stick in which I would tend to lose out (in order not to strain relations). This skill certainly needs improvement for better usage.
Waitress Shana would surely have great PR Skills,
just silence them all with her Urusai.

3. Motivation. I used to give up quite easily when things doesn't turn out for the better, preferring to run away from the problem and forget about it, something I really hate myself for, but that isn't the case now. In many animes, the protagonist would undergo various hardships, hurt, depression, defeat, but at the end of it all they tend to find that last ounce of strength to turn the tables around and rise up to the occasion and ending it all in an epic finisher. I'm guilty of drawing motivation from these individuals (despite it not being real), constantly trying to push myself to see how far I can go, but I'm not crazy enough, and still do give up once reaching a certain limit, in order not to cause physical long-term harm to myself (I surely don't want to drop dead from running).
Most GAR character EVER, Kamina. A great source of motivation.

4. Dreams and Aspiration. With infinite possibilities, there is no boundary to anything, and that makes me daydream alot on the many "What if" in life. I'm now working towards the goal of creating a Mobile Suit, despite the facts that many would say it's not practical nor possible with it's weight; but I'm sure as technology advances at the current rapid rate that it is going, it's surely not impossible. Even if I only manage to develop the needed theories on its creation, or at least the control system before I disappear from this world, I believe I would had played a part in opening the Pandora box to another possible future.

Besides my main project on the MS, I have two other side/pet projects I'm planning to work on. One of them is an inspiration from anime, while another is just continuing a project my father started, which currently I'm working on the theories behind both of them. No information/name of these 2 projects shall be given, top secret ^^, and when it works I'm going to change the world (and break the Law of Physics at the same time). Once again anime plays a part in spurring me on these crazy but not too impossible dreams.
I couldn't find my ZGMF-X13A Providence Gundam (my favourite all time MS) picture after an hour of search in my picture library (way too big), so here's one of S.Freedom/Destiny.

1. Social Life. Even though this part is mainly an effect from gaming (WoW is addictive), anime does play a part. I used to be so engrossed into anime/gaming that I didn't even want to go out and spend time with friends, preferring to be raiding in WoW, watching countless animes, doing an entire anime series marathon, to an extent I felt was really scary when thinking back to the times. In one way, anime can be thought of as an escape from reality, something which I wanted as I couldn't handle the ongoing things in this worthless/heartless world. Thank goodness for me I have stepped out of that phrase, and got back to living in reality, but at times I still don't wish to go out (some of the various reasons: Save money for figures!! Lazy!! Go out also same thing, boring, stay home watch anime better.)

Never drag an Otaku from his com without permission, you
might not survive, or just get the finger. Sayuri from Gad Guard.

2. Emotions: I do find myself dropping into depression once a while, especially when a favourite series end, or having certain characters getting the boot, or the situation was just so depressing (Hantsuki, in which when I watched in BMT, 3 days of depression, talked with platoon mates about it, got the whole platoon depressed eventually ><). My worst bout was from watching Saikano, which I started hating this world, and fell into on-off depression mode for about 3 months. Something weird, but whenever I feel slightly depressed, I have the urge to watch more depressing series/movies, in order to further throw myself into depression. Anyone else the same as me? Even though when I'm depressed, I don't usually show it, as I tend to act normal with everyone, but when I'm alone or an occasionally bout of depressing thoughts that suddenly fills my mind even while with others, then I'll be quite downcast.

I believed I used this pic before, but it clearly sums up the emotions of the scene. Can't stop brawling my eyes out when watching Kanon.

3. Eyesight. The amount of time I'm on the computer could be considered crazy by normal standards. As long as I'm at home and not helping around the house, I'm sure to be at my com, even up to 18 hours a day (longest: 3 days marathon playing Team Fortress non-stop online, break only for food and toilet, just before my Chinese 'O' Levels. I still got a B3 thankfully.) Despite 8-10 years of this routine, amazingly I'm still not wearing any spectacles. Even though I do take a longer time to focus on objects especially at long distance, I have no need for them, but it is slowly deteriorating; worst come to worst there's always Lasik surgery. Anime influence? not really, but surely a possible effect.

I don't have a Megane-ko fetish, but it can be cute
as shown by Eva from Mahou Sensei Negima.

4. Fitness: Enough said. Sitting at the computer watching anime for so long isn't good for one's health, especially if you don't go out for a exercise once a while, in which you'll just balloon.

5. Misc: Constant nosebleeds and Moe~ overdose could be considered as negative no? Over-pushing oneself to the limit with the impression of GAR could be bad too lol. No money from figure/merchandise buying is also bad >< style="text-align: center;"> Death by moe~ has got to be the only way I'm going to die.

With all these pros and cons (there's more but I'm lazy to touch on them), overall I still find that anime has played a positive influence in my life, and I don't think I can stop watching them anytime soon (an addiction? not quite, but could be a fairly thin line). To the rest, how has anime affected you? For the good, or for the worse? Plans to stop anytime soon?
Side note: A trip that is also influenced by anime. I had been thinking of doing this trip when I would had been studying in Japan after finishing my NS, but now since I'm heading to NTU first, I intend to do this trip once I graduate after 3 years of studies. I intend to go on a 3 months (maximum length of stay on visa for Singaporeans) cycling tour of Japan, traveling from Tokyo towards the west coast, then moving up towards Aomori, cross over to Hokkaido, travel up to Wakkanai, come down the eastern coast of Hokkaido, cross back to mainland Honshu, travel down the east coast and back to Tokyo.

I blame Takemoto from Honey and Clover for this inspiration, but I'm was always interested in going on an adventure and this trip is also mainly to take in the sights of the more rural side to Japan. Well definitely need to have near flawless planning and training up on fitness for this, but I got 3 years so there's still alot of time. Anyone else interested in going nuts and going on a trip similar to this? Though I'm not even sure if I could go on this trip eventually, but it's something to work on. Enjoy the post and Signing out ^^.

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