Monday, April 14, 2008

Not so happy Black Day?

A huge majority wouldn't know of this day, and I'm not even sure if anyone still actually "celebrates" this unknown day of the year. Today, being the 14th of April, is the so-called Black Day, where singles get together and eat noodles in black bean sauce, a "celebration" originated from South Korea (or only done in South Korea lol).

Gothic Lolita Shana looks good ^^.

It's not so bad being single though, having the freedom to do anything you want, whatever money you have you can just spend it on yourself, no need to be at the mercy of anyone (if your partner is abusive, you should dump anyway lol) etc. But of course, not having a significant other is kind of ronery ><. No one to be with to cuddle up and share a moment of warmth, no one to have close to you when you're sad/depressed, no one to waste time chatting with for hours and not feel bored about it etc. *stabs self ><*

Bring her home, we all know we want it.

Anyway, time for me to start my Honey and Clover anime marathon (4th time doing this, but doesn't beat the 12 times I had for Uchuu no Stellvia), and here's wishing all you singles (like me ><) out there to have an enjoyable singlehood, until you get attached and forced to live a double life lol, "Happy" Black Day!! Signing out.

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