Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Vocaloid Spotlight: Group Songs Series 1.

Rather than just the usual, having the individual Vocaloid characters singing songs on their own, I've put up some group songs that includes two or more of the chars together.

I forgot who to credit the following pictures
to, but they're all found on PIAPRO.

Miku, Rin, Len, KAITO, MEIKO - Zutto, Zutto... by 黒うさ.

Been wanting to post this song up for quite a long time, but didn't really had the opportunity to do so. The first song I came across which had all 5 of the Japanese Vocaloid family singing together. A nice number to listen to when in a cheerful mood, and the cute artworks in the video makes it even nicer. I'm actually trying to find one of the picture in the video, the first pic which had MEIKO, Miku and Rin together (at the 00:57 - 1:12 mark), but to current date, no success. Uguu~
Mp3 can be gotten here.

Our 3 Vocaloid ladies chibi-fied.
I know it's out of the season, but I just find this
picture really cute that requires it to be posted.

KAITO + Miku - Sakurairo Maiu Koro by ぬこの人 様? (Not sure of the author, and did I get the song name right in the first place?? lol.)

A sweet duet by the two, and the unique voice of theirs seem to match quite nicely together for this single. Nice and peaceful, a song to listen to while watching the rain fall by the window(It's been raining lots these days in Sunny Singapore).
Grab the Mp3 here.

More KAITO and Miku together, with MEIKO in the background.かわええええ。。。。^^

Kagamine Twins (Rin, Len) - Gekoku by the469さん.

Initially, the starting of the song gave off the vibe of a enka-styled song, but it was not to be as soon as the tune changed and Len went rapping. Though I was never a fan for raps, the song eventually grew onto me. There was a part which I nearly burst out in a sudden laughter, while during Rin's cute rap, came to a part where she asked whether she was cuter than Miku-nee (Well Miku is considered their older sister, since she came out before them). I felt that the "comment" by Rin came out so random that I nearly couldn't resist laughing.
Mp3 and Lyrics can be found here. Enjoy ^^.

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