Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Not sure where to start....

Have anyone ever had so many ideas, that you have no idea where to start from? Or be able to concentrate on just one idea and think of how to write it, without having conflicting thoughts from the other ideas idling at the same time within your mind? Guess I'm suffering from this now. Most people have mental blocks, I have mental chaos lol. Needless to say, I'll be putting those long articles on hold for the time being, while I settle down the chaotic thoughts within this brain of mine. (Blame the lack of updates on this... hehe ^^)


For nearly a month, I had been actively going out during the weekends, till I realised that I haven't had a full day of relaxation to myself (as in just stay at home and relax), and it's getting pretty tiring lol. The past weekend was no exception too. On Saturday, I headed down to Suntec City to attend the Asia Dive Expo convention, and sad to say it was a disappointment. First off, having a S$8 entry fee to an event which used to be free in the past is a huge turnoff. Secondly, the lack of advertising for this event lead to a quite miserable crowd, but of course I was happy too that I could move about freely, compared to the IT show. Thirdly, I think the number of booths that was there this year was alot lesser than previous years, but didn't really matter to me since I wasn't planning to buy anything cause I'm broke lol.

Where were the usual crowds? This is a sight
you don't see in conventions in SG often!
Sweet equipment, wished I could afford some new stuff ><. I'll have something like this in the future when I
venture into hardcore DSLR underwater photography.

After ADEX, I headed home to take the car, then drove off to IKEA Tampines to grab some stuff. I was in search of a cushion to "house" my Noumi Cushion Cover which I purchased recently. Somehow, I felt totally owned by IKEA. The cushions that they had, none of their sizes were what I had wanted; 50x50cm, 35x35cm, 40x40cm... but NO 45x45cm. Either way I bought 2 lamps for a combined S$27, and planning to make a small studio setup to take pictures of my figures instead, should I not bring them out for a photo-shoot. Once finished with IKEA, I rushed down to a friend's place to celebrate her 21st Birthday. Played PS3, Mahjong (I watched only but learning), Blackjack, and chatted with some long-time no see friends too. We stayed till about 12am before leaving for home (and as usual the ones with the cars act as free taxi rides).

My Noumi Cushion Cover!!! Where art thou my cushion?
Yep, I've gotten one of those Puchimoe~, Tsundere Vers.
Great fun, but too much pressing makes my fingers tired lol.

I'm sure this post is slightly boring, so I'll breeze through the Sunday. Wake up, go church, have lunch, go out find stuff, reach home clean house + clean room (Finally my room looks clean after 2 months!), go grandparent's place, reach home watch 2-3 eps HnC, sleep. Good news is, I finally found the remaining spray paint that I needed for my bicycle rework; the bad news is, have yet to find a 45x45cm cushion for my Noumi ><. Guess that has to wait till this weekend when I head to town (This weekend is another packed schedule uguu~).

Need a break to just sit back and relax. Eventually....

That's about it for now, as I shall head back to finishing my HnC season II (4 more episodes to go!). Will need to restart work on my bicycle too to get it ready by 18th May where I'll be heading to Sentosa for 3D2N (Family trip), and I plan to cycle around the place when I have nothing better to do. Signing out.

P.S: Cheers!!! My Nendoroid Miku finally arrived by the postman while I was typing out this post!!! Can't wait to do a photo-shoot on her!! お楽しみに!!


Panther said...

MAHJONG. You must play with us. We are beginners too. :D

Kawasumi Hirito said...

What's with that :D at the end!! I know you're all going to siphon money off me!! NEVAR!! lol.