Friday, February 15, 2008

Reviews in Progress.

This post was initially meant as a anime review post on Romeo x Juliet, however I was unsuccessful in uncovering my writing skills, thus that post is currently incomplete. Hopefully I get the spark that I wanted to add to the post by Sunday, then I'll put it up. Wondering why RxJ out of the blues? Yesterday was Valentine's Day as everyone would know, and since I was off work early, I decided to do a RxJ marathon to further stab myself in the heart. I know it's not healthy, but I tend to want to watch sad shows/animes/movies whenever I'm feeling down.

Along the same lines of reviews, I got a few others which I'm in the works for too. However I don't intend to do reviews of animes that are still currently being shown, as I'm sure many other anime blogs are already covering though, thus I'll only be working on the completed ones. I also currently have manga series and Jdramas on plan, so look out for those too.

I was asked this question about 3 weeks back from a female colleague in camp, and somehow I just thought of it again today due to the mood I was going through after marathon-ing RxJ. That day I wasn't in the best of moods, as mentioned previously in this post, and I'm sure my face shows it. So came this colleague of mine, and she asked why I look so down, in which I replied that I was having mood swings, in turn came the question "Eh? Guys also got mood swings ar?". What I felt at that moment was a sense of stupidity, where I just wanted to smack myself in the head and go "Yeah, I'm just having a period." However, I just faintly smiled back, and explained in detail that at times guys too have mood swings/emotions, before I took my leave and walked off.

This time let me ask my readers, "Should guys be allowed to have mood swings? Or is it just entitled for ladies?" I'm sure we guys don't have that time of the month like the ladies too, but we still do have emotions ain't it? I don't understand why the other sex (or just her) doesn't believe we should have them. I've added a poll (testing the poll system at the same time too) on the side to see what everyone thinks about it, don't feel shy to leave a comment too.

I do believe that most of my readers are either my real-life friends (I know Cal beat me to posting this video first) and people who chanced upon this blog from, but because this is just too cute that I still want to post it. Enjoy ^^. Signing out.

Vocaloid Nendoroids - "Kurutto, Odotte, Hatsune Miku" + "Caramelldansen" at end of clip. Can't wait for my Hatsune Miku Nendoroid to arrive ^^.

Hatsune Miku+Kagamine Rin - Caramelldansen Full ver. ウッーウッーウマウマ(゚∀゚). Some craze on a swedish? song with weird dance which is going off on Nico Nico Douga currently.

Edited 16/02/08 3:08AM: For those who can't get enough of the Nendoroids dancing to the tune of Caramelldansen, here's an looped version of just that part of the video, which was taken from nicodouga and uploaded onto youtube. Thanks to Cal for finding the video and how to get the video off nico. Enjoy it ^^. I myself can't stop watching the video cause it's way too cute!! And yes we're 2 idiots up at 3am/6am (timezone SG and Aussie) searching for the videos and getting them for everyone to see.

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calvin hii. said...

we guys also must have moodswings else we will go nuts. that day in jpn was probably cause we both ended up having moodswings @ the same time, not good haha.