Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Further Forecast.

Taking into consideration that on weekdays I'm usually in camp for most of the day, I've decided to leave the posts for Japan to do on weekends when I have more time to sort out the photos.

Right now I've begun planning for another trip to Japan at the end of this year to attend C75, but this time it would only be a 7-9 days trip. Cost of the trip would range in the S$1,400 to S$1,700 for the expenses, and another S$1,300 to S$1,600 for personal spending I guess, so it'll come up to an amount of around S$3,000. Currently I think I'll be able to raise about S$1,500 by year end, and thus the next problem will be to raise the remainder. Hopefully when I ORD till the time I enter University I would be able to have about 2 months to filter in some part time jobs to make up the extra cash.

Another problem would be when I enter NTU is the schedule of the holidays/school semester. I'm not sure how the school year for 08/09 would be like, but hopefully it'll not clash with the last week of Dec (that is when Comiket is held). I also intend to do JLPT 3 by this year, but I don't think the examination date for it would clash though.

I'm not sure whether to do self-online-bookings again like I did with the previous trip, or to go through an agency as they might be able to get cheaper fares for tickets/lodging as they do group booking. And even if I do want to go ahead with the trip, the earliest I could book would be around June/July, once I know the University's semester dates. And for those who might want to follow me on this trip, just for info, I don't intend to go on much sightseeing. It's mainly for anime, Comiket and more anime (and some places that I failed to go on this trip due to unforeseen circumstances).

So many things/problems running through my mind now, and not sure how to solve them. Money is like the biggest issue though. There's still the need for a new laptop (Est. S$3,000) when I enter Uni, the wanting of a road bike (Est. S$1,500 for entry level) for cycling training (I intend to do a 3 months Bicycle Tour of Japan when I finish getting my Degree, mainly to visit the more rural side of Japan rather than city, and to reach Wakkanai, the most northern tip of Japan, on bike), but yea the bike can put on hold. And now there's this trip to Japan that I really really really dying and wanting to go. AAAAaaaaaaahhhhhh I don't know where to start!!

I did try asking my parents if I can take up a part time job while studying in NTU, but they were against the idea, mainly because my priority should be on studying. I do understand, but I really don't know where to get the funds to fund this "expensive" hobby of mine. Ever since I made my first anime merchandise purchase of my Xmas Kotori Towel, my money has been spiraling down the "Death Spiral Field" with no way out. Not counting the money that I already spent on my Japanese version manga, and my monthly subscription of MEGAMI and Dengeki Hime (About S$60 a month for both), it's truly a black hole. One other way I could think of to have that small bit of spending power, is to get a scholarship to pay for my University school fees ( S$6,000 per semester if not wrong), and ask for about S$1,000 - S$2,000 to spend for myself since my parents wouldn't need to pay for the school fees. But of course the part on getting a scholarship is the hard part lol. But I'm sure getting the scholarship is a good step, as it'll boost my credential when I apply for the Monbukagakusho Research Student Scholarship to Japan and eventually get a Masters Degree there, and continue working/living in Japan with no intend to return to Singapore.

I had initially wanted to apply for the Monbukagakusho Undergraduate Student Scholarship, but the need to sit for examinations in Physics and Chemistry deterred me as I have not touched those subjects for like 3 years prior to the examinations, since I'm a poly student and not JC, and to be able to score on those JC level papers, I'm like going "too tough to handle", and thus the change of plan to get my Masters in Japan after getting a Degree from NTU.

I guess that's enough words for now, and wanting abit of time to do my own stuff in the 1 hour I have left before needing to head back to camp. Here's 2 videos of two eroge which I intend to play once they are out. I seriously need to start improving my Japanese and how else to improve it besides reading more. Signing Out.

Fortune Arterial - Releases: 25th Jan 2008. Shiro FTW!!

To Heart 2 AnotherDays - Releases: 29th Feb 2008. Going for Ikuno-chan ^^


wongtcsg said...

Ok, i want to go japan.
All those famous places, akihabara etc...
Maybe i can join you?
There is still a long time before the end of this year so it is too early to say it yet.

For To Heart 2, my choice will be tamaki, the others look too young.

Hiyuu said...

More locals going to Japan! lol... I have somewhat an ambition to move o'er there just like you, but wow you actually want to apply for the Scholarship? What are you studying?

Kawasumi Hirito said...

wongtcsg: Well I guess I'm one of those closet lolicons? lol.

Hiyuu: I'll be studying Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics Stream) at NTU this coming July/August. I want to make a 1/1 scale workable Gundam for actual use!! Been planning since Sec 3 (7 years)!!

Have been planning to move to Japan since a very long time ago (Since entering poly? About 5 years), just needed the opportunity, since my family is supporting/allows me. The scholarship is mainly to help me further my studies without increasing the money burden on my parents, and to obtain a visa for long term stay in Japan. ^^

calv said...

remember the i-Foot! Its the first step to your 1:1 scale Gundam!