Thursday, January 31, 2008


One of the times I wished I lived in Japan. If I did I could just go down to my neighborhood friendly Akihabara (or whichever anime shops in Japan) and grab a copy of Dengeki G's Festival Vol.11. But looking on the bright side, it seems that KKnM did bring it in, and hopefully when I go this Saturday it'll still be there. I just want the Shiro Dakimakura!!!
The photos of the loots will be delayed, maybe tomorrow or the day after, but surely before the end of the week. I'm currently half-dead from playing paintball in the afternoon, part of my squadron/flight "cohesion" day. 3 games all clean sweep victories for my team.

A song that I'm currently addicted to, but due to it's length (15mins+) it is split into 2 halves. It's a combination of various songs (mainly character songs) from Lucky☆Star. It's really addictive. Enjoy. Signing out.

Lucky☆Star - Kumikyoku 'Lucky Star Douga' Part 1/2

Lucky☆Star - Kumikyoku 'Lucky Star Douga' Part 2/2

Songs used: Part 1
1. Ne-Ni-Ge de Reset! (Tsukasa, No.2 on Favourite LS song list)
2. Cosplay no Kokoroe (Patty)
3. Kosutte! Oh My Honey (Konata + Patty)
4. Ore no Wasuremono (Minoru Shiraishi)
5. Kaorin no Theme (Minoru, No.3 on Favourite LS song list)
6. Koi no Minoru Densetsu (Minoru)
7. Gravity (BGM Insert)
8. Minimum Tempo (Yutaka)
9. Shiawase Negai Kanata Kara (Kanata, No.1 on Favourite LS song list)

Part 2
1. Dondake Fanfare (Konata)
2. Misoji Misaki (Akira)
3. Aimai Net Darling (Akira + Minoru)
4. Mo, Mousou Machine (Hiyori)
5. Moe Yousotte Nandesuka (Miyuki)
6. Yuuchou Sentai Dararenja (Konata + Patty)
7. Kenka Yoho Jikan Dayo (Kagami-sama!!)
8. Mokutto Yasumi Jikan (Minami)
9. Kaeshite! Knee Socks (Konata, Kagami, Tsukasa and Miyuki)
10. Motteke! Sailor Fuku (Same as above)

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