Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Outing - 1st Dec 2007

Late post. Intended for Sunday but just too lazy to get to it. My blog my pace ^^. Long Post Warning!!! 3 Parts of the day.

First off, as mentioned in my previous post, this day was the screening of Byousoku 5cm at National Museum's Theatre Gallery brought in by Animation Nation 2007. Had always wanted to watch an anime movie/film on the big screen, and I surely wasn't disappointed by this screening, it actually was beyond what i had hoped, though the seatings of the Theatre Gallery were slightly uncomfortable.

The animation of Byousoku 5cm was top-notch, smooth, beautiful and definitely mesmerising. As said in the previous post and I'll emphasize it again, Highly Recommended to watch! However, when watching it again, the ending does seem abit... rushed, and it gives a bittersweet feeling, making us realise that not everyone can have a happy ending. It all depends on the choices we make in life, and just a wrong turn can make it go really bad. But! It also depends on how each individual jump back from one's mistake, to once again take control of their lives, make that U-turn and once again try to obtain what one really wants in life.

Will start a rating system now, realised I didn't do one for the previous.
Byousoku 5cm Rating: 9/10
Demerit for the slight rush factor, the lack of closure on characters. Even though this could be the style of Makoto Shinkai, it doesn't really fall well with me, as I would prefer a better closure. Individual preference ^^". (Actually I wanted to give it a perfect score, but felt I shouldn't. So had to find a reason for the "demerit".)

Some photos from National Museum.Poster for Animation Nation 2007.Interesting signboard for "Slippery Floors"
Here comes the second part!! After finishing the show at about 1pm, I had to bring my cousin to get his shoes and some winter wear in preparation of our upcoming Japan trip. Long story short, National Museum --> Queenstown --> Marina Square non-stop in 4 hours. I swear this can be considered training for walking the streets of Japan lol. Once that was done, sent my cousin to the MRT station, and off I am to meet up another group of friends. At this moment it was around 4.45pm, but the meet up with that group was supposed to be at 6pm, and the earliest person that could arrive (had arranged to meet earlier since we were both already outside) was around 5.30pm.

Despite being slightly tired, from not having enough sleep (does 5 hours count?) and the lack of food (didn't take lunch and breakfast was at 9am and that was just 2 slice of bread + a cup of choco milk) and including the shopping, I went to Kinokuniya at Takashimaya and went around walking, and scouting for the prices of manga/artbooks to take note of so that I'm able to estimate the amount I would be spending in Japan buying those. The prices at Kino@SG is nearly double the amount I would have pay for them in Japan, thus I plan to do all my purchases in Japan and ship them back. Even the shipping cost is way cheaper this method. Ignoring the rest of the things I did in Kino@SG, soon after at around 5.25pm, went to meet up with her.

What happened next? Let's just cut the story short. Went for more shopping since she wanted to get a dress, acted as her "fashion consultant", going from shop to shop. The other two individuals were late (as usual?), in which when they came was about 6.45-7pm. Dying from hunger yet? Not really, but close, and we still had to decide where to eat, and as usual it took us about 1 hour? What else happened in between? More shopping and walking from Wisma Atria --> Paragon --> Takashimaya. lol. period.

Eventually back at Takashimaya, we settled for dinner at Crystal Jade Ginseng Chicken BBQ, which serves Korean Cuisine, and with no mention of the multiple times we went up and down the escalator to decide which place to eat. Time check: 8.24pm. Well, they do say humans can go without food for about a week, what's 12 hours?

Looking through the menu with all the tempting pictures on display, we were at a loss to what to order, so we decided to just ask for a recommendation and we settled on a set package for 4 people.

One can choose whether you'll prefer to cook the food yourself or just ask the chefs to cook for you. In this case we decided to let the chefs work on the chicken and pork collars while we settle the beef and prime beef steak.
Prime Beef SteakSide Dishes which I can't remember what is what.Chicken, which was cooked by the chef.
Pork Collar, also cooked by the chef.1 hour 30mins later. The eventual damage done. S$153.25 Slightly on the high side for quality of food, but quantity makes up for it. We were surely full from the portion of food given. Rating: 6.5/10
Christmas Tree @ Takashimaya's Lobby
Ready for part 3? I'm actually tired from doing this blog post (2 hours since start). Stand up! Do some stretching!! Take deep breaths!!! Let's just get this done with, this part is going to be fast (At least I think it will be).

Finished with dinner, and having nothing planned to do after, we decided to watch a movie. Proceeded down to Cathay Cineleisure to watch Enchanted (P.S: Sorry Jason you were too late when you asked). Since the movie was at 12.15am, and time being 10.15pm, we had 2 hours to burn. What can one do in Orchard when shops are closed, stomachs full from dinner and tired legs? Dessert!! Sweets and Desserts goes into a different stomach!!

Took us a while to find a place to settle in, didn't know Orchard was still so crowded with so many people chilling in the cafes/diners. More walking about till we settled for Maestro Bistro in Cineleisure.

Waffle with Chocolate Mint Ice Cream Topped
with Nuts, Chocolate Chips and Chocolate Sauce.Banana Split.
Damage Done: S$25.20 Not worth it. Service was sub-standard, the waffle wasn't freshly hot, the banana in the split wasn't as fresh as what I would expect. Ice cream was standard no comments. To add on, they do not serve ice water. Big negative from me. Rating: 4.5/10
The only truely worthwhile purchases of the day.
I wanted to do a review on Enchanted, but just couldn't think of anything to write besides that it's filled with lots of laughter. That's about it I guess. Good film for the family and for its comedy. Click on the hyperlink on the movie's name for a description by yahoo!movies.

Enchanted Rating: 6.5/10
Worth watching for the laughter, not quite so for the overall plot. Sometimes I really felt like taking something hard and just hit my forehead continuous with it. It's just gets lame at times.

Here's some photos of the Christmas decorations along Orchard.
It's only 3 though lol.
End of day, reached home at about 3.45am, went to bed at around 4.30am to wrap up a long day. 8.30am - 4.30am with lots of walking around with 2x movies, you just don't get this very often. Well, just consider it as Japan walking training. Now look away from the computer, look at something far, relax your eyes before letting them wander back to this screen. Enjoy! Signing out.

Note 1: I had to wake up at 9.30am for church either way so that's another 5hours sleep. What a way to spend the weekend!! Thank goodness I'm on night shift this week so I'll be able to catch up on the fatigue.

Note 2: For food ratings, I'll try to separate the contents of the scoring system and not just posting of the overall rating eventually.

Note 3: Took me 3 hours for this post. Zzz... and Please leave more comments! It's depressing not to see any :( Or a simple note on the tagboard would do too!

Edit 5th Dec 2007: Sorry I had to change the photo of the "worthy purchases" as I didn't realised my name and NRIC being shown there. Have edited the photo and reposted.


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zomg.. your post longer than mine leh.. zz

and who's your her!

Kawasumi Hirito said...

Just a primary school friend of mine.

And yea it's really a long post. -.-" Especially when it comes to photos you'll need to resize, upload, organise and plan how you intend to do the posting.

Anyone knows where I can get a tutorial for creating/using brushes in Photoshop CS3? And I need to design/make a watermark for my photos too.

calv said...

deviant art.

calv said...

and her = zw lo. u didnt know he love s being pretty?

Kawasumi Hirito said...

Erm.... /stabs self with a wooden spoon.

As for giving out another person's name without permission is something that I don't intend to do on my blog. Thus the need for a certain "censorship sticker" for future photo posts with people in it.

That is unless i receive permission for it. I already got permission for future photo post of my soon to be niece Mikaela. Can't wait for her to come out. Even my sis is getting tired lol. Did I mention my sister is pregnant? Should be within the next 2 weeks or so. /pray before my Japan trip.