Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Anime Figurine Check List!!

I'm sure as most of you know I'm an anime lover. But in recent times, with slightly more cash on hand, I've lost to the Dark Side and have started to collect Figurines. So far none of them has arrived as they're only being released next year, but I have already pre-ordered them so when they are released, they're shipped to my house and will begin their term of moe~fying my room. Now on to the figures!!

This is my first ever figurine "purchase" which was made back in September, but sadly would only come in March08 as it has a end-Feb release date.1/8 Scale of Sawatari Makoto from Kanon, Maker: Max Factory
Retails for 5,800 Yen
More pictures at Good Smile.

A month later, in October, my second "purchase". Will also arrive only in March08, end-Feb release date. Well I would say these could be considered my birthday presents ^^.1/8 Scale of Shana from Shakugan no Shana, Maker: Kotobukiya
Retails for 5,040 Yen
More pictures at Hobby Stock.

Then came mid November. This figurine was already on the pre-order list for quite a while (since September), and not sure whether I would be able to get my hands on it. But still placed an order on it. Hopefully I would be able to get it. If it does goes through, this would be the first figurine to grace my room as it's set for a Jan08 release, so will have it by February. Sadly I couldn't get hold of the limited edition white version of this figure so the original would just have to do. 1/8 Scale of Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière Bustier Version from Zero no Tsukaima, Maker: Alter
Retails for 5,040 Yen
More pictures at Hobby Stock.

Last but not least, a pre-order which I managed to psycho Calvin into getting it together with me, the latest craze in the "Otaku" world, Hatsune Miku Nendoroid. Mentioned before it's from Vocaloid 2, a singing synthesizer program. First time they are making a figurine which doesn't originate from an anime or manga. All I can say it's tooooooooo cute! Sadly it'll only grace my room in April08 as it is a March release. By the way Nendoroid figures are like super deformed version of the character just for clarification.Non Scale Hatsune Miku Nendoroid, Maker: GSC
Retails for 3,000 Yen
More pictures can be found at Good Smile or Mikatan Blog (a GSC employee).

Sadly I was too late for pre-ordering the Lucky Star Nendoroids, and am stabbing myself for not noticing much earlier. Actually, I couldn't find the pre-order on neither nor Play-Asia. Seems to be a Japan Exclusive release, though I didn't know KKnM was taking some pre-orders for it till I found the link this morning (seriously way tooooo late).

Most of these findings were from, a blogger who resides in Japan and brings some insights of the Japanese and Otaku culture. One of the best sites I've seen, and one which I visit about 3-4 times a day. There's also a RSS feed of his site on the right sideboard of this blog. Another RSS feed is of, which brings information of the latest gadgets and hi-tech toys from Akihabara in Tokyo Japan and in other Asian Countries. 2 Great sites, 2 RSS feed.

For those who are wondering where I got the Miku Clock from, it was also via You can get it at Miku Clock, but the site is in Japanese so not everyone might be able to navigate it. I actually used a online translator to translate the site to follow the steps to implement it onto this blog. I can't remember the steps and too lazy to do it again.

For those who after seeing these pictures of the figurines and plan to convert to the Dark Side, one note of advise to you, it's going to be a huge expenses unless you are able to control yourself. There are at least 4-6 other figures that I would love to get, but for now I need to save. However if temptation wins you over, there's always the right sideboard, scroll down to the Play-Asia link, click on it and go pre-order your phat loot there. Signing out.


lunarwinds said...

bustier louise ftw although i can't see the chest.

Kawasumi Hirito said...

small is cute no? lol. I really wanted the white version ><